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Riding the Wild Currents into 2007


By Christine Broadbent


Aries has been walking a new karmic path since 2005 when the Moon’s North Node entered Aries. This means that through 2005 to late June 2006, many Aries have reconnected with what was true for them 18 years ago, from 1987 through 1988. This important realignment of energies is helped by harmonies from Saturn and from Pluto. The planet of structure and the planet of transformation are in supportive Fire signs prompting Aries to think big but act with structure and planning – Saturn style. The wild currents of 2006 began most profoundly for Aries on March 29, ‘06 when the Aries New Moon was also a total solar eclipse, further emphasising the life appraisals that must occur this year. Thus the alignment and focusing period occurred April to late June. When the tests of late August and late October come, it will be the structures that you have already put in place, and your ability to see where deep level change can occur that helps you most profoundly. Full Moon in Aries on October 7 brings clarity and commitment to your path.

The best news of all is the impending entry of expansive Jupiter into your travel zone for a year on November 24, ’06 promising adventure and learning in 2007. This means December 1 to 21 can be the most exciting part of a fairly satisfying year and the excitement flows easily into 2007, when great opportunities occur. March, April, May and June ‘07 carry a powerful success signature as Big Biz planets Saturn and Jupiter form Fire harmonies with each other and with Mars in Aries, igniting ambitious plans and projects. Your guiding star and your enthusiasm pave the way for a string of successes from mid August to October. Be prepared to give more time and energy to family from November 2007.

In late February 2006 Taurus was freed from a difficult six-month Mars transit with many delays and frustration. Once Mars moved on it was Jupiter’s passage through your partner sign that became Big News. All partnerships, intimate and professional, have moved onto the front burner. Progress made in February planted seeds but early March to early July was a ‘retro’ phase when only the behind the scenes work, worked. July to November, culminating in Full Moon in Taurus on November 5, provides the most visible stages of your 2006 progress. Do be prepared for your Saturn tests, which involve home and family dynamics in late September and late October ‘06. These will ’bite’ home again late in February and in June 2007, if you ignore them now! Keep your schedule loose in those weeks, so you can react quickly to unexpected demands.

Visionary Neptune transits your career house until 2011, swinging you between big dreams and feeling disillusioned. Seek the middle ground of keeping an open mind and allowing insights to emerge. Do beware unrealistic thinking in late September. Peg your dreams to your highest vision but use Saturn’s energy to establish a strong foundation in your home and security base. Then will you easily ride any tempestuous waters, arriving at November ‘06, which brings fulfilment on many levels, boosting your social life and your magnetism. Yet December confronts you with questions of shared finance and with Saturn ensuring you take the slow path to resolve all family matters, there is no use fretting. Saturn maintains that slow pace until September 2007 but the Jupiter/Saturn harmonies of late February to early June, help you reach your goals. A Venus ‘retro’ cycle in August ’07 ensures you will be fully informed as you start a more carefree cycle in September. Then pleasure and commitment will come together.

Gemini has been in an endless story since 1995 as Pluto the Purger and Deepener has transited your opposite sign. This goes on until 2010 but 2006 and 2007 are years of special opportunity - your ability to purge old damaging habits is greatly assisted. It’s time to transform into the sweetest form of the Gemini butterfly and spread your wings. The planets assisting this process are the ‘gaseous giants’ Neptune and Saturn, both harmonious to Gemini. When these two pull in opposite directions in late August ’06 take great care with what you say and what you believe.

Neptune heightens your vision of the possible now – adventure and the search for wisdom beckon. Saturn offers mental strength and steady progress in communication and daily business. With the extra excitement and challenge of Change Agent, Uranus in your Career House, change is the order of the day – embrace it as a friend! November 24, ‘06 begins a brand new era of the heart, to last all of 2007. Fire and Air ‘trines’ are particularly helpful building up to mid year and shine up your birthday month in ‘07. Gemini New Moon on June 15, ’07 is auspicious for those Twins willing to go in deep: Mars, Saturn and Pluto are on your side and you find satisfaction in dynamic teams in both June and August. Then September 2007 brings a Saturn sea change and home and family commitments become a more serious focus. With your marriage house jumping with the energy of Jupiter and Pluto from December ’06 to December ’07, this is a special year when many of Mercury’s children make a loving commitment.

The good news for Cancer in 2006 is that you are free from Saturn after two years of limitations and reality checks that ended last July, you now have instead a Jupiter Trine. With Jupiter expanding your love life and fanning your creative zest, you have reason to feel blessed. However do beware that Jupiter squares to Neptune, the Planet of Dreams warn against unwise financial moves in late August or late September ‘06. Beneath your smooth waters, your emotional intensity is building up and late August is special for that as well. Yet another planet – the Change Master, Uranus brings shifts of plan - even switching dreams is possible this year. Your quest for a bigger, or more interesting life is calling you. If you listen to this quiet (and occasionally noisy) voice, you will embrace the adventure of existence with more gusto than you have in years.

While 2006 is a year to curb unwise spending impulses it is also a time to whole-heartedly spend your energy on those things and people that inspire you. From October 25 to December 6, one sweet opportunity after another comes your way and Full Moon in Cancer on January 3, 2007 is memorable, perhaps bringing an unexpected journey or special meeting. The Moon’s own sign has reason to dream of exciting changes in February and March ‘07 - four planets stir your more adventurous urges. March 19’s New Moon propels action and sweet help comes from friends and allies. Career expansion or ambitious plans dominate April and May, but it is your New Moon in Cancer on July 14 that really gets your juices flowing, again surprising you, as in early January. By August 28’s lunar eclipse many things become clear about your future path. If a change is needed, September 11’s solar eclipse provides your turning point. When Mars enters Cancer on September 29, warrior energy pushes you onward, but do pace yourself in November/December.

Good news for Cancer is less so for Leo - Saturn has arrived in Leo and stays there until September 2007. This means containment of the rampant Leo individuality, responsibilities, hard realities that require sacrifice or discipline to deal with, yet Saturn comes with even more positive sides. This is building time, growing time, mending fences time, but it is also a time when pride comes before a fall. Your Leo self is being redesigned as Saturn cruises your sign and this can be very much to your benefit and pave the way for future success. While Saturn tends to involve hard work, sometimes a long struggle, your gut feeling will probably tell you this is going to pay you back over a long period of time – maybe the rest of your life. So make the most of Saturn by nurturing yourself, building physical strength and stream-lining your lifestyle towards better health practices. Beware the traps of being too harsh on yourself or having too high expectations of others.

With the Planet of Dreams and high hopes and spiritual quests – Neptune, also in your partnership house, your expectations can be very high indeed right now! The push-pull between Saturn and Neptune occurs in three stages – late August 2006, late February and late June 2007. Endeavour to be as fair-minded and objective as possible at these times. Don’t risk happiness by projecting problems in your life onto someone else! Since Jupiter is also occupying your family house, seek good fortune by taking every opportunity you can to kick back, walk, relax. This ensures your Fires are a warm gentle glow. Do this for the sake of that part of the body ruled by Leo – your heart and the healthy circulation of the blood. Happily you have magical assistance from the karmic angle in Aries and Pluto in Sagittarius forming a Fire Grand Trine showing that if you can create the right balance in this powerful time, your ability to enthuse others and to achieve on a grand scale are greatly enhanced. Once Jupiter enters your love and creativity house on November 24, ’06 it stays there until December ’07, magnetically attracting the people and projects that make you feel alive. March, April and June ’07 help you create a template for success and happiness and when Saturn leaves Leo in September ’07 your planning pays off big time.

You are the ‘Earth Mother’ of the zodiac and now Jupiter is watering your Earth with harmonious ‘aspects’ through most of 2006. This opens the way to better communication and gives your daily business the extra satisfaction factor. At the same time, Pluto the transformer is challenging you through your home and family, also deepening your openness to vulnerability and pain there. Yet this is an important process - the breaking down of the seed, so that the germ of life inside it can shoot forth. New inner structures are being built. Happily Jupiter’s help makes a communication breakthrough likely, particularly late August to late November 2006. The constantly shifting and somewhat unpredictable quality of your relationships has been going on since 2003 when Uranus entered your partner sign of Pisces. Expect the unexpected is still the order of the day, but Uranus/Jupiter harmonies in ’06 mean achievements by members of your family and a deepening of your love and admiration for those close to you, is likely.

One of the upsides of this edgey year is also that Jupiter may enhance money flow via new contracts or new business, yet the Uranus influence means it may come and go in an unpredictable manner. Enjoy the process and let your natural flexibility work for you. Once Jupiter enters your home zone in late November ’06, it becomes increasingly necessary to have periods of ‘kick-back’ time. In any event, 2007 is a year for soul business, a time to turn within in order to prepare you the rare event coming in September when Saturn enters Virgo. Once a change-oriented New Moon in Virgo follows on September 11, ‘07 your energy is oriented towards building new substance in your life and making vocational changes. So why not use the two ‘retro’ cycles of February 14 to March 18 and June 16 to July 10, ’07 to reflect and reconnect with the people and projects that matter, so you are prepared for the momentous new cycle in September.

The luscious Libran started 2006 with high hopes. With Neptune planet of dreams in your house of love, sweet caresses and beautiful moments are high on your hope list. Yet Venus your ruler only sometimes supports those hopes, like in March when Venus shifted into your love house and in May when partnerships made you kick your heels. Fire and Air sign harmonies linked to the past karma point – the Moon’s South Node in Libra, in that first half of ’06, taking you back to identify the old patterns, which belong to your past and can only hinder your future. Friends, lovers, colleagues and like-minded others all help you achieve this. Late August to late October ‘06 are the key months when the next stage of your story unfolds. Beware foolish money choices and be financially conservative unless you want disappointments then. Your New Moon in Libra on October 22 conjoins Mars and Venus, so the next six months will be all about getting your relationships right.

Once Jupiter enters your activity zone on November 24, ’06 you are set for a 2007 that will buzz with busy social engagements and lots of choice. The Venus transits in January and from late February to mid March, then Full Moon in Libra on April 3, ’07 move love and business right along. Ideals go up several notches in 2007 with Jupiter opening your mind to new ideas and Neptune inspiring your romantic and creative urges. Commitments and confidence are a natural part of your persona in 2007, even if you are challenged by financial concerns in early April or tempted to reverse yourself at the Venus ‘retro’ period from July 28 to September 8. Hold fast to your visions – by late September you are so in the groove, you define it!

You never flinch from looking beneath the surface, uncovering secrets and exploring the mystery, unless challenged to show others your own mysteries – these naturally must remain private. Secrets define you because your sensitive, emotional system needs privacy and contemplation to deliver its treasure. As the detective of the zodiac you are having your biggest year in 12 years with Jupiter in transit through your sign until late November 2006. The year is not without challenges but once Mars your ruler stopped opposing you by mid February ’06, the energy of the year picked up, spiking at Scorpio Full Moon on May 2. The hardest part of 2006 is the last quarter with the final run of fixed squares between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. As a fixed Water sign, your tendency is to hold on to loves and hates to the bitter end, yet the passage of Saturn through your career house through 2006 and most of 2007, says time is too short for the negatives. You are poised to can negative attitudes, to broaden your field of operation, to let the things that need to change, change. Late August ’06 to November 5’s Full Moon is the critical period for such progress and a potential gift of Jupiter in Scorpio. Another gift is an invitation to receive guidance from your awesome intuition. That too is expanded this year.

Your agendas, hidden or otherwise must be based on complete integrity in 2006. If not, expect fallout in late October. The upside of this is the opportunities that bubble forth this year, most particularly mid November to New Moon in Scorpio on November 21. The seeds you plant then will show their full strength by Scorpio Full Moon on May 2, 2007. Yet late February and late June could renew a challenge from 2006 and require careful moves and stark realism. Overall 2007 offers you stability plus more financial control, particularly after September ‘07. It is a chance to walk your path of fortune and put down roots. Big Jupiter will meet Pluto in your Money House around your Scorpio New Moon of November 10, 2007 and rewards just flow.

Pluto has been another endless story since 1995, in transit through Sagittarius. In 2006 you are helped by the visionary impulses of Neptune lifting the level of your communication and with that higher level comes a deeper understanding of others. Saturn is also helpful as it moves through your adventure house and makes you more disciplined about travel, study and following inspiration. Yet disillusionment is rarely far away in 2006 since your ruler, Jupiter is in Scorpio, making repeated ‘squares’ to visionary Neptune and supportive Saturn. The most explosive of these aspects occurs in the last week of August, of September and of October ‘06. This means Sagittarius overkill or foot-in-mouth moments or carelessness can easily come back to bite you at these times. Keep a balance of give and take, because even too much giving can cause upsets. The upside of Jupiter’s passage through your house of dreams is that your vision and creativity soar but unconscious behaviour does too. Early November is intensity plus, so aim for spiritually intense transformation, rather than unconscious self-undoing.

November 24, 2006 begins a big Jupiter year – its return to Sagittarius after twelve years. This is a big chance to deliver on your most important dreams as Jupiter moves towards its December 2007 meeting with Pluto. Be aware that too much Jupiter is indulgent and inflated so avoid rushing things and exaggerating importance. January ’07 could turn the tables on you and late March is even more unpredictable. Fortunately, April, May and June are rich with opportune meetings and expansive development. Consider your Sagittarius Full Moon on June 1, 2007 a climactic point, which requires meticulous preparation. Jupiter and Moon embrace then, while harmonising with Mars and Saturn. This means you gain some recognition you have sought for a while and once Saturn enters your career house in September ’07 you develop the necessary foundations to make this success last.

You old souls respond to the transits of Time Lord Saturn – your ruler, but Lover Venus and Warrior Mars can stir up your Sea Goat side, which dreams the big dreams and seeks a path less travelled. The Saturn focus now through to September 2007, is the hard work needed to invest in your future. Meanwhile, Uranus the Change Agent has also been helping you to make moves and evokes break-through thinking in late August ‘06. This means the tense Saturn aspect at the same time, has a lateral thinking solution. Remember this process again in the last week of four more months – September and October 2006, February and June 2007. These are the tension points for Saturn. The upside of this challenging Saturn year is that you build a richer, social identity and more fulfilling relationships. You can consolidate your future security and your relationships at the same time. Venus sweetens everything in early November as she meets Mars and together they build an alliance with Uranus. This guarantees some nice times with good friends, unexpected reminders of just how important your networks and friendships are and the potential for a madly romantic or exciting Full Moon on November 5, ‘06.

Through until November 24, ’06 Jupiter expands your groups and likeminded connections, emphasising your social conscience. A fresh Jupiter cycle carries through into a 2007 designed for dreaming and for preparing for a fresh start.
Capricorn New Moon of January 19, 2007 delivers the impulse to finetune your material circumstances. Fortunately Mars gives you two months of cutting edge help and Venus forecasts a romantic May. Once Capricorn Full Moon illuminates your path in late June ‘07 and Mars enters your House of Love, emotional intelligence is your main ally, so don’t under-rate it. Stake your commitment to a creative life by recognising the two stages of your fresh start. These are September ’07 when Saturn enters your adventure and travel zone for two years, inspiring a wide-open mind and December ’07 when expansive Jupiter enters Capricorn and anything goes.

Aquarius is known as the fair-minded humanitarian thinker, sometimes as the rebel, but once Aquarius forms an opinion it’s well and truly fixed. The hard aspects between Neptune in Aquarius and Saturn in Leo, have challenged you to rethink a few opinions, especially about partners and other people and especially from late August to late October 2006. These planets are there for the long haul extending into 2007. Plus Chiron the Healer moves through Aquarius until 2008, evoking visioning, questing, healing energy. Big brash Jupiter expands your whole sense of vocation in 2006 but from December 2006 through 2007 it touches your very Aquarian need to expand your interest groups and connections with community.

Your New Moon in Aquarius on February 18, ‘07 confirms the importance of having good allies and aiming to make a difference. The Saturn, Neptune opposition may be your chance to finish old business that has hung around since 1989 and it re-occurs in late February and late June ‘07. The Chiron cycle challenges you to take responsibility for your own healing while Neptune in your sign says believe in your large-scale dreams. Saturn can be your friend, manifesting as the discipline needed and the ‘others’ that keep you on task to reach your goals. More balanced relationships are taking shape. If this exposes old destructive habits or emotional wounds, learn and move on. Your best team efforts occur May, June and early July ‘07. Then an Aquarius Full Moon on July 30 has a ‘Mars T square’ that puts the pressure on the home front, while August has a ‘retro’ Venus cycle, which demands you review your commitments. September moves your relationships to a better level and fast speeds you towards a November and December for manifesting dreams.

You too are having a transit that is an endless story - Uranus has been in Pisces since 2003 and will be there for the rest of the decade. This transit of the Changer/Awakener makes you even more of a mystery to others and sometimes to yourself, but it has many exciting moments. The upside of the Uranian chaos factor is many sweet surprises through 2006 as Uranus makes beautiful music with your ruling planet Jupiter. This combo whispers dreams of adventure, spiritual salvation and the growth of emotional courage and reaches its climax at the end of August 2006. Yet you are also challenged by Pluto ‘squares’ and have been for the last 10 years. Your vocational roles can be a source of great satisfaction if you dig deep enough and 2007 is the last full year of the Pluto cycle.

The big emotional “aha” experiences occur at the lunar eclipse on September 8, 2006 - a Full Moon in Pisces, at your Pisces New Moon on March 19, 2007 and at the Full Moon in Pisces falling August 28, 2007. These too are eclipses, since the ‘nodal’ or karmic axis is in Pisces/Virgo. It’s September ’07 when it really gets serious, when planet Saturn enters Virgo, your partner sign and commitment is essential. Surprises or detours in 2007 will be a breeze if you keep the Pisces faith. With Uranus joined by the karmic point or ‘Dragon’s Head’, expect the unexpected events of late 2006 and of 2007 to show a meaningful pattern. The point known as the Head of the Dragon only comes round for 18 months every 18 years so it is timely to reach out to new groups of people, to live your dream and claim your true worth. In addition to that dazzling duo, another planetary duo occupies your Career House through 2007. Jupiter meets Pluto there and your enterprising ideas can produce some good results. If you don’t reverse yourself in early May or early October, November rains abundance.

Copyright Christine Broadbent.