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By Christine Broadbent

A play in five acts featuring the planetary line-up of February 14-15, 2007.


Act One
Enter Venus, Love goddess. Venus leads three other players in softly, sweetly Pisces. One of these is Chaos Agent, Uranus.
It’s “Guess who’s with who?” and watch boundaries shift. “Whose fault? Not little me” says Venus. Her secret sexy link with Mars gives her extra charisma. She’s allowed to play innocent.

Act Two
Enter Spunk and Sex god Mars in randy goat Capricorn, fast dancing with a sensual Capricorn Moon.
Luna Lady will pass lusty Mars by tomorrow but until then…”Under the covers rules.” Down to business is the Capricorn way.

Act Three
Mercury is playful in Pisces and about to get more so. This communication guru wants to talk about feelings but it’s pulling into the station and about to go ‘retro’ tonight.
It’s “I don’t know who/what I want”, as dreams and hopes form a question mark for the next three weeks. Until the swift-footed one becomes swift again on March 9, Mercury in Pisces is in denial. Gemini and Virgo chase their tails for a while.

Act Four
Pluto, Lord of darkness and Jupiter, Lord of the Dance in mouthy Sagittarius have suggestions about everything. They think everyone has it wrong. Three edgy mavericks led by Sun, stir up dust in Airhead Aquarius. They know-it-all but are caught in a tug of war with Saturn in Leo.
It’s “Something has to give. Why can’t it be you?” as radiant confidence runs into a wall of consequences and boring realities. Aquarius wants to vote on it. Leo lopes off.

Act Five
The leading ladies, Venus and Moon put their heads together the next day and seize an opportunity. A Moon/Venus ‘sextile’ pulls in boisterous Mars and gives feminine energy the upper hand.
Their message: “Water the earth of love with giving, helping, forgiving if you want to get the real stuff.”
Jupiter of course seizes the last word: “Life is too short not to laugh!”



Copyright Christine Broadbent