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Why Astrology Turns Me On
by Christine Broadbent

Astrology turns me on by giving me insights even in my darkest moments. It gives me the sense of being part of a vast cosmic dance. Studying astrology has taught me that everything has its own living intelligence, including the planets and Earth itself. We are intimately a part of the warp and weave of the cosmos and perhaps as one writer suggests the actual song of the planets “rings continuously in our ears”.(1) We don’t recognise it simply because we are never without it!

It is strange being an astrologer because telling people my profession can evoke extreme responses. Instant passionate interest is nice but instant suspicion is a tough one. Astrology isn’t a religion, but its practises have been integrated into many ancient religions, including early Christianity – what else were the three wise men, if not astrologers? Every known culture has concerned themselves with the heavens. Seeking spiritual territory and embracing wider meaning is as natural to humans as the nesting urge. Witness the ancient predictive techniques that still defy full understanding, like Mayan astrology. Or the extraordinary knowledge shown in the design of monuments like the Pyramids.

Astrology is a sacred science and healing art, with finely tuned predictive techniques. Precise mathematical calculations establish the natal chart, which traces the personal starprint. As long as you know your day of birth, you can know your unique stamp - the pattern of stars, constellations and planets that look like a coloured mandala when you see a chart. Add in the correct time of birth and the ‘angles’ of the chart appear, which includes the sign on the eastern horizon known as the Ascendant.

The planets are the chords of our psyche, playing us as surely as we play an instrument. The Sun’s sign resonates with our purpose and mission, while the Moon’s sign adds the deeper notes, which express soul longings and needs. Just the combination of Sun and Moon begins to reveal the rich dynamics that grow with each additional planet. For example, distinctly different sides of the personality can appear quite normal. So a Scorpio might aim for privacy and invisibility but if your Moon is in a fiery sign like Aries or Leo, it actively hurts your soul if you don’t get to shine somehow. When you do it’s a fire dance!

So the story continues with Mercury, Venus, Mars and on. Planet Uranus moves slowly and marks out seven year generational groups. The way each generation breaks from tradition is shown by the position of Uranus. For instance, Uranus was in Libra from 1968 to ‘75, and that group wants to redefine relationships, seeking balance and equality. The Uranus in Scorpio generation born 1975 to 1981, breaks tradition in sexual expression, redefining ethics and questioning taboos. The Sagittarius team born 1981 to 1988, questions everything - religion, politics and the meaning of life.
The rich cream on the cake is astrology’s ability to time events. These are called transits and can be traced backwards and forwards in time. The planets keep moving through the years of our life like giant hands on the clock face of our birth pattern. As author Milan Kundera says, the transits create “a theme with variations...that put into play the various elements of your life’s theme.”(2) This is where the healing art of astrology can provide guidance with events to come.

Once again astrology turns me on - this time in awe and respect as I watch clients’ transits evolve right on theme. Somehow the power of choice makes us stronger to stand up and dance with the movements of those great planetary hands.

(1) John Michel, City of Revelations.
(2) Milan Kundera, Immortality

About Christine:

Christine Broadbent is passionate about her work. She loves the way astrology unravels the mysteries within. As well as a professional astrologer, Christine is also a trained sociologist, experienced seminar leader and student of life. Astrological counselling and the extensive research she does for her writing and predictions are her idea of fun. She can’t help being odd - she’s an Aries with a Sagi Moon!

She makes radio and television appearances in both Australia and New Zealand and has written two books: The Zodiac Birthday Book and Zodiac Dream Journal, published in 1994. She has just finished writing Astrolog 2008 and you can find Astrolog 2007 in newsagents. Christine’s regular Stargazing column and articles appear in WellBeing, a bi-monthly Australian publication.

Christine offers public seminars and private readings in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Business charts, financial cycles and relationship compatibility are some services she also offers. You can leave a message on 0402 664 101 to make a booking. Or email her now.