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Worldview 2006
The Ground of Dreams


By Christine Broadbent


2006 is a story of Fire and Air…‘Time Lord’ Saturn is in the fiery, creative self-focused sign of Leo and is pulling against ‘Visionary Redeemer’ Neptune, in the opposite Air sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of humanity and Leo of individualism, so this struggle has its own story. Saturn strips social situations down to their bare realities, calls ‘time’ and takes control; while Neptune dissolves boundaries, deepens the mystery and confuses issues.

Jupiter is the inside runner and Water is the inside story. Jupiter in Scorpio channels the Saturn/Neptune struggle and describes social trends – the search for hidden knowledge and ancient ways, the need to question scientific and economic paradigms, to embrace inclusive thinking. At its best, this trio of planets can be the ground of dreams, providing the means and the inspired enthusiasm to manifest humanitarian vision.

Are the planets like chords of the human psyche, playing us as their human instrument? Planetary cycles certainly repeat themselves thematically, as history reveals. The dance that reaches a climax in 2006, started when Saturn was next to Neptune in 1989 and reaches maximum velocity when they oppose each other in the last quarter of 2006. As in ’89, comet Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is involved, opposing Saturn for the first half of 2006. Preparing us by exposing old wounds and uncovering the potential for healing on a community level. Turning points in consciousness are a significant part of 2006.

Truth unveiled is the ultimate Neptune promise, but the challenging interactions with Jupiter and Saturn show the timing of disputes, deceptions and losses along the way. Commitments made January through March could prove to be speculative failures in the last quarter year. Late June brings a crisis. From September through November, status quo realities are challenged and emotionally evocative world events add fuel to a clash of opinion and political fallout.

Jupiter the Inside Runner

Jupiter’s ‘Knowledge Guru’ status, suggests a potential for widespread changes of attitude and revelations, which challenge social structures. Jupiter also triggers legal matters and in Scorpio it is likely to bite home with big penalties. Class action suits, or cases which snowball through an industry, are two examples. Critical areas are the petro-chemical industry, mining in general, the health industry and anything to do with water. Agriculture will resonate with problems related to contaminated ground water. With all three planets in ‘fixed’ signs, their results will endure for some time and require long-term, slow acting solutions. Fortunately, this friction can also create pearls. The determination and intense passion generated, provides a good basis for corrective action.

Water Memory

Science now grapples with the concept that water has memory. Astrological Water has always had memory since it refers to the feeling function as well as the waters of the earth. Planet Uranus is known for its radical shocks to expectations and this ‘Awakener’ is in Pisces until 2011. With Jupiter in Scorpio as well, the Water element is a focus for social change. Water is political now, the element most open to radical review. Even water wars are a prospect as increasing demands are made upon scarce resources and water quality diminishes. Polar ice melting, extreme storms and floods are likely to increase.

2006 Reaches Back to 1989

1989 planted the Saturn/Neptune seeds we see clearly at their opposition in 2006. 1989 was an extraordinary year:
In January George Bush Snr. was inaugurated as US President. The Iran-Contra affair rapidly followed.
The Bush clan will have its hardest test in late 2006.

In February the Soviet Union left Afghanistan after 9 years ‘intervention’. It was altogether a demolition year for Soviet communism, with the first free election held, closed borders opening and the Berlin Wall dividing East and West Germany was demolished.
2006 again tests Russia and its hold on vassal states.
In March, six months of daily armed barrage between Syrian and Christian forces began in Lebanon. In November the president was assassinated.
Lebanon again is a political flash point.

In March, the Exxon Valdez supertanker spilled 11 million barrels of crude oil into the pristine waters of Prince William Sound, Alaska.
Oil giants will again be held financially responsible for ecological damage, including past damage. The ensuing legislation created safer oil tankers – that too will be tested now.
In March the World Wide Web was born.
Political or social problems will be linked to the Web. Spying and swindling via www goes into over-drive.

In April a huge protest in Tiananmen Square was followed by another pro-democracy student rally in June, when Chinese army troops killed thousands of demonstrators.
The Chinese people will again express pro-democracy sentiments, perhaps linked to Hong Kong and Taiwan. An opportunity will exist for China to surpass this struggle in a less violent way.

The photovoltaic cell, capable of storing solar radiation as electricity, was developed.
In 2006, solar power will be called upon to prove its worth or be pushed aside by an alternative water or wind technology.

And further developments from 1989 suggest themes recurring in 2006:
An international Ozone Treaty aiming to halve chemical pollution was signed.
The Muslim insurgency in Kashmir began.
Human cloning was proven theoretically possible.
Then there were earth changes like a volcanic eruption in Guatemala, Hurricane Hugo in the Carribean and the San Francisco Earthquake.
The penultimate expression of Saturn conjoined Neptune was when Voyager 2 provided the world with the first detailed photos of Neptune.

Critical Mass

Clearly, many things reached ‘critical mass’ in 1989; cathartic events were constant and there were important breakthroughs in science and technology. In 2006 we must surpass old problems or regress back into them. Jupiter played a ‘trigger’ role in 1989 and does so again in 2006, by crossing the midpoint sign - the deeply mysterious Scorpio, which ‘squares’ both Saturn and Neptune. ‘Squares’ mean achievement, but also the difficulties that bring forth the extra effort. Thus, Inspiring social change and scientific breakthrough could go hand in hand with more cases of toxic poisoning, deadly statistics revealed, increasingly unhealthy waterways and compounding threats to the health of Mother Earth and her children.

Saturn and Neptune represent opposite principles even when they aren’t in opposition across the zodiac. Saturnian structures, like big business or social institutions, could be subject to a Neptune meltdown as lies and deception, loss and delusion surfaces for public consumption. Likewise, Neptunian ideals, such as the dream of a global community could be challenged by Saturn’s harsh controls, by unbending agendas, remorseless bureaucratic limitations.

Sensitive Timing from the Very Beginning

New Moon falls on New Year’s Eve, an auspicious start to a year, yet 2006 begins and ends with some turbulence. Initially we will be looking back to understand recent difficult events. Mid January features a volatile link between Mars, Jupiter and Neptune and an emotional spike of disappointment or false promises, at Full Moon. Any international treaties, political promises or planning agreements made then are likely to have little chance of realization. After January 28 the Saturn cycle begins in earnest and January 30’s New Moon follows up with new determination, energy flowing more freely. Late January and early February is definitely an incentive to action.

Fabulous February

February 6 gives Neptune’s cycle its shining start and the cinematic and visual arts receive a creative or financial boost this month. With Jupiter in Scorpio, expanded investment in the arts is likely. While investment is supported from February to May, the ‘squares’ coming later will provide stumbling blocks, possibly a change of heart. Some hidden costs could prove far too destructive in late September.

Late February highlights Uranus and deeply feeling, impressionable, ‘mutable’ Pisces has been home to Uranus since 2003. In Pisces, Uranus pushes us to search for enchantment, to challenge beliefs and rethink religion. The nature of creativity can be reinvented - heightened receptivity to images, atmospheres and sensations in general, demand a technology that keeps step. Inspired thinkers appear as Pisces makes an oceanic surge from February 19 to March 20 when Sun and Mercury pass through.

Method in March’s Madness

March is the first eclipse month and the commencement of both Mercury and Jupiter’s ‘retro’ cycles. This means Piscean sleight of hand supports Scorpio ‘detective work’ – environmental lobbies, government investigations, social movements start to build their body of evidence, behind the scenes. The one total solar eclipse of 2006 falls March 29 and it has an extra stamp of new beginnings by falling in Aries. It carries a lofty ‘mystic rectangle’ formation. This links the Moon’s Destiny Axis of Aries/Libra with the eclipsing Sun and Moon. This is the ‘sacred marriage’ or heiros gamos of the year and meanwhile Saturn and Chiron form the Leo/Aquarius arm. As Fire and Air harmonies give shape to big ideas and community incentives, they move around two internal stress lines. These are Fire and Air in opposition - heart and intellect are pulled in opposing directions. Communities pull against ‘big ego’ business interests and vice versa. This could add up to healing community, egos put to work for worthy causes. On April 5 Saturn goes ‘direct’ and everything moves faster. Many investigations go public after July 6 when Jupiter shifts into ‘direct’ motion. Penalties and consequences are most apparent in September, the next eclipse period.

May’s Sublime Uranus Trines

Social planets Venus and Mars make ‘trines’ to Uranus from April 18 to May 8, like heralds for Jupiter now making its second ‘trine’ to Uranus. Developments hark back to the first wave in November 2005. Between May and late August, the last ‘trine’, scientific breakthroughs and new life-saving drugs will be big news. Expanded interest in spirituality and in looking behind religion, are also features.

Technologies of the soul really come of age in May. Ancient arts like alchemy, energy healing and energistic medicines like homeopathy could experience a renaissance. Intense insights and creative visions bubble up and burst through. These links help dissolve some of the stress whipped up by the repeating ‘squares’ Jupiter also makes this year. May and late August draw attention to the problems with the world’s water but also bring forward inventive solutions. The things seeded when Jupiter joined Uranus in 1997, now take wing.

Looking Back to 1997

When Jupiter last conjoined Uranus in 1997, the cycle began that is flowering now, as a ‘trine’. In 1997 there were a number of major floods, cyclones, volcanic eruptions, typhoons and earthquakes. 2006 sees global strategies take shape, which are effective detection and early warning systems for natural disasters. Improvements in the delivery stage of medical and monetary assistance to countries in crisis are also likely. Since some earth changes and ecological crises are likely, improved systems won’t take long to be tested.

Cleaning Up

1997 saw an international treaty - the Chemical Weapons Convention, signed, to prevent weapon stockpiling. The United Nations also presented the Kyoto Protocol aimed at reducing global warming. The social and political dimensions of ecological impoverishment will be examined closely in 2006. Since the Kyoto Protocol has been held back by the refusal of the United States to sign, with other nations like Russia and Australia also refusing, we can expect increased international pressure this year. A moratorium on global warming and air quality is the likely result of new information becoming available. Already as I write this in May 2005, deep-sea diving robots have confirmed global warming by finding that the heat exchange between Earth and space is seriously out of balance. Cleaning up is a big concern in 2006.

Three Challenging Months

As well as hosting a productive Water sign ‘trine’, late August also begins the most difficult period of 2006. Saturn exactly opposes Neptune for the first time. All of the tensions rise up to meet us in September, October and November. In Australia and elsewhere, one of those tensions is about financial markets. Jupiter in Scorpio expands enthusiasm for big investments and fixed money management. Managing superannuation for an aging population, is a hot topic. In late September and in late October bad choices made earlier in the year could reach a crunch point. Sun joins Jupiter, right before it leaves Scorpio and a further financial ‘sting’ is felt in the last half of November.

Shock Absorbers

The International Monetary Fund recently described the household sector as “the shock absorber of the last resort” in the financial system. There has been a rapid shift away from guaranteed ‘defined benefits’ for super funds and towards the riskier ‘accumulation’ funds, which can drop with the market. Risk has also been shifted to households via insurance companies offering products that share market risks. 1989 was a year when expenditure blowouts and large-scale public deception was rife in Australia, particularly in WA. The Saturn/ Neptune opposition again suggests a great deal that can go wrong.

During the most critical Saturn, Neptune period starting late August, a disease of a lingering nature with causes hard to ascertain, may be confounding health departments. Since poisoning is Neptune’s domain, toxic environmental factors will figure, as will toxic lifestyle habits. The Jupiter input signals that the lungs or the liver are focus points, the Scorpio input suggests a sexual factor, so diseases like AIDS become even more threatening. Since religion is also Neptune’s domain, the issue of the Pope banning contraceptives, while the huge Catholic population in Africa has the highest AIDS death toll, will polarize congregations and damage the church by late 2006.

India in Profile

Two countries are profiled in 2006-2007 because their ‘birth charts’ are strongly influenced by Saturn and Neptune. The first of these is India and the ‘birth’ pattern used is Indian Independence on August 15, 1947. (1) At this time, Saturn, Sun and three other planets were bunched together in Leo, so India is now having a very significant Saturn Return. India achieved independence when Jupiter was also in Scorpio, challenging the five planet Leo ‘stellium’ of its birth chart. In mid December 2005. then June and October 2006, Jupiter again challenges Saturn in Leo while India experiences a once in 12 years Jupiter Return. This means a time of growth and expansion will be accompanied by difficulties and challenges, in those months. A ‘coming of age’ process will occur, propelling India into a more powerful position on the world stage. Strong external allies and equally strong internal ruptures will require a subtle balancing act from mid August to late October, as Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune expose fixed interests and false promises.

China in Charge

With its ancient past, China has quite a few historic moments of birth but the Proclamation of the People’s Republic on October 1, 1949 in Peking, is a prime modern birth chart. (1) A Libran Sun chums up with Neptune while Mars and Pluto form a forceful alliance in proud Leo. This is a classic “iron fist in velvet glove” aspect pattern, even though driven by a liberation inclined Aquarius Moon and Ascendant. When Saturn joined Neptune in 1989 the iron fist came forth as Tienenman Square. When Saturn opposes Neptune in August/September 2006, demands upon their neighbours or by their neighbours are a source of trouble for China. Territorial claims and energy resources in the East China Sea could polarize China and Japan, while relationships with Taiwan get more strained. A new engagement with the global community, building since Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998, now reaches a test. China’s ‘birth’ pattern has Venus in Scorpio, which ignites a passion for the past, yet this fights against its global Aquarian dream and adds a ruthless intensity to its technological revolution. Jupiter’s passage through Scorpio in 2006 highlights inner conflict and opens the way to healing opportunities to learn from the past. Healer, comet Chiron reveals the wounds and excites a quest. When it transits China’s Moon in February/March and again in September/October, China exercises justice and defines penalties on the world stage. A cycle begins that stretches into 2007.

Big Business - Big Tests

Saturn in Leo tests the ‘Big Business’ ethic that has been evolving since 1989. Now at opposition Saturn represents all those social forces and powers that actively oppose the Neptune in Aquarius vision of social justice, human oneness and community consciousness. Certain global corporations have their agendas laid bare for all to see. Neptune rules oil, and the ocean and US oil giant, Texaco, (now Chevron Texaco) has a story that could unfold as an archetypal Saturn/Neptune tale. Texaco came into Ecuador 35 years ago to extract oil from the Amazon rainforest. They left behind open unlined pits of toxic residues, scattered through the oil fields, also the home of indigenous tribes, whose drinking wells and river were contaminated. Now the Indian population has alarmingly high rates of cancer and Texaco is being sued for the cost of restoring the environment. This case and others like it will have a roll-on effect in 2006.

Fire Rises

A new Jupiter cycle begins November 24 when Jupiter re-enters its own sign of Sagittarius. After a year of intensified feelings, Jupiter offers a year of self-realization and knowledge. December 2006 sees renewed efforts for world peace and supports the creation of powerful systems of world aid. This cycle will give a new boost to governments following their humane concerns and detecting political or religious bias. Since Saturn woos Pluto via a fiery ‘trine’, from late November 2006 to August 2007, the best is still to come. This stirring combination evokes participation in mass efforts, likely to reach the most effective results in August 2007.

Copyright Christine Broadbent
NB This Worldview appeared in Astrolog 2006, a Wellspring magazine published in Australia. Look out for Astrolog 2007 at Australian newsagents from September 2006.