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Find out more about your sign and current influences in your life by checking your current planetary transits with interpretations for each sign.

***A Wild Ride***

October 9 to 19, 2020 is a Wild Ride…Welcome to all and everything times!  Sixlanets, all in action-central ‘cardinal’ signs, keep us on the hop now.  From October 9 to 10, Mars squares off to Pluto, which can be very constructive, or ruthless and dangerous – avoid high-risk environments and angry people. 

On October 11, 14 & 15 Sun in Libra first challenges Jupiter, Mars, then Pluto.  Excesses and emotional blow-outs can be nasty, but well-directed enthusiasm and initiative will achieve great results now. 

You can re-set inner calm by rising pre-dawn on 14th & 15th - look East to see Crescent Moon and Venus embrace in Virgo...A sight that feeds the soul, while grounding our earthy nature.

October 17’s New Moon in Libra opposes Mars and squares off to the three mega Capricorn planets that are defining the story of our time.  A small ceremony to honour and set the right intention is everything now.  This defines a creative path through the mists of uncertainty and conflicting desires.

Since planet Saturn is part of the Big Trio and rules Capricorn, October 18 tests our New Moon resolve with the frustrations that arise when Sun exactly squares Saturn.  To counter this, re-affirm your intention in action.  On October 19, Mars squares off to Jupiter, a combo that can support enterprising ideas, pushing for effective action, as long as goals are modest and you don't over-estimate your ability or support. Fun times!

Understanding your personal Astrology reveals patterns and potentials and can help navigate these extraordinary times, with good timing and informed choices. 

See my November 15 Venus, Mars Astro-Event in Auckland: Choose personal alchemy!  See below...

Venus Mars Intensive 

  With Christine

November 15, 2020    

10:30am to 6:30pm          



Engage your Relationship Planets               

Uncover Venus Secrets

Embody Mars Strengths




Astrology is a healing art

A science of the possible

Revealing potentials, choices, challenges

Extraordinary times require     extraordinary resources

November 15 is a Scorpio New Moon   with a healing momentum

 Sun and Moon embrace with Venus and   Mars at maximum strength

  We will uncover our own Venus stories,     potentise our Mars initiative

· A Ceremony at exact New Moon       completes our day

·  Personal alchemy merges   with experiential learning

·  You receive your Birth Chart and a   chance to deeply explore it

    Christine Broadbent is an astrological teacher,   writer and consultant, offering in-person   sessions in Sydney and Auckland for 30 years.  Christine loves her work with a passion   Astrologer for WellBeing magazine.

One Day Workshop at Beyond the Veil Healing     Centre, Ellerslie.  Afternoon tea provided. For   Questions and bookings: 

     P: 021 4101 26  Fee $125 before November 2.   After November 2, $140.  Booking essential,     limited spaces.