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Created : Jan 27 2020 05:44:50


We have reached Aquarius Time, and already the changes in our world are huge, with more to come: Saturn is in charge as ruler of Aquarius, already moving through it's other sign of materially-focused earthy Capricorn. Yet the innovation focus of Air sign Aquarius is building force and we now get the first taste.  The rare Saturn and Pluto meeting dominated 2019, and came to its climax Jan 13, 2020.  Soon, Saturn's ground shifts when it moves into Aquarius from March 22 to July 2, 2020.  Right now, with Sun in the Water Bearer, the waters of humanity are being addressed in a rare and compelling way. For example, while political responses to the Aus Bushfires have been disappointing and too little too late, the Australian public and the world in general have stepped up with astounding help and compassion.  Right on Aquarius New Moon we learnt about the far reach of China's Corona Virus, the face of air travel is already changing and will do moreso.

Aquarius wisdom says personal actions have social significance, and this is already reverberating through the global political landscape. Aquarius is ‘fixed’, so attitudes that shift will last! And of course Saturn returns there to remain for two years. Within days of settling in Aquarius, Saturn meets Jupiter on 0 degrees Aquarius on December 22, to begin a new 20-year Social Cycle. So while innovation and humanitarian concerns gather great energy in 2020, this is just the start...Let's sow our own seeds while Sun moves through Aquarius and lights our way!



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