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Created : Jul 27 2021 12:02:55

*Webinar Series Aug 27, 2021

Five sessions, beginning August 25, 2021.  Enrol now.

Wednesday evenings, 7pm to 8:30pm (AEST).  

60 mt Webinar + 30 mt Q&A.    

**Fee: $125 includes five webinars, your birth chart & worksheets.  I plan to audio record the 60 mt. presentations, so if you miss one of the series, you can later hear it.    

**One-off attendance of one class is $40.

In 30 minutes of Q&A we work with the charts of participants and learn from each other. 

 Session 1 August 25: Love your Luminaries…Moon & Sun unveiled

This initial Webinar opens a door on your own duo of solar consciousness & lunar rhythms; conscious life purpose & instinctive feeling flows.

Loving your luminaries gives a glimpse of the enormity of self, edging into ‘unknown’ territory. The adventure of self-knowledge goes beyond Sun’s journey - how we shine & express ourselves, needs also Moon’s journey of how we retreat for renewal & what we nurture.  Moon is mother of the mysteries, queen of our underground, occasionally offering the deeper story, a hidden gift. Together they are the Lights - Moon as the silver key, & Sun as the golden key to Self, are ancient images. Wherever the luminaries sit in your chart, they are the polar ends of an evolving life narrative. Essential polarities always exist, even if Sun and Moon sit side by side. Each planet character inhabits its star sign costume in different ways, gaining different strengths…We play with all this!

Session 2 Sept 1: The Yellow Brick Road of Mercury, Venus, Mars

We meet our next natural polarity in the relationship planets – Lover Venus & Warrior Mars. How does Messenger Mercury flit between them?

Venus and Mars show us how neatly, or not, our powers of attraction fit our urge for action. If the luminaries are the first octave of our receptive/creative balance, Venus-Mars are the second octave. The search for happiness and effectiveness unfolds many layers, longings, & old conditioning in the sensitive field of relationships. Venus, Mars & how Mercury translates them, gives rich insight into our patterns of connection. A simple quest to be happy & whole is human: Self-expression, a sense of roots, vocation, all benefit, as of course does partnership. Lines of least resistance emerge when we examine our Connector Planets…Let’s do it.  [A two week break between Sessions 2 & 3]

Session 3 Sept 15: The Social Gaze of Jupiter & Saturn

We discover yet another natural polarity in Jupiter’s expansive, inclusive quest to understand, & Saturn’s controlling focus to achieve results, acceptance.

Now the last visible outer planets Jupiter & Saturn, are explored as ways of seeing. The long-distance gaze of Jupiter & the assessing gaze of Saturn, are deeply influenced by their element, sign, position. These planets round off our social self, marking life stages: Jupiter’s first two Returns expand our identity at ages 12 & 24, while Saturn’s first Return at age 29 focuses our action on what really matters. They have Returns together around age 58 to 59. You will unpack your own Jupiter and Saturn, to see what interesting dance steps they add to your dance of life.

Session 4 Sept 22: Astro ‘Aspects’ as the Angles that define the Dance

Aspects are the angular relationships between your various planets, they are literally the dance of the planets when you were born. 

Aspects are depicted by the coloured lines and clusters in your chart. These indicate power centres, weak spots, energy released or repressed. Aspects bring different planetary energies and elements to dance together, both hard and easy combos.  The network of links between our planets, help define what we do, and how we do it. Planetary aspects, like cooking, put interesting ingredients together, adding variety, and introducing surprising currents into our life story.

Session 5 Sept 29: Into the Deeps with the Transpersonal Planets

 Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, emerge as distant, often non-negotiable forces. Their placing by element and star sign, colour long generational groups. 

Each of these planets has an energy that goes beyond personal needs into transpersonal realities. They can deeply influence personal choices, via a sudden awakening, or a gradual submergence in something larger, or an overwhelming depth of feeling that transforms who you are...Are they leading actors in your personal Dance, or merely stage hands? Were you born when two of these slow movers aligned, as in the 60’s and 90’s? Asking where Uranus, Neptune and Pluto actually sit in your chart, and which of your personal planets they influence, tells a big story!

For further exploration, a 30 mt online reading will be available at student rates to anyone enrolled for the whole Series. Queries most welcome

E:   Ph +6421 4101 26 or Txt for a ring back: 0402 664101

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