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Oct 01st to Dec 31st, 2014


October begins with a wild energy that is full of surprises – if lost, vulnerable, Aries has to also be brave, raunchy Aries – so be it. Then presto, October 8’s Aries Full Moon has it all! It’s a total lunar eclipse, then some big players, namely Jupiter, Mars and Uranus, join fiery forces with the Aries Moon. This is the feel-good part of October 8. Meanwhile a mega Pluto square adds murky emotional depths, relationship challenges. Beware unwise words and trying to push or force anything, and then high excitement remains fun. Jupiter in your love sign for many months, mean creative juices flow nicely, warm feelings come with helping others and being helped. Old friends re-appear, October 8 to 14 is challenging and revealing: new love appears or old flames light up. Late October is super productive and Mars accelerates your career in November and early December. Ambition is the burning issue – make sure to mix it with a dash of patience and thorough research. On November 11, 13 or 20, stay away from territorial issues, go for simple challenges, refuse anger. Mars shifts into a friendship and networking frame on December 5, followed by a Full Moon, adding more sociable vibes. Now, illuminated, you hook up with like-minded people, share enthusiasms, travel, learning, exploring ideas, sparking. If December 15 and 21 unfold a darker side of power dynamics, protection Venus-style, means love the enemy. Go deep inside the status quo, to transform. An inspiring Solstice and New Moon of Dec 22-24, heals you, lights up new vocational discoveries. Just be ultra flexible around Christmas festivities!



Only planet Pluto, stirring up weird emotional undercurrents, represents Earth signs right now. This is hard on your sense of stability. However, October 10, 20 and 25 are special Moon days that open the easiest doors to feelings well expressed, to creative potency. Yet it is best to avoid criticising anyone or anything on October 15 or 22. From New Moon of October 24, when Venus, Sun and Moon all align in your partner sign, to October 26 when Mars steps in to guide you through a prosperous November, things are on the up. Some of the most exciting times in November arise when Venus joins in as she sweetens love and partnership, from November 1 to 6. Then comes the big event - a Taurus Full Moon rises on November 7, a happy climax. When Venus joins Saturn on November 13 to 14, commitment is called for and some constraints are likely. Give controlling people the slip if you can, if not - be patient, kind. A lovely depth of self- knowledge is available November 22 to 27, despite occasional frustrations. The ‘Greater Fortune’, planet Jupiter, expands the satisfaction to be gained from home pleasures, family warmth, from December 2 to 14. Even moving home, can be relatively easy at such a time, or staying in someone else’s home – all good. The challenge of December 15 to 21, is to rest secure, to tolerate the madness of the time and to cultivate love.



When Mars is in your partner sign, in October, get wise and let other people take charge. Good things will come of this since it actually takes the pressure off you, which is a great idea when your ruling guru planet is ‘retro’. That will be a three week period when it is best to review, inspect, and rethink business plans, money-making ideas, during the Mercury phase of October 5 to 26. This period is opportune for regenerating your sense of creative direction, for spending lots of time with people you love, for striving less. As the most changeable Air sign you are a thinking type who can think themselves into emotional exhaustion! Then, that sensitive Gemini nervous system, goes haywire and you say things you don’t mean, forget important practical details and start to overload, sleep too little or too much, and so it goes. Refuse to reach that point by staying present. A potent, fiery enthusiasm is glimpsed from November 1 to 12, yet November 13 to 14, 21 and 27 present situations that need caution, restraint and care with money. The happy shift of November 23 to 28, is that a New Moon and Mercury illuminate all partnerships, action accelerates, a glorious Gemini Full Moon rises on December 6. Now you come into your stride, your hopeful and happy sense of connectedness cuts a path through the general chaos of December 15 and 21. Those wings on your heels start to take you places.



It is all about regeneration for Cancer and October 5 to 26 is your time to rethink that very personal domain of home and family and perhaps re-open the door on a love interest. Full Moon in your career zone on October 8 is purpose designed to recharge your ambition and time spent well, at home, fosters this. You can only benefit from the harmonious Water sign energy, settling any old worries from October 28 to November 17. Soak up the healing vibes of November 7’s Full Moon in Taurus and consider joining forces with a practical friend, for a shared project. From November 10 to 14, don’t let yourself, feel pressured by controlling people or circumstances, or by expecting way too much of yourself! That would simply exhaust you. Since your instincts are strong, as long as you point yourself in the right direction and then go with the flow, you reach your goals. Some special inspiration from November 16 to 22 may give shape to serious travel plans, which are likely to come to fruition in the first half of December. Full Moon on December 6 might seem to complicate your plans but not for long. Relationships are a source of great joy in December, with December 16 to 27, sweetly domestic, a lovely at home and family and friends time. Yet old issues may reach a necessary point of reconciliation around December 15, 21 or 25, which could briefly challenge your peace of mind. Just flow on through it.



Lucky Leo has expansive Jupiter moving through your sign for months to come, so now is a good time to pay attention to the possibilities. October 8 to 10, with its exciting Full Moon and eclipse, opens your mind to a creative and fun-filled agenda. This does not mean that your personal responsibilities fade away. In fact everything seems to be bigger and noisier with Jupiter in Leo. Family figures high – A ‘retro’ phase from October 5 to 26, is your time to reconsider any plans you have for home or your family, and to reach a far more realistic appraisal of what you want to happen and what can actually happen. Then New Moon on October 24 accelerates all family matters and October 28 to November 7 is a perfect time to enjoy the pleasures of home life and to complete any tasks that having been sitting unfinished. It is easy now to breathe new life into an old ambition for travel or work. November supports a combo of enjoyable personal responsibilities plus ambition and optimism. Making the most of this energy soon gets easier: Another source of Fire and dash opens up around November 27-28, and you charge ahead with travel plans, parties, large gatherings. With a rush of enthusiasm and inspiring work, December fires up Leo’s creativity - between December 1 and the Full Moon on Dec 6, anything seems possible, but the most opportune time is mid Dec when Jupiter hooks up with Sun and you just shine.



Reconnecting with old friends is a part of your Mercury ‘retro’ time from October 5 to 26 and from October 11 a shift of focus to financial matters is fairly pronounced. By all means do your research and talk to informed professionals but do not sign a contract or make a big purchase in this period, since you may find out new information or change your mind after 26th. In fact much pleasure and insight is gained from reviewing things for yourself, between October 17 and 21. Once Lover Venus starts to emphasise your sociable side, the world responds with more invitations and connections, from October 25 to November 16. In fact, November 2 to 17 is when you find your stride, with numerous Water-Earth harmonies that play all the right chords for your personal dance. This makes it ultra easy to get things done, and is an enjoyable process, particularly the sensual pleasurable energy of November 7’s Full Moon! Once Sun illuminates your solar ‘house’ relating to home and family, between November 22 and December 21, all things domestic, happily take prominence. If chaos occurs on November 21, 23, 27, or December 1, downgrade your expectations of what to get done. A romantic and loving vibe makes December 2 to 15, energetic in all the best ways! Also a hands-on practical approach helps complete tasks long awaited. You are primed for success by a super sweet touch, from December 11 to 21, but you may experience chaos from others close to you in late December.



Since Jupiter and Uranus are acting as team-mates, for Team Libra, the next nine months is particularly sociable. Right now Sun, Venus and Mercury are in Libra, which channels the feel-good energy. This supports luscious Libran gatherings, impromptu small parties, and a lovely sense of bonding with a partner as fun playmates. A time that really shines with good connecting is October 10 to 23. Yet there are also specific days to move with great attentiveness and empathy, in order not to sabotage a sensitive situation. These days are October 4, 8, 9 and 11. Full Moon energy means tensions that are hidden can suddenly flash out and erratic people or authority figures can be difficult to handle. Once your ruler, lovely Venus, enters Scorpio, she takes you on a journey into your senses from November 1 to November 7, when a Full Moon may light up issues around money and power, as well as offering sensual delights. Your strong willpower is often hidden, while you try to keep everyone happy. Yet now it must feature, from November 11 to 14, and on December 21, as an ability to commit to a course of action and stand up to bullies or to instability in others. Matters financial occupy your busy brain in November but an emotional recharge is also on offer. This will prepare you nicely for the sociable mayhem of December 2 to 19, and strengthen you for the challenges of late December.



With Saturn still in Scorpio, demands on you are still fairly non-stop, yet Saturn will be moving on in late December. Meanwhile October 5 to 11 is an excellent time to hook into the helpful Mars aspects that give you an edge on financial strategies or problem solving, right now. It is that psychic intuitive side of Scorpio that offers good hunches, while Mars helps you hook up with the right people around October 12 to 14. Since a retro communication cycle is underway, you are best to plant strong intentions at the magical New Moon in Scorpio on October 24 then implement plans from October 28 to November 6, when numerous planetary harmonies smooth the way. Helpful partners or friends will give you support since November 7’s Full Moon and Lover Venus are your allies. A most important day is November 13, when Saturn and Venus conjoin in Scorpio. Now a serious commitment is demanded and will also be good for you. Keep your senses alert so that unnecessary severity does not creep into your communication. It is not fighting against blocks or difficult people, it is penetrating to the secrets of what is going on, which clears your path forward. Strategic moves work well November 16 to 18 but there are chaotic situations to bypass in late November. It is December 2 to 15 that defines successful planning, while a new Venus cycle from December 11 takes you on a very sociable trajectory including short journeys. Your inner terrain lights up at such a time.



Your energy has been rising again after feeling a bit flat. Mover and shaker planet Mars, is in Sagittarius, which is energising as long as you avoid silly little accidents – trips and spills and so on. Of more concern is an eclipsed Full Moon in your love sign on October 8, and a ‘retro’ communication cycle in your friendship and social action sign, from October 11 to 25. Neither event spoils this dynamic period, but they do come with warnings. Full Moon on 8th warns against arrogance and botched attempts to be sarcastic and witty. As long as you are sensitive enough to avoid hurting the feelings of those around you, this is a wonderful time for exciting events or to scope out a big challenging project. In fact, collective effort is the key to making the most of the retro period through to October 25, just keep your goals small and leave any launching of new entities until after 26th. Making effective choices now, turns November into a memorable and extremely productive month: Big tasks can be completed, particularly after your Sagittarius New Moon on November 22. The fact that Lover Venus transits Sagittarius from November 17 to December 11, and that the opportune Jupiter year is really starting to stretch your horizons, for seven more months, bodes well for a happy Sagittarius on the move. Your home environment could be in for some lovely visitors and home improvements can work extremely well in early December.



This productive three months comes with some family and relationship dramas: if you seek nourishment in the right way, not just physically, but also cultivating inner tranquillity, you will strike the right balance. After the rather emotional Full Moon of October 8, it is important to do an honesty check and really acknowledge what feelings have emerged. Between October 9 and 11, consider your home life, work life equation, as these chaotic days can be openings for improvement. A ‘retro’ cycle until October 26 makes this a good time to identify operational changes that will help your work and attitude changes that will help home life. Change cannot be avoided and this will be stressed again around mid November, and mid December. Helpful days to nurture and rebalance are October 28-29 and the entire first week of November, which climaxes with a Full Moon in sensual Taurus. This week is well designed for pleasure, yet mad pursuit of pleasure could bring you undone. More insights into necessary changes come November 11 to 14, stirring action that brings positive results. Your sweet touch with business continues through the first half of December - good instincts and genuine enthusiasm are your strengths. Once the love and money planet - Venus - enters Capricorn on December 11, sociable pleasures and sweet times reach another level. Yet December 15 to 21 brings an old, probably painful issue, back to the boil and how you express love is the key and resolution.



As the Air sign who loves the mental environment of ideas, exchanges and noble visions, you don’t do quite as well in the emotional environment. Aquarius must have invented the phrase: “I’m out of here” because a quick retreat tends to be a panacea for all emotional ills. Since Saturn’s inhibiting influence and protracted stay in your vocational sign, ends in late December, October highlights the itch you are already feeling - new inspiration beckons. First there are three final Saturn tests: These are on November 13, 18, and 26, when Venus, then Sun, then Mercury each conjoin Saturn, channeling important reality checks. Nov 13 is all about the censoring and controlling of love, Nov 18 the inhibition of how you shine for the world, and Nov 26, is about how you communicate what really matters to you. If you can witness, rather than identify with events of these days, Saturn will reveal its traditional gift of bringer of wisdom, wise teacher. This will free you up and actually lighten whatever loads you are carrying, including opinions. With Jupiter in your partner sign since mid July, the energizing charge of human interaction is on a happy trajectory of ‘more’. Jupiter is the ‘Greater Fortune’ and lucky, but don’t let ‘more’ become too much, or the wheel of fortune will spin the other way. Since Jupiter energy abounds from November 27 to December 15, this satisfies the edgy Aquarian brain with creative collaborations, shared vision, and charges you up with enthusiasm for a new year.



Inner strength can hide behind a flexible flowing Pisces exterior and in October the fiery harmonies that pave your way, bring that strength out for all to see. Your ruler, Jupiter, helps you shine in mid October, prompting plans that work best in early November. Neptune moving through Pisces, your headliner planet for years to come, is an especially strong guiding force, from October 28 to November 3, and again November 12 to 17. Neptune’s is the gentle healing light that coalesces around loss of self, yearning for unity, empathy with others. Uncertainty and shifting realities are Neptune’s solution, which dissolves rigid barriers of identity, so a Neptune transit is not always a comfortable affair. You are sometimes canny and intuitive, and Neptune’s ascendancy from mid November, quickly accelerates that sensitivity. The Neptune traps, like quicksand can seem so innocent, but be deceptively dangerous – the one too many wine, or one too many risky choice. Dates to be most alert about potential errors of judgment are: Nov 20-21, Nov 27 and December 1. Yet early December’s Earth and Water harmonies are wonderfully designed for you to give your profile a boost and let all sorts of nourishing relationships support you. Lover Venus starts to sweeten communication in general, and facilitates easy cooperation with the people around you, from December 11 to 15. This has its own rewards and also helps you give support to the people you love, if they succumb to the stress of December 15 to 21.


Planet Notes

*October 8’s Full Moon and eclipse can be viewed in Australia about 8 to 10pm and New Zealand about 10 pm to midnight. It is a slow event with Moon disappearing in bites, then totality of eclipse covering the Moon, then reappearing slowly.

**Planet Venus becomes visible again just after sunset, low in the western sky, from December 2 onwards. She remains Evening Star for about 9 months and is visible for increasingly longer periods after her appearance in early December.

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