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Jun 22nd to Aug 22nd, 2010

Winter Solstice begins Cancer Time and is followed by a challenging Full Moon conjoined Pluto. Those born early in Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn benefit from being aware and self protective during these days. Sun in Cancer forms challenging angles to three outer planets; highest in emotional charge at Full Moon in Capricorn on June 26. The dynamic duo of Jupiter and Uranus is the focus point, suggesting last minute and unusual solutions to big problems.

It is time to hook into the rare energy of Jupiter next to Uranus in the sign of Aries and get inspired. Tune in to your own personal channel of intuition: Discover a new way to follow your initiative and acknowledge your ambitions.

CANCER...Happy Birthday

These are fated times when the Moons Nodes the karmic axis, is moving through Cancer/Capricorn. The Full Moon of June 26 and Cancer New Moon of July 12 are a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse. This is big indeed but the most potentially delicate time for you is Full Moon. Since June 21 your sensitivity has been high and continues so. If you can stay cool and more an observer than participant from now through June 27, you will achieve two things, Firstly you will learn an amazing amount about a home or family situation that frustrates you. Secondly you will be a legend rather than slightly shattered! Money issues can become negative power plays at such a time so resist this temptation at home and work. If an authority figure has been difficult or a partner has tried too hard to be the authority, you have an opportunity to step beyond this from June 29 to July 21. Your July 12 New Moon actually kicks off a loving, productive fortnight when you have an easy ability to bring order to what was a bit of a drama. Play with life now and enjoy the wealth of new contacts available and the rich pleasures of daily life. Your creative star is rising. Despite this, protecting yourself is still important. Consider late July and August 3-4, 7, 10 and 17-18, as worthy challenges that need your full concentration. Stay rational rather than emotional and these dates will be the steps to reclaim your potency, to move beyond fear.



Shining comes naturally to you and especially when Lover Venus is in Leo, charm and wit are yours. However aspects of June 26-27 suggest a low profile and beware making promises you can't keep on July 9. It is July 1 to 21 that offers your best cycle for love and work. Happy Birthday Sun in Leo Time begins July 23 but late July has some generalised stress, particularly July 27 to 31, when practical matters demand attention. On August 7 Venus begins a month long journey that blesses your daily life with more sweet contacts, better communication in relationships and a strong sense of balance. Beware you don't upset that balance with a lover or friend, via a hard-headed take on other people's actions around August 9-10. Since August 10 is your New Moon in Leo, this is the most important time of the year to plant seeds of positive, life enhancing intentions that will support your ongoing wellbeing. Hold it together for those two testing days and a feisty 'Can Do' energy will drive a successful month. The rest of August presents many delightful opportunities to shine among your peers. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can wing it From August 17 to 21, be well prepared and then the shining continues.



Ruled by Mediator Mercury you like to wear a few hats at once, to be free to change your mind when need be. Yet planet Saturn in your sign since late 2007 has added greatly to the weight of responsibilities on your shoulders, made it more stressful to manage changes. Now Saturn is in its very big last month in Virgo, departing July 22. Recently energetic Mars joined in, set to join Saturn and also depart late July. All this says things are going to lighten up for you - an easier style of action is coming. Yet the transition has a few traps; these are June 24 to 27 when children, work partners or a lover may push for a new balance of power. Creative results only come with tact and flexibility at this Full Moon climax - something may be eclipsed. July 1 to 4 is when things take shape; your initiative is rewarded. The other reminder that these are momentous times is the ongoing eclipse cycle and the total solar eclipse at July 12's New Moon. July 11, 21, 28- 30, brings you into your strength by degrees; August 10 to 21 are more reminders that these are times to be conservative financially but radical with long term plans.



Late June has special tests for cardinal take the lead Libra, Full Moon and Mercury make June 24 to 27 all about communication. Your kind of iron fist in velvet glove communication! The Big times and even bigger demands begin for Libra on July 22 when Saturn kicks off its two year stay chez Libra. It will take extra willpower to remain fair-minded and gentle on July 26-27 and 31. Best strategy is claim the heartfelt life, take ownership of your joys and in this way balance the demanding combo of Saturn in your sign with Jupiter and Uranus opposing you. Since all three planets challenge power broker Pluto, the balance of power in your relationships at home and work is tested. You may already be redesigning yourself as an elegant consensus- driven power broker in your own right. Even if you are choosing the more behind the scenes options, it would be naive to ignore power struggles around you. Big decisions cannot be avoided, so remember that polarizing issues need not claim your energy if you clearly articulate your ideals but welcome conflicting points of view and negotiate. These Libran strengths are invaluable the last half of August, when peaceful negotiation is key.



With martial Mars very much the Warrior of the mind right now, you are gathering your resources for an all out effort. Cancer Time serves that well, focusing the energy of your big picture goals. In Mars facts, something you began around October 2008 has just these next two months to be completed. Late June has the energy whack of a Full Moon that hooks into the outer planet challenges of our time. You are well placed to navigate June 25 to 27 well and can have an 'aha' moment on 28th. After the fallout from that July 1 to 21 is your best bet for that so important completion that will free you up for a dynamic September. More personally challenging for Scorpio, is July 26-27 and 31, when over-reaction is a very bad idea. This time a fixed Full Moon could hook into your control issues, so beware. The challenges of late July feed into early August and this is excellent timing to put body and mind on firmer footing with a little retreat or solitude top-up. Mid August has the potential to bring an old issue firmly back to centre stage, be prepared to handle it with tolerance and patience. It will be time for a retrospective with a new perspective from August 20.



Your symbol is the rainbow and what better inspiration to take for this time the multi-hued perspectives your mind can embrace. This keeps you light hearted in the midst of the heavy demands upon your time and energy. You are in the final stage of a two year cycle that has made you reappraise your worldly roles. Now the radical planet combo of let's do more Jupiter and surprise a minute Uranus is stirring your creative juices and opening a new vista for your love of life. Unpredictability is its feature and remains so with June 25 to 27 a chaos peak. Yet it is mostly good chaos and July sees you powering on every front. Maximise the energy of July 10 to 23 because after that it is consolidation rather than new plans that is called for. With a Saturn Mars hook-up, you can expect plenty of challenges in August despite the helpful Fire energy. Help comes your way after August 7 but others might promise more than they can deliver. If around August 17 to 20 you feel torn between two options, perhaps give yourself a month to revalue a recent decision. Things will look different in September.



June 26 Full Moon in Capricorn has the added energy of a lunar eclipse and outer planet squares. Changes and unpredictable shifts of power can happen in a blink, so stay alert late June. Take your lead from the sure-footed Mountain Goat and just keep going even in difficult terrain. By July 9 your mental versatility wins you extra points but do be prepared to keep thinking on your feet. July 12's solar eclipse and New Moon in your partner sign says these are karmic times and partnership of every kind is being given a chance to renew itself. Someone close and personal may remind you of a long standing obligation, while work is likely to bring new ones. Do pace yourself so you can keep up the demanding pace of July. Easiest efforts, most likely to yield good results are best planned for July 14 to 23. July 27 and 31 and early August could be as demanding as late June. August would be a good time to have a revitalising break, ready to be back on task by August 21. That is when the Venus Mars team can be harnessed to help build your career profile. Since this coincides with another Saturn challenge, rise to the occasion by being the soul of good humour and diplomacy. Revisit your more ancient symbol of the Sea Goat and remain fluid.



Late June is in some ways a practice run for late July. From June 24 to 27, Full Moon energy hooks into outer planet surprises to keep everyone guessing. When the annual Full Moon in Aquarius falls on July 26, this exclamation point of your year also hooks into the last challenging interface between your two ruling planets Saturn and Uranus. Many things are under a harsh kind of review that has been building up since the events of late June. What you do and how well you do it from July 4 to 9 can strongly impact the late July outcome. Do less on July 12 in order not to exhaust yourself and avoid anyone that muddies your ability to be fair and unbiased. Your capacity to be detached from personal interests and work for the wellbeing of others will be the source of your progress after July 22. Whether you are being a wizard with words or soaking up the moment, a great deal can be achieved by maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Don't let your fixed mental focus overload you; particularly around July 31 agree to nothing. New Moon on August 10 brings the seeds of a new idea and renewed determination to forge ahead with a plan. You are set to build some strong new connections and new roles.



With late June's Water energy you are in your element but even the sign of the Fish can get confused by too much turbulence when Full Moon illuminates your friendship house it can be a lot of fun but things are not as they seem on June 26-27. A quiet appearance could hide a volcanic charge if you wade into someone's personal issues then. This touchiness could extend through to New Moon on July 12, as the eclipse cycle unfolds. Sometimes it is not a matter of going with the flow but choosing a new stream. July 14 to 21 are special days for relationships, with Lover Venus paving the awy to practical partnership. Operating according to your sense of service will see you true; earthy harmonies mean a solid basis for understanding. That is, until your ruler Jupiter challenges Pluto on July 25, made more emotional by a Full Moon. Tensions stir again July 31 to August 4 - be cool and refuse to take things personally. Practical financial matters remind you to pay attention but avoid making important decisions or purchases on August 17-18. If an old issue resurfaces or partners seem to drop back into old behaviour after August 20, be patient.



There is a seismic shift going on...can you feel it? A rare meeting in Aries of the powerhouse duo of Jupiter and Uranus is underway and squaring off to Pluto, while Pluto gets close and personal with June 26 Full Moon. The pressure dial is on maximum, so make priorities and forgive yourself for lateness, cancellations and so on. Home and family is emphasised for Aries and pushes your build security button. Yet these things are currently most capable of turning stressful. Be forgiving and patient, particularly July 4 and 9 - what you write or say needs careful editing, complaints go down badly. Happily July 10 to 24 cranks up your inspiration levels and general communication skills. July 23's new Leo cycle speeds up your capacity to make the most of good ideas, easy initiative, for a month. Yet July 12 first delivers a New Moon and solar eclipse in your home zone. This sparks a review of both your emotional and financial resources. It becomes glaringly obvious over the next two weeks how you under-utilise or overextend those resources. Take careful note of this, then the July 26 Full Moon climax can be a good one. Friendships and social roles flower, the changes are fun. Your career/home demands more satisfaction, nuts and bolts time for that are, July 27, 31. August 3-4, 7,10,17-18 and 21. Make these foundation building days.



With Venus ruling Taurus it should be easy to enjoy the good things of life but sometimes the good things of life leave you physically depleted. Make sure you protect yourself from over-indulging at June 26 Full Moon and July 4, or your body may pay the price. Happily, Venus transits your pleasure zone from July 10 to August 6, promising a sensual revival, as well as an opportunity to revitalise love relationships. This is also the time to give your all to a much loved creative project. Yet human fears and foibles still hang around and can upset the smooth flow of things, particularly when the solar cycle emphasises your home zone. July 23 to August 23 is such a time. Be tolerant of people's foibles because they could well be your own! There may also be actual challenges or obstacles which push you right out of your comfort zone from July 25 to 31 and on August 3-4 and 7. If you see these as helpful wake-up calls, they alert you to inner growth and small lifestyle changes wanting to happen. August 10-14 and its New Moon sets you up well for the exciting fresh start cycle of June 2011.



The sheer surprise factor of late June keeps you entertained, while the first week of July is perfect for completing practical and financial tasks. You are well designed to adjust around the changes of this fortnight but staying alert is a good idea. Your quixotic tricky ruling planet is Mercury and from July 10 to 28 interesting avenues open as your Fire rises via Mercury, shifting communication into the fast lane where you like it. A creative spark can easily spread some serious warmth in your life, be it project or personal or both...Uranus the Awakener and Big Picture Jupiter get in on the act time to learn from the synchronicities of life. Your development goes in leaps and bounds in July while family and home concerns shape the first three weeks of August. A sweet loving Venus vibe that kicks in August 7 makes it all worthwhile. So be kind to people you love on August 10 and 17-18 if they seem stressed and confused. Don't get annoyed, get creative. It is fast track action until about August 20 when the retrospective and analysis begins.


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