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    Moon Moves

    November 28, 2008

    New Moon in Sagittarius

    Fire energy rises after New Moon – more impatience, more action and mostly more fun. Certainly this is a sociable Moon with Sun, Mars and Mercury alongside. Yet the Moon is black, hidden by its embrace with the Sun. Mental inspiration flows now, most obviously on December 30 when you may see that first tiny crescent Moon.
    Rise above the stress of too-much, by doing less but doing it well. Make Sagittarius magic by defining your big dream - carefully. Details help anchor your dream. Don’t be afraid of thinking big now. Jupiter energy ‘rules’ this Moon and sincere ambitions have a lucky star shining for them.

    December 13, 2008

    Full Moon in Gemini

    Now the Moon is opposite the Sun and visible in its full beauty. Full Moon is when lunar tides run high, sensitivities peak, overkill is easy. This Full Moon is rich in energy and is a time to celebrate friendship. Do beware the combative and stressful combo of planets involved: Mars, Saturn and Uranus stir things up as they square off to each other and the Moon.
    This is NOT the day to share secrets, to drop verbal bomb shells or ask for favours. Sober is safer today. Don’t take it personally if someone unloads on you and do be tolerant.

    December 27, 2008

    New Moon in Capricorn

    As Moon and Sun embrace in Capricorn, an earthy energy is felt. This lunar phase is a perfect time to begin a practical and pleasurable cycle. Earthy indulgences mean getting down and dirty; this goes nicely with attention to the home base - caring for your personal environment is just the thing to do to feel your best.
    There is a forceful and ambitious edge to this lunation, with Mars and Pluto alongside. Clarify your ambitions for 2009 but don’t consider being forceful and pushy with someone you love, December 27-29 or you might see them rushing out the door.

    January 11, 2009

    Full Moon in Cancer

    Sun opposes the Moon again, revealing Full Moon in all its luminous brilliance. This is a special celebration of loving connections, of family and feeling at home with other people. Now Moon is well placed in its own sign of Cancer, emotional sensitivities are heightened and our receptivity to each other is at a peak. Climb to the top of that mountain of self consciousness and notice how others are really feeling. They will love you for it.
    January 5 to 12 can have spectacular results if you let the waxing Moon open your heart. Serious assistance is at hand from a happy connection of Sun, Moon, Saturn and Uranus. Changes that are timely fall into place.

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