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The Water Bearer…January 21 to February 18

Aquarius you are the fixed thinker of the Air signs, determined and clever. The Air element means you are a thinking type motivated by beliefs, strong opinions and interaction with other people.

As the ‘fixed’ Air sign you put a lot of energy into forming opinions and hold to them strongly. Driven by two planets, each representing opposite principles you frequently display a ‘wild’ side, linked to planet Uranus and prompting eccentric leanings, as well as a structured ambitious hard working Saturnian side. You are most happy when you are doing something different in a big ambitious way. You are the thinker of the zodiac, your key phrase: “I serve humanity”.

SATURN: Planet of Material Form
URANUS: Planet of Intuitive Impulse
Your Two Planetary Rulers

A strong desire to connect with groups of people, to express humanitarian principles and to explore social life, are what drive you forward. The ‘waters’ that the Water Bearer carries are the waters of humanity and Aquarius serves humanity. Ancient Arabic Astrology says Aquarius is: “of hot and humid nature (aerial). Its angel is generous, and is under the terror of the Majesty; he holds the keys of the spirits.” (Mystical Astrology According to Ibn ‘Arabi). Spirited and different are words frequently applied to Aquarius and this carries through to the powerful differences between your two ruling planets. Traditional ruler, Saturn endows structure and ambition and conservative values while your modern ruler, Uranus endows intuition and inventive, restless spurts of energy. As an Air sign you manifest these different sides of yourself in the way you think and communicate and in some of the quirky choices you make. It is often your job to keep people guessing! The aspects of the body ruled by Aquarius are the ankles, calves, tibia, fibula, shin bone and the breath. ‘Spiritus’ or breath is critical to your wellbeing and Aquarians benefit greatly from meditation techniques and deep slow breathing. It stills the restless mind.

The mythic figures that stand behind your two planetary rulers are Ouranos and Chronos/Saturn. Ouranos, Father Sky was the most ancient of the Greek gods and married to Gaea, Earth Mother. One of his sons was Saturn but he locked all of his children away in Tartaros, unwilling to pass on power to them. Gaea encouraged Saturn to overthrow Ouranos and free his siblings. Saturn became king of the gods, only to fall into the same trap. He swallowed each of his children, afraid of their displacing them. Again the Earth Mother – this time Rhea, conspired to free her children and help Jupiter to become the eventual ruler of Olympus. Jupiter knew how to share power and gave each of his siblings their own domains. Saturn remained a powerful figure in exile – Father Time.

There is a recurrent theme in your Aquarian mythology which is about patriachal power, protecting that power and the earth matriarch rebelling against this divisive approach to community. You are the sign of community and you often find yourself in positions of power. The correct use of your power and the ability to build effective group enterprises is a special Aquarian challenge. This is one of your strongest character building lessons and your other big lesson has a similar theme. This is learning to strike the right balance between your restless, inquiring mind and your often neglected body. It is important to live in your body as well as your head!

Uranus represents the aspiring and inspired mind that leads you ever onward, while Saturn represents the reality of the material world and the need to nurture your body. Their special message for Aquarius is follow your mental inspirations and humanitarian goals while honouring body and soul needs.


Metal: Lead, ruled by Saturn. Uranium ruled by Uranus.
Colours: Electric Blue, black, white.
Herbs for Health: Elder flowers from the Elderberry tree as an infusion; mullein tea – rich in iron and magnesium.
Foods for Health: Barley, a good variety of vegetables, celery, apples and figs.
Flower: Blue and white flowers, acacia.
Scents: Gardenia, frankincense and myrrh.

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Sometimes miss spelled as Aquarios.