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The Archer…November 23 to December 21

Sagittarius, your element is Fire and your quality is Mutable. You are the philosopher of the Fire signs, enthusiastic and ever juggling ideas, the ‘mutable’ Fire sign. The Fire element means you are an intuitive type, motivated by enthusiasms, mental inspiration and the search for knowledge.

As the mutable Fire sign, you are one of the dual signs who shifts ground regularly, ever on the search for new wisdom, the perfect idea. The most peace loving and gentle of the Fire signs, you are nonetheless capable of pushing your ideas and opinions to the max. Thus your reputation for ‘foot in mouth’ episodes! Firing your arrows of ideas continuously, you let many fall by the wayside and only action a few. You are most happy when life feels like an adventure and you have an interesting new plan on the boil. You are the ninth sign and your key phrase is “I know”.

JUPITER: Planet of Wisdom
Your Planetary Ruler

The quest for a breadth of experience and knowledge of the world around you are the way your Fire flames. You are a hot character but the coolest of the Fire signs, ever ready to make friends and influence people. You are likely to have an opinion on almost everything and sometimes do better to keep that opinion to yourself. Ancient Arabic Astrology
says Sagittarius is “of hot and dry nature (igneous). Their angel rules… luminous bodies and in particular it holds the keys to the creation of plants.” (Mystical Astrology According to Ibn ‘Arabi’).

Your symbol is the Centaur, half man, half horse and this signifies your unique combination of strong physicality but mentally driven. It is when your human nature rules your animal nature that you are most balanced and happy. The gifts of Jupiter are expansive good nature, enthusiasm, a hunger for knowledge and a tendency to exaggeration. Since the wisdom planet rules both Sagittarius and Pisces, you are the ‘day sign’ – the most extroverted version of Jupiter. In the body Sagittarius rules the thighs, hips, sciatic nerve, arterial system, pelvis and sacrum. These relate to balance and movement and you are your happiest with plenty of physical activity and mental challenge.

Jupiter, King of the Gods presided over Olympus with grandeur and style. He was always running off somewhere, usually in pursuit of a beautiful woman despite the watchful eye of his wife Hera. In other words he was a natural gambler as are many Sagittarians, gambling with life and gambling with love. Yet he always came back to Hera because it was the game and the chase that kept him going. One of Jupiter’s techniques for fooling his jealous wife was to change his form. Thus he fathered, Chiron the centaur when in the guise of a horse. He seduced Leda by taking the form of a swan; another beautiful maiden in the form of a bull. He even turned himself into a shower of gold to achieve one amorous goal. Jupiter became King of the Olympian gods by overthrowing the harsh control of father Saturn and working out how to free his brothers and sisters who had been swallowed by Saturn. Likewise as Jupiter’s day sign you value your freedom highly, like to play roles and will happily be the ringleader to defend the rights of others.

Jupiter/Jove’s trusty tool was the lightening bolt, which he threw with great aplomb. You too can have a flash of fiery anger and disappear out the door but your good humour returns quickly.

Jupiter represents the vital urge for life experience and the sense of life as an adventure. His special message for Sagittarius is to embrace the adventure with wisdom and sincerity.

Metal: Tin, ruled by Jupiter.
Colours: Purple, mauve, violet.
Herbs for Health: Sage, samphire, chervil.
Foods for Health: Onions, parsnips, oats, red cabbage, white fish.
Flower: All climbing vines and flowering trees, larkspurs, violets.
Scents: Violet.

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Sometimes miss spelled as Sagitarius.