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Aries Time

March 20 to April 20, 2009

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Beautiful Venus, who appears for 260 days as the Evening Star and for another 260 days as the Morning Star, also does a disappearing act in two stages. Right now she is invisible, moving backwards - 'retrograde' and so close to the Sun we can't see her radiant brightness. On April 5 she will reappear pre-dawn as the Morning Star, which begins her new cycle.

What better time than Aries time, so vitally energetic and fast moving! Yet...Lover Venus is moving 'retro' in Aries and all bets are off until April 18, when she shifts into forward gear. Meanwhile, that hidden side of Aries - self-doubt, is out and shouting. Fear not, this too will pass and your fabulous confidence returns. Aries New Moon on March 27 galvanises action. It is the most animated of all new start New Moons. Yet...that Venus factor means a lot more introspection and questioning than the usual Aries 'gung ho' approach. And on March 28 Venus conjoins Sun for an illuminating aha experience re love and relationship. This means late March and early April brings a creative release, a new sense of meaning. The high points are March 27 to 31 and April 7 to 11, which includes a yummy Full Moon on April 10. Now you must make a choice - it will be easy. Days to let go and let flow are April 4-5 and 13. The day to be re-inspired is April 15. Your ruling planet Mars is in Pisces, an emotionally sensitive position, adding to your creative imagination, also making you more vulnerable and romantic, so make the most of your sweet and soppy side...Happy Birthday

Deep and meaningful is only half of what's going on for you now; the other half is probably a major review of your life. Since March 6 your guiding light, planet Venus has been in the most hidden part of your 'scope and going backwards as well. This is no small thing and offers a one off opportunity to realign your outer life with your inner needs. If you feel a tad off-side in your relationships, that is OK too and will help you to ask what you need to do for you. March 22 and 27 to 31 are crazy demanding times, yet they affirm your gut instincts. Once April kicks in with Moon waxing to Full by April 10 it is all go for you. April 11 offers an empowering, revealing conversation. Yet you might be torn between responsibilities to someone you love versus a dynamic professional activity - compromise and keep doors open. Too much caution loses opportunities on April 4-5, while April 15-18 sweeps away obstacles and confirms your loving attachments. Ease of communication and inspiration builds, between now and your Taurus New Moon on April 25.

Overload - so much to do, so little time. Party-pooper Saturn, is squaring off to you from Virgo, so there is a lot of organisation to do on the home front, responsibilities to family that seem endless - a positive attitude is the key. Take one thing at a time, attend to the details and each box you tick will leave you feeling lighter and so-o-o noble. By March 27's New Moon your frustrations start to melt away, replaced by a steely determination to just get on with it. Complete one small task at New Moon and completion energy will work its magic all through April. Your social networks buzz March 28 to 31 but do reserve some energy. Something needs all your mental focus and will get your best on March 31 and April 1, when Moon lights up dark corners with wit and humour. Mars engages your dynamic career thrust in April. Lucky breaks come April 7 to 11 and April 13 to 17 pushes independent ideas and originality. Just restrain anger and impatience April 14-15, which are not days to pursue any disagreements at all. When Venus changes direction on April 18 you are such a purring pussycat - the other Twin emerges, all set for life of the party mode and the right connections with the right people.

At last - your career and the many hats you wear taking care of biz and of those you love, are all super charged by a new solar cycle. Add to this a New Moon cuddling up with Lover Venus on March 27, charging your roles with an easy meet and greet touch, after March 28 and the world is your oyster. Think Venus rising from the ocean, resplendent in her natural beauty and you have the right image! Whenever the less fun aspects of the next month come a-knocking, recall this empowering image. Power struggles are not pretty but March 24, 27 and April 4 might toss a few your way, so remember your Venus secret. A very busy period takes hold around April 10's Full Moon and a new communication cycle starting then helps you express yourself in practical ways. Your determination to do each thing, one step at a time, is very wise during this 'attend-to-details' Saturn-ruled financial environment. Even though April 15 might tempt you to jump in unprepared, April 11 and 18 shine the light on your best and sweetest path. This slow and steady pace will bring you rewards and help you redesign your life in just the right way. It's all in the flow.

Leo has such an endearing ability to turn a witty phrase, to make fun of their own foibles and get a belly laugh from the crowd. Now that Saturn has left your sign, laughter comes more readily but it is this new solar cycle lighting up your spirit of adventure that makes humour your best friend. You may have noticed that the lighter your touch and the less you take yourself seriously, the more readily people and plans are putty in your hands. Remember this March 24 to 27 when others could be snappy and defensive. Not you of course! Your creative ideas, your sexiness and your leadership abilities all get a big time boost between March 27's New Moon and April 11's Full Moon. If you tread warily on April 4- 5 and 13 and believe nothing on April 15, this month will be so well designed for success you might have to pinch yourself. Best days for partying, for happy gatherings, and meetings are March 28-29, April 7, 10 and 16. Communicator Mercury spices your career path with practical planning after April 10 and a meeting offers financial advantage April 18.

If nearest and dearest appear to be slightly unhinged at times, say March 22, April 5 and 15, try to ignore it. If you cut them some slack, keeping comments to yourself, peace will reign again. If you criticise and carp on about their 'lack of practicality', you will be sorry. Since Saturn is in Virgo now, you might be tempted to think that you alone have the answers. This may even have some truth to it, but March 22, 24-25, plus April 5 and 7 would alienate the people you love with this attitude. Instead get practical, make things, fix things but don't try to 'fix' people. If you practise ultra detachment on April 5, you will be ready for the rebellious craziness of April 15 and able to sail on through, unscathed. 'Hide' your light and don't try to be right - you will still shine and others will be so appreciative. April 10-11 brings a Full Moon and a Mercury/Pluto tango that promises to make your ideas the best ideas so get on and develop them. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in a happy place for you after April 10 and super inspired around April 18. During the next month you can develop some practical yet leading edge idea, to help top up the coffers by September.

Lover Venus is your planetary guide and she is guiding you towards love and true partnership from March to early June. It is an interesting 'retro' path she is describing in your partner sign from now until April 18. Your creative juiciness benefits as you get repeated opportunities to develop good ideas and deepen a relationship in late March and April. With Venus, Sun, plus Messenger Mercury meeting up with Moon at Aries New Moon on March 27, your new start is definitely tilting towards a path with heart in late March. Yet April 4-5 brings a Venus test - will love or a money struggle take centre stage? 'Winning' can definitely be losing at such a time, so beware. A healthy current of partnership and good fun picks up speed April 7 to be followed by your climactic Full Moon in Libra on April 10. This fat Moon carries a lot of love and luck energy courtesy of a Jupiter link, so enjoy a wonderful time but don't break the budget since April 15 can bring unexpected expenses. Too much of a good thing is the trap to avoid now and April 16 to 18 can prove to be a wonderful time for reaffirming a love you had started to doubt. Now you and Venus both move ahead.

A new solar cycle brings a new work load and not necessarily paid work - but it is necessary and shifts quickly with a no-fuss attitude. The last days of March bring welcome help or light relief. With Jupiter in your Home Zone, there is a lot to do at home and many hands make light work. Community and friendship are important ingredients in 2009 and it picks up speed in April. Enjoy the fruits of 'family' connections, tolerate their extremes and get on with the mountain of responsibilities your networks bring. April 10 is Full Moon and an inner journey you have been on, reaches a climax of awareness as your deeper spiritual energies are stirred. Also, Mercury moves into your Partner Zone on April 10 and it's time to breathe a sigh of relief. The people around you start telling you more about what is really going on with them and an honest discussion can clear the air of uncertainty and suspicion. It's your turn to unveil as well. You have wanted something more but been unsure how to get it. Communication is the answer. A lover or a child may surprise you with an off-the-wall scenario around April 15 but wait for April 18 to discuss it. Then understanding is easily reached.

A New Moon in your Love Zone on March 27 offers you a chance to make a new start in favour of your path with heart. It's time to revitalise your love of life, to revisit people and places that make you feel happy, as Venus traces a 'retro' path. March 28 to 31 can be deeply satisfying and will heal you emotionally on some level. The Venus effect promises to deliver its best results in early June, but April is pretty darn good. Especially April 7 to 11 and 15 to 18. There are also likely to be a few surprises from family or regarding home - March 22 sets the tone, April 5 over-dramatises problems and around April 15 comes the real surprise. Decide to engage your "live and let live" motto and all will be well. Your fiery enthusiasms tell you to live life to the full and get on with the important projects that have gone into backlog. This will actually be much easier in late April when again you are reminded of the power of friendship and when energy driver Mars moves from frustration mode to a 'seize the day' style. A renewed sense of confidence and a positive attitude are your guarantees of success.

Equinox arrives and the balance of night and day is equal. This is a perfect time to equalise some opposites in your life. Like the opposites of being stuck in a lifestyle rut versus the dream of exciting new roles. These get agitated by March 24 and 27, so listen and learn even if it is uncomfortable. Home and family enter a dynamic phase after New Moon on March 27, while a gang of planets with a karmic edge, are pushing you to revision your money making capacities and to trust a new start. As a Goat person, you might be ruled by serious, calculate every risk Saturn, but it is optimistic Jupiter and friends that are occupying your money house. Since Saturn supports your efforts from a compatible Earth sign, it is easy for you to be both ultra organised and to take the chance of a new direction. A conflict of interests arising around April 4-5 is best handled diplomatically then April 15 to 18 will bring on the new. Don't worry if you feel insufficiently prepared, the Taurus touch of late April will bring some solid help and home matters will go into rush mode then, courtesy of mighty Mars.

If February to mid March tested your resolve on every level, the March 27 New Moon is the signal that you have made some progress and now can go onto the next stage. A busy multi-tasking time also demands attention to your finances, as you watch something solid seem to dissolve. Anxiety is counter-productive so get planning with the help of friends and realise that money spent on your health is money well spent. Jupiter in Aquarius all year means a door opens. Since it only opens every 12 years, renewed health and vitality is the best way to walk through it. Late January/February has shown you the problems but by early August you can be coming out the other end as a testing 18 month eclipse cycle ends. From March 28 to 31, April 5 to 11, then April 15 to 18, you progressively build up your health, your enthusiasm for life and your connections with others. Your attitude is everything in a Jupiter year and this solar cycle can set the right tone for a joyful open-minded approach. The tests of April 4-5 are meant to make you ask the right questions.

With Communicator Mercury in Pisces and meeting up with chaos agent Uranus on March 22, sudden realisations push you closer to that long awaited turning point. You may have been treading water over a number of issues but when Mars too meets Uranus, on April 15 and Lover Venus moves into direct action mode on April 18, the commitment you have resisted or the closure you have drawn out, start to take effect. Your Pisces solar cycle has prepped you and by late April, it's 'put your money where your mouth is' or leave. Let's look at the steps to this interesting turn-around: March 27's New Moon energises your financial strategies via four planets and one of these is Venus, who still holds the best for early June, when she gathers in Jupiter and Neptune. This means rewards will flow from your efforts now. March 28 to 31 is perfect for gentle networking, while April 4-5 is the time to resist undoing your good work so far. If an old issue surfaces, don't ingest the toxic sludge! April 10-11 puts your plans on firmer ground as an earthy influence prevails and Full Moon brings up joint finances. April 15 is a chaotic turning point - best to gather insights and reserve action for April 18 to 21.

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