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    Aquarius and Pisces Time:

    January 21 to March 20, 2007

    Sun settles in Aquarius and it’s your time to shine. You are radiating Aquarian charm with Venus, Mercury and Neptune there too. Trouble is, you are so totally ‘onto it’ that you don’t have time to sit back and enjoy being radiant! February 2’s Full Moon will help out but it is also manic – beware burnout. In the meantime, take a deep breath and carefully consider any great offers/ideas arriving January 23-27. A ‘retro’ business cycle from February 14 to March 7 is a good chance to do your homework and look behind the scenes but not ideal for launching something new, despite your New Moon boost on February 18. Instead it will be the great energy highs of March 8 to 18 that really gets your show on the road. Help is everywhere.

    Once Pisces really, really decides on something, magic can happen, but right now your mind is in flux. Remember recent magic as you hold a resolution vision for current frustrations. Frustrations peak around January 23 - you are complex, and your relationships are too! Career can reach new heights in ‘007, so maximise the benefits of January 26 to February 4. Then February 8-9 brings a liberating realisation or a wild fling detour. Pisces hosts a retrospective cycle from February 14 to 27, which is a time to feel your true path as you review recent developments. Your birthday month gets v. dynamic March 4-6 as a Full Moon, an eclipse and the planet of Chaos all link up. A wild ride is good for now but protect yourself March 19-20 when Pluto and New Moon call for a rest.

    There are many things to smile about right now, like - how sweet it is when new ideas are taking shape. This pleases that oh so Aries need to prove “I Am”. Taskmaster Saturn is helping you knuckle down to creative work, while Big Guy Jupiter and Dwarf Pluto amplify and deepen your adventurous, philosophical self. This extra Fire is good news indeed, yet there are usually mosquitos in paradise. This time the bumps and bites come courtesy of Mars in Capricorn until February 26, slowing things down and keeping you real. Opportunities that pop up January 26, February 1-4 and 14-17 give a glimpse of just how exciting it will get March 8 to 18 when Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all support your goals.

    It is easy to embrace life’s pleasures right now. January is a dynamic action month for you but your patience is tested around January 21-23 and a compromise must be reached between January 29 and February 2’s Full Moon. Home has your heart but career demands more of your time from then. A success mid February keeps you going but expect some delays and frustrations late February, early March. Accept this graciously because mid March holds great promise - your working relationships improve, a fresh start in shared finances takes shape and good living is supported – always a Taurus draw-card! Enjoy this and gather energy for a hard demanding late March.

    Rejoice, the adventure of life is in top gear with Jupiter in your partner sign! This however is testing because others have a big influence on you right now. Twin Gemini wants your other half glued to your side and all your networks buzzing, but free spirit Gemini resists suggestions and gasp – control, from other people. It’s a hard call, having two opposite sides…fear not, mega planet action is re-framing Great Career and expanding your need for others, so go with the flow. January 21 to February 1 widens your imagination and February 8 to14 changes expectations for the better. A ‘retro’ cycle from February 15 to March 8 holds you in suspense but March 16 begins a long successful phase.

    Mars in your partner sign can mean a vigorous partnership or great stress from the pushy angry people around you. If it is the latter, February 2 to 3 offers you a chance to change the script and pleasantly take back your power. An empowering Full Moon evokes meaningful connections and good contacts. Partnership and personal ambitions both flower now, with another harvest in mid February and early March. Beware over-spending late February. If you go with the flow in early March you can be inspired. This prepares you well, giving you the ‘edge’ you will need March 16 to 23, in order to explore career options. New Moon on March 19 stirs a taste for movement and the ‘just right’ variety of travel.

    With planet Saturn in Leo for so long, many Lions are carrying way too much on their shoulders and in their heart. Good news - soon Saturn’s serious slant makes peace with Jupiter’s playful optimism, culminating in a fiery harmony mid March. When these business planets buddy up, a time of growth and enterprise arrives and perseverance pays off. Maximise this opportunity – let Leo Full Moon on February 2 light a fuse that speeds things up, confront difficult issues with compassion February 9-11 and when energy picks up in late February don’t get arrogant because 28th has a sting. You are fired up and shining on March 1-3, 8-10 and 16-18. It would be a waste not to take some of that time for play!

    This is it - a year with big vistas has arrived! Yet you still are drawn to look back at past events for clarity and to reconnect with people from your past. Family connections have been claiming a lot of your time and that could escalate around January 23. But now you are on a New Moon roll and by February 2’s Full Moon you are keyed for big things. A new career phase comes up for a test run February 8 to 14, but delays and negotiations may hold things back until March 6-10. Full Moon in Virgo on March 4 is also a lunar eclipse and fraught with erratic energy via Uranus. A partnership or family issue could explode over the next week and suck up your energy. After March 19’s New Moon a fresh start.

    You have been demanding a lot of yourself lately and when you aren’t, your family are. Your planetary muse, Venus is in free-floating Pisces from January 28 to February 21, so your need for an easier time is about to re-assert itself. Add to this some revelation or health alert around February 8-11 and the writing is on the wall – lighten the load! Once Venus enters your partner sign on February 21, more help comes, then when Mars enters your Love Zone on 26th even more… Warning – in love or biz, don’t overreact to broken promises or disappointments around 28th. March has more your kind of style with March 1-3, 8-10 and 16-18, rewarding and fun.

    Lots of movement and many irons in the fire characterise the phase you are now in, but it is the Full Moon in your Career Zone on February 2 that tops up your optimism about what you can achieve. It also reminds you of the delicate balance you must maintain between your personal and professional life. After February 18’s New Moon a rush to get your home ‘just so’ could end in tension by February 28, if you overdo it. Certain long-term frustrations resurface then and will take until late June to have their run. Be patient. From March 4 to 6 a fresh burst of energy and awareness drives some necessary changes but March 16 to 18 is when things fall into place, sweetly.

    Your year for a wild ride and expansion on many levels is here - best to enjoy it! Yet creating complications is one of your odd pleasures. For example, if you have recently started a new relationship you will push it to move faster. If someone is pushing you, you will invent reasons to go slower. Jupiter’s presence means spending money is a great attraction as well but that can get complicated if you over-spend. Too many irons in the fire can end up burning you. Assuming you can walk a middle line, the universe is set to treat you to happy times, particularly January 26, February 1-4 and14-17, plus March 1-3, 8-9 and 16-18. Bad behaviour gets backlash on January 23, February 9, 20 and March 10, 19-20.

    Ever watchful for opportunities, your Capricorn New Moon marks January 19 as a starting point to fast forward a project. Yet January 23 and 29 bring early reality checks when financial backing and available resources must be re-examined. Then February 9-11 and February 27-28 could again demand a reality check. Save yourself stress by using the period from February 28 to March 8 to review your finances and long-term goals, but don’t make new investments then. March 19’s New Moon spells an easier productive phase for you and begins a sensual, romantic Venus cycle that helps you to chill – occasionally! It is early April that holds the key to your great success in 2007.

    Christine Broadbent is currently in Sydney until March. Then she will be based in Auckland for 2 months. She offers personal readings, relationship readings and business cycles guidance. Phone readings, which are taped and posted, are also a good option, at any time.

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