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    Aquarius and Pisces Time

    January 21 to March 20, 2008


    Planetary highlights include a solar, then a lunar eclipse. These make February a fateful month. Only those living in Antarctica will see a total eclipse of the sun on February 7 but Easte\rn Australia hosts a very partial viewing around 4pm. Eyes need high grade welding glass protection! You have to be based well north of the equator to see the lunar eclipse at February 21’s Full Moon.

    It’s all and everything for Aquarius in February and late January provides a staged introduction: First there’s a dramatic Full Moon in your partner sign on January 22/23, which promises to push a recent issue through the roof. As your new solar cycle commences, people that really matter - matter more. You let them know that when Communicator Mercury goes ‘retro’ though Aquarius from January 29 to February 18. Some well-deserved recognition is on the way for you but the karmic lessons of Aquarius have to unfold first. Aquarius New Moon on February 7 is a solar eclipse and it’s time to embrace your destiny in a more conscious way. The Moon’s North Node only visits your sign every 18 years, bringing with it the eclipse op. for a fresh start. Since Aquarius has two other rare visitors, namely Neptune and Chiron, it’s timely, spiritual and healing all at once! February 21’s lunar eclipse is the ‘aha’ climax for now but the real climax waits for the Aquarius Full Moon and eclipse in August ’08. Meanwhile, look behind the scenes in February, while giving structure to a long-held dream. Do try flying below the radar, then once Sun ‘trines’ Mars, lifting your energy and Lover Venus enters Aquarius from February 15 to18, you can emerge. February 21’s eclipse highlights serious commitment and careful planning but wait for March 9 to formally progress your plans. This year is special – happy birthday.

    You may have felt blocked, but change is afoot. On January 21 a happy linking of mega movers Jupiter and Saturn commences, followed by a Full Moon, which pumps up your optimism. When Mars goes direct January 30, it becomes clear that 2008 is your year to expand your sense of community and grow your security. People will ask a lot of you and you are up to it. With a lunar eclipse on the way for February 21, everything to do with intimate relationships, long-term friendships and biz partnerships moves fast. This interesting beginning of the Pisces solar cycle is the final stage of a karmic cycle that began at the Pisces eclipses in March ’07, so February 21 is an important day to reflect on the last year’s events. Now you can move on, knowing how to stay on track to your goals. Bridges you burnt in September ’07 can really be left behind in March. You are good at swimming away from upsets but tend to hold them inside and February 21’s Full Moon is a chance to empty the container. Make sure you acknowledge others in late February, or 24th could be a shakeup. After a sensitive March 7, March 8’s Pisces New Moon is a birthday blessing. Plant your seeds of intention then and watch them start to sprout from March 14 to 18.

    With Mars ‘retro’ in your daily action zone, it’s a struggle to finish things. So just engage with the benevolent promptings of biz planets, Jupiter and Saturn, on January 21 and you will find the way. January 23’s Full Moon lights up your creative resolutions. Your aspirations are high with Jupiter in your career sector for a year - daily work activities require 100%. Let it be a happy challenge. Carefully laid plans and clear intentions are what Saturn demands right now. Once mentor Mars finishes its backward shuffle on January 30, the busy rush picks up speed. Try a most Un-Aries thing in late January – keep quiet and listen more. Slowly digest ideas and suggestions then February rewards your efforts with a blast of new confidence. This eclipse month also offers the opportunity to more deeply connect with your friends and networks between February 7 and 21. Make the most of openings on February 15, 20 and 27-29 as these are important stages. Hold faith in your goals when Mars opposes Pluto March 5-7 and refuse to engage in power struggles of any kind. Then rapid progress comes after March 9 with exciting plans re family and security emerging around March 18.

    Many great gatherings have occurred lately and January 21 and 30 are ideal for more - biz or love oriented. Refuse to get stressed when Full Moon illuminates your home zone on January 22/23 and beware financial extremes on January 24. Be prepared to review your career plans from January 29 to February 17. When the ‘two benefics’, Venus and Jupiter meet up on February 1, a fruitful year is up and running. The most exciting period is February 1 to 7, with a New Moon plus five planetary extras all accenting a fresh direction for career from February 7. Don’t rush it and do develop an idea with $ potential that arises around February 15. Happily, Lover Venus adds adventure and fun, plus a chance to recharge during that time. She keeps you demure and determined - enough to explore your creative options. On February 18 Venus dons her ‘wild child’ garb for a month and by February 21’s Full Moon you have some big ideas brewing. Warning – if a lover or creative commitment seems to demand too much, don’t explode then. After March 8’s New Moon you find the right rhythm, which reaches cruise control by March 14.

    A passion that seems to have been lost is renewed by January 24 – remember to vote for this outcome! Its been like a conspiracy. First Mars is ‘retro’ in Gemini all January and just when it turns on January 30, your guru planet Mercury goes ‘retro’ in its place. What to do to feel less at the mercy of fate? To feel less like flotsam and jetsam? First - find the silver lining. For instance, Saturn and Jupiter will well-reward many of your practical efforts between late January and November ‘08. Best focus is working from or on, your home, on family commitments and disciplined efforts to build future security. February 7 to 21 is the time you truly begin and around 15th an energy charge comes. Then Mercury moves on, February 19. Be happy with small successes and know that these are paving stones for your opportunity cycle in 2009. Long-considered dreams can start to take shape in ’08 and flower in ‘09, if you approach the Mars transit and eclipses of February with humility. Learn about your true spirit of adventure at February 7’s solar eclipse…Find the best balance of work/play/rest/ at February 21’s Full Moon and lunar eclipse. These are the essentials that ensure a healing March, a real recharge, a sea change in mid March.

    Full Moon on January 22/23 renews your optimism, recharges your confidence. A Jupiter/Saturn rainbow bridge could bring you a pot of gold this year, if you share your dreams. Good fortune through partners or experiencing the generosity of others is likely - Venus meets Jupiter as February begins, amplifying your magnetism and lucky touch. Building intimacy, starting new partnerships for business or pleasure, all look good. Moon business is a big deal for you and February is eclipse month. Moon eclipses the Sun on February 7’s solar eclipse and two weeks later a lunar eclipse comes to a sky near you. When Sun enters watery Pisces on February 19, your dreams, wanderlust or vision must be honoured in some way. Moon feelings are pit of the stomach feelings and February 21 puts these out on stage. This can be the path to a brand new profile if you are willing to reveal your authentic self. Triumph or disappointment – it’s really up to you. Mostly, if something feels raw, protect and nurture it but don’t give up your goals. Late February needs plenty of ‘me time’ to fuel up and March 6-7 needs caution to avoid an unpleasant struggle. After March 8’s New Moon begins a practicality overdrive, most effective March 14 to18.

    Beginning with a bang is natural to you and you begin this new solar cycle with a Leo Full Moon on January 22/23, a climax of many months’ plans. Creatively, this is a very rich time and even if you are out there dedicated to having fun, good ideas will be sparked. You do your best if you remain the laughing lion, the witty one, able to see the game of life and move on from your own melodramas. Then fate steps in and one of the two destiny months – the eclipse months, begins. February 7’s New Moon is a solar eclipse in your partner sign, allowing a new current to be born. It is timely now to eclipse old inhibitions, hurt pride issues and non-specific relationship toxins – those free-floating radicals’ that can make a partnership terminal. Just let them go. This gives you the energy you need to get on with a very big year. You receive maximum support if you present a good business idea around mid February. Yet real action may bog down until about February 20 when Sun and Pluto connect. A rush of helpful people from February 27 to March 7 makes it likely this Moon-wane time will sort out small frustrations, but beware the prickly, touchy side of March 7 when emotional types could do a meltdown. When New Moon falls in your zone of shared finance on March 8, a dynamic fortnight begins. Unexpected offers may be a feature act.

    Saturn in Virgo is a hard taskmaster and you have a Full Moon in Virgo on the way, when you may want to bend the rules. Here is a suggested roadmap that can help you do this successfully. First of all, January 21 begins 10 months of very special help from both biz gurus, Saturn and Jupiter. It’s a striving, ambitious year when the sacrifice and discipline of Saturn needs balance from the optimism and big picture sense of Jupiter. Occasional anxieties seem to come with the Virgo brain and can radically deflate enthusiasm. Yet enthusiasm is needed, so make sure you cruise a little, relax more when your ruler Mercury goes ‘retro’ for three weeks on January 29. You may have to repeat a tedious task and analyse joint finances, but don’t rush or push anything. This is the build-up to that Virgo Full Moon, also a lunar eclipse on February 21. You won’t actually see it unless north of the equator but you will feel it. Fateful events dating back to August/September or March ’07, reach their climax now. Don’t let this lead to harsh words with a partner on February 24; it is those people special to you that you most need as allies, particularly after March 8 New Moon. The second half of March resolves many details but don’t be too controlling on March 16-17.

    A Full Moon in your friendship house is not a bad way to start a new solar cycle and January 21-23 has a momentous feel to it. Your Lady Light Venus is now cuddling up to depth-master Pluto and starting three days of soul searching. It’s ‘what/who do I want?’ and freedom of movement figures high. Your optimism says this is an opportunity to script a better show. Deeper intimacy is one scenario when Venus makes that fiery coupling. By January 24 Venus begins a more pragmatic, responsibility-based cycle focused on family and security and her coupling with Jupiter on February 1 offers the perfect way to bring sweet co-operative vibes to the home front. Gatherings of friends always suit you and good dates for this are February 15-16 and 27-29. Since Lover Venus is in your love zone from February 18 to March 12, even sweeter times are coming. Others affirm their confidence in you, an adventurous idea takes shape, those who love you let you know. Your family is somehow expanded in 2008, courtesy of Jupiter but Pluto is there too and deep transformations are also underway. Don’t overreact if March 7, 17 or your Libra Full Moon on March 22, uncover confronting issues. Try balance and compassion. September Librans take note.

    You are not known for your lack of intensity, you are known for your sheer willpower and stick-to-it-ness, stubborn is another word for it!. You must be circumspect while your warrior ruler Mars, is still ‘retro’ until January 30. Yet a Full Moon illuminates your career zone on January 23 and stirs up some powerful ambition, so be patient. There is plenty of time and a pet project of yours gets a boost from a Venus, Jupiter coupling on February 1. More significant again is the emphasis now on home and your ability to make a fresh start after February 7s New Moon. Instead of delays, this time Mars will be accelerating things. Also, Moon eclipses the Sun and offers an opportunity to confront the deeper values and emotional truths you may have been ignoring. Look at your heart and soul needs and February 15 to 27 is a path to easily integrating them into your new path. There have been power struggles - Mars has been pulling against Pluto since last September and March 7 brings the final opposition. These planets ‘rule’ Scorpio and are pushing your need to know more. It is time to identify the deeper truths and by mid March you integrate ease of movement with loving relationships. Don’t spoil it March 21-22.

    Your love longings and zest for life have been subject to sudden changes and some uncertainty, courtesy of Uranus and a Pluto tug-a-war. People may seem to be asking too much of you, you may be in avoidance mode. Fortunately your playfulness and sexual magnetism get a boost from Full Moon on January 22/23. Adventure and fun are available and lift your spirits. It has been challenging and old issues with partners have resurfaced, but this new solar cycle starts a gear change. Intense sexual or emotional energy rises January 23-24 and powerful communication is possible. Things that have seemed frustratingly out of reach are within reach by February and money matters feel more in control then. Yet the first half of February also requires a gentle, playful communication style: Be willing to repeat and review. Ditch the pushy opinions. Material gains are in sight with Venus in your money zone until February 18 and Jupiter there all year. Since serious Saturn also gives your career added discipline all year, make the most of February 21’s lunar eclipse alignment with Saturn. Life is unforgiving if you don’t finish what you start and kind if you do. If you practise kindness yourself in March - good times, good friends and a growing sense of family, flower.

    Full Moon, gorgeous to behold, rising in the East on January 21, stirs an exciting energy. Then there is the sweet fact of Venus moving through Capricorn from January 24 to February 18. The most dynamic period starts on January 30 when Venus and Saturn unite, supporting you, Pluto enters Capricorn and Mars ‘can-do’ energy goes into forward drive. The icing comes on February 1 when a practical Venus embraces fortunate Jupiter. Jupiter helps Capricorn to move and shake for a whole year…February has Venus stardust sprinkled in. Good things come to you and building your credibility and positive reputation starts to show results by mid February. Do be cautious to avoid the trap of an old struggle on March 7, when Pluto and Mars oppose. Depth diver Pluto is in Capricorn for many years now so assuming more powerful roles, learning more about your hidden concerns, will be an ongoing process. Yet it is March 8’s New Moon that really gets things moving. Insights flow thick and fast in March, particularly March 14 to 28. Just beware a harsh response on March 21-22 or you could hurt those closest. With awareness, 2008 could well be your year to shine. You know how to follow through and lucky Jupiter is now your rising star.

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