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    Aries and Taurus Time:

    March 21 to May 20, 2007

    Autumn Equinox, when day and night are equal

    Mover Mars opposes Saturn at equinox, warning you to protect against illness or mishaps as Sun enters Aries. There is much more energy to come, picking up a little on March 24 but most assisted by an exciting Full Moon on April 3. Lusty links between Mars, Sun and Pluto from April 5 to 19 energise you too. Your confidence builds and creative opportunities abound. A high-charged Aries New Moon on April 17 and Saturn’s new cycle on April 20 both add to your sense of wellbeing. Then follows a five-month period, in which your fortunes rise. Don’t spoil things from April 27-28 or May 14 with hasty words - be flexible. Once Mars enters Aries on May 16, your positive attitude is your best ally for the next two months. Spread your wings now, it’s time to fly.

    Sweet times are to your taste and Venus in Taurus until mid April says they’re likely, yet March ends with a struggle and you asserting your independence – ever so sweetly of course. Play ‘calm centre’ at April 3’s crazy Full Moon but beware hard-heartedness with someone you love. April 7 to 22 builds your confidence there. It’s a fizzy funny kind of time in the last week of April when the Lover and Warrior planets struggle. Don’t let anxieties about money or other people’s ‘stuff’, disrupt your peace and do reign in spending. Since May 2 hosts a potently passionate Full Moon, you can let caring connections come first, even amid stress. May 8 through to your own New Moon on May 17 draws in home pleasures and good friends.

    People you work with and people at home and people in general are the bane and the joy of your life…it’s tricky being a Gemini. Spare a thought for the people you are closest to, are their some odd power struggles going on? If so blame good ole Pluto and keep your quips to yourself from late March through to that fat Full Moon in your Love House on April 3. Assuming of course you prefer love to war! April 17’s New Moon starts a new and easier stage. You bond, you socialise and from April 21 to 28 you have the golden touch. It’s all easy then, so schedule in something you have been avoiding. Conversely, April 29, May 1- 2 and 14 are best avoided for meetings and sensitive topics. Once Guru Mercury enters Gemini on May 11, your eloquence eases your way.

    TThe week building to Full Moon is considered the best of the Moon’s ‘bright fortnight’ and March 28 to April 3’s Full Moon will hyper-charge your career or an important life role. With energy driver Mars also on your side from April 6 to May 15 your adventurous ideas can take shape then, helped along by some happy synchronicities and unusual meetings in late April. Once Lover Venus enters Cancer on May 8, everyone wants a piece of you. People you love will probably get the most, but business also benefits. Enjoy the pleasures of early May because rest and intimacy will soon struggle for time - your ambitions get fired up after May 17’s New Moon. Two busy months, with changes afoot, are on the agenda.

    Despite life’s many dramas, you begin to demonstrate to the world at large that you are getting recharged and Leo rocks again! March 28 to April 3 is a rapid build up when your enterprising ideas and sense of dramatic presentation wax and grow with the Moon. Yet be warned, April 2 and 5-6 could dent your satisfaction - bad show and tell days. Numerous planetary harmonies from April 8 to 28 offer you so many opportunities to wow people, woo people and just – get it right. Maximise this time and move forward with something long-delayed, from April 21 to 28. Since May 1 to 13 is scattered with ‘land mines’ you forgot about, polish up your discretion and notice the little details. Wait for May 17 when a New Moon and Bad Boy Mars give you back your edge.

    Mercury is a quixotic planetary ‘ruler’ but most especially when it’s moving through your opposite sign, Out There Pisces. You can be excused for being confused and best not to pretend otherwise, unless of course it’s ‘everybody else’. This state of affairs continues until April 10 with a crazy punctuation mark April 2-3. Most easy days to recharge sanity are March 31 and April 7-8. Despite all this you are getting mighty inspired and ideas hatched in April are worth hoarding! From April 21 to May 6 something frees up, pioneering ideas move ahead, despite a change of plans as April ends. Your home and ‘family’ are the source of expanded happiness this year, so persevere with the chaotic patches and enjoy a friendship rich Venus cycle, starting May 8.

    Equinox arrives with it’s challenges and you may be called upon to keep the peace but by March 31 and the build-up to Full Moon in Libra on April 3, you are back in your happy zone. Full Moon stirs visions and desires but Lover Venus squares off to Saturn and worries weigh in. You recover. Life gets complex again – mostly in good ways as pleasure and adventure come your way April 5 through 23. Meeting new people, enjoying a busy social life is great, yet complacency is unwise. Unexpected events in late April need a cool head to avoid extravagance and loss. Once Venus enters your career sign on May 8, concentration and effort are needed to make the most of this dynamic month.

    Late March needs a hit of faith, a sense that frustrations or disappointments are only temporary – because they are! The first five days of April test a relationship and create stress with someone special. But it will get better. That lagging feeling about your career or doubts about an important role, will melt away after Saturn goes into direct motion on April 20. The more you mine your secret depths of feelings and communicate from the heart, the quicker other misunderstandings will shift. Scorpio Full Moon on May 2 is the climax of your last six months, an opportunity to make fundamental and productive changes in a love relationship. You can find real happiness in May but be cautious with finances May 11 to14.

    Life has been full, often fulfilling, yet you are close to overwhelm and juggling so many balls. Late March needs an attitude adjustment, time to focus on priorities. Two planets will help you do that between April 1 and 6. First Pluto then Jupiter go into a ‘retro’ phase - in Sagittarius. Pluto means intense, at times tumultous emotions will temper you and make you strong in the next five months to come. Jupiter ‘retro’ means your luck depends on enjoying the present moment without projecting future plans for the next two months. New Moon on April 17 makes that fun and easy to do. Saturn urges you to take direct action to secure your dreams - May 11 tests your resolve but subtly softly gets you there.

    Jupiter takes your sombre Saturn side and dances concerns away while fun pushes its way into your life more often in late March and Venus cruises your love sign making early April sensual. Money also flows easily and you reflect on how unnecessarily hard you can be on yourself. Time and responsibilities weigh heavy, but in April a rush of activity sweeps you into a heady phase. April 17’s New Moon energises home life and future plans but the best insights come around Full Moon on May 2. You want life’s abundance without the stress and May helps you learn how to get there. May 6 to 9 is the creative high and Venus in Cancer means heart and home are everything in May.

    That punchy Full Moon on April 3 is just fine by you because it brings some awaited completion. Life has been full of odd learning experiences, wounding moments and great cause for hope, all rolled into one. When New Moon rises on April 17, your busy social life needs a little breathing space because things will be madly busy by May – at home and work. Mystical Neptune has been in Aquarius for years but from April 12 to May 3 a light turns on – ping, you let go and trust in the future. Some things you just can’t orchestrate and control despite your best attempts. That recognition renews your spirit of adventure. Protect this by sailing serenely around mini crises May 11-13 and claiming the powerful insights of late May.

    The flow is the go for a Pisces but it’s been more of a torrent of late. You have just emerged from an eclipse period with attitude, so be kind to yourself in late March. Chaos master Uranus is slow-cruising your sign and joins Mercury as April begins, then Mars as it ends. You talk about change as April begins, but you don’t leap in until April ends. It will not necessarily be a soft landing, but leap you must. May 2’s Full Moon has real style and the potential for a fated meeting or an unexpected adventure on offer. Plans may change and you easily go with it. From May 9 to 25 your life is peppered with fortunate connections and romantic potential. May 11 to14 and May 20 are the ‘don’t spoil a good thing’ days!

    Christine Broadbent is currently in Sydney until March. Then she will be based in Auckland for 2 months. She offers personal readings, relationship readings and business cycles guidance. Phone readings, which are taped and posted, are also a good option, at any time.

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