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    Christine’s Planetary Currents


    Gemini and Cancer Time

    May 21 to July 22, 2008

    From June 4’s New Moon in Gemini to Full Moon in Sagittarius, a bright and busy fortnight also has a planetary undercurrent. Communication planet Mercury begins a three week ‘retro’ cycle on May 27, when looking back and re-assessing things is natural and needed. Mercury resumes ‘direct’ motion just as that fiery Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up the sky on June 19. With Moon conjoining dwarf planet Pluto, wild emotions are stirred.

    A New Moon in Cancer on July 3 starts the next waxing Moon cycle that reaches Full in Capricorn, by July 18. Giant planet Jupiter, also in Capricorn, is involved with both lunar events: New Moon shares the stage with the opposition of Venus and Jupiter, while Full Moon shares space with Mercury opposing Jupiter. This adds excitement to all issues to do with the home-base and with vocation or ambitions in July.

    Watch out for beautiful Venus as Morning Star, appearing pre-dawn near the eastern horizon in late July. She has been in her ‘underground’ invisible phase in May and June and now reappears. Let’s celebrate her return to a visible presence with an outflowing of love.

    With Venus the love planet already in Gemini, you are ready to shine and to connect during this, your Gemini time in the sun. Your guiding planet Mercury is in Gemini as well - fun and busy is the order of the day. Yet a cosmic version of the Trickster is coming down the track... changes of mind, detours and repeats are likely after May 26, with Mercury on its ‘retro’ slide for three weeks. This can be an insightful time but do beware judging others too harshly on May 23 or 27. June 4, is Gemini New Moon, sowing the seeds of a forward rush. Remember to learn from the past, while dancing to the tune of “I connect, I communicate” Why not plan now what is best for you to re-visit and review. Make the most of the ‘retro’ time via analysis, study, debriefing, correcting wrong information or returning to an old interest. Thoughtful words and attention to practical details, help your ideas to fire up, and attracts others. June 4 to June 15 has a series of happy rhythms between Venus, Mercury, Sun and Mars, making this a very special time. A Sun/Neptune dance on June 15 brings dreams closer - thank the people you love and care about. Some work place stress on June 12-13 could do a rerun on June 18-21, so stay cool at those times. Intense emotions at June 19’s Full Mooncan lead you astray if you let them. A sense of completion and a reminder of your abilities is coming from June 25 to early July. A helpful financial check point and decision making time arrive with July 3’s New Moon in your money sign. Clear strategic ideas emerge, between July 6 and 16. Listen to your heart around July 18’s Full Moon - you will find that many things you have wanted are already close at hand. Reach out for them.

    With Sun and Mercury in transit through your house of dreams your creativity is deep and real. It is time to claim those moments of solitude that soothe your soul and spark creative solutions. With Jupiter in your opposite sign, the impact of partners and of othe peoples in general, is Big! Your dream-weaving period is from May 21 to June 20 – a chance to recharge your batteries, review your practical options. From June 4’s New Moon to June 19’s Full Moon you can hatch an inner knowing that illuminates the next phase of your journey. Be willing to change your agenda where necessary and all will go well. Avoid making important decisions on May 23 or 27 and on June 12 or 13. When Venus the Lover moves into Cancer on June 18 just before a powerful Full Moon, your sensitive feelings register becomes even more accurate than usual. June 21 to 25 brings Venus, Sun and Saturn harmonies that ensure some pleasurable and practical results. Once Sun slips into Cancer on June 21 it’s your time in the sun and with the planet of love there as well, enjoyment is guaranteed. However, serious concerns also figure, with Saturn aspects invigorating your practical side. You sail through tasks with aplomb. Take the pressure off yourself, July 2 to 3 so that Cancer New Moon can really be a fresh start. This birthday month presents some challenges around July 5 and 9-10, yet it also unfolds a brand new communication phase. Between July 14 and 27 a fortnight of planetary harmonies suggests you can easily achieve long-held goals. Full Moon on July 18 is a natural climax, accenting a decision that falls into place July 20-23.

    May 21 begins a sociable happy phase, a time to connect more strongly with old friends. Gatherings and meetings multiply. If you return to a project that had gone on hold, you may find it comes together from June 19’s Full Moon to late June. Mars is in Leo and you are a Force – Venus, Mercury and Sun all support Leo’s Fire. A busy social schedule now allows you to shine, to connect and push towards your goals. Your magnetism attracts others in June/July but you can also repel if you act hastily or are overbearing. Don’t pull back from a clash if you must have one but now is a dangerous time to be contentious. When June 19’s Full Moon lights up your Love Zone, communications begin a dynamic phase and you can achieve a lot in a very short time. However, beware wading into someone else’s conflict between June 18 and 22 or it could very easily become your problem. June 25 brings both clarity and support - your conscience and inspiration join forces. By July 1 you effectively flex your creative muscles and your audience will be receptive. It is the New Moon of July 3 that starts a fertile lunar phase able to powerfully support anything that requires seclusion and intense inner effort. Tackle an accounting or financial challenge July 6-7 or 14 to 23, to make the most of planetary help, but don’t let yourself be emotionally manipulated July 9-10 or 20. Around July 11 a good solid plan takes shape and by the Sun’s entry into Leo on July 22, your strategies are clear. You are ready to leap.

    With Communicator Mercury as your guiding star, the ‘retro’ cycles have to be watched carefully. From May 26 to June 19 Mercury is ‘retro’ and things related to your career and vocational goals go into a backward loop. Take advantage of this energy by looking behind the scenes, by rethinking strategies and reconnecting with people important to your work. Redefine your priorities if necessary. Then June 19’s Full Moon ensures a happy balance between your personal needs and your professional goals. Insights and readjustment have been as important as action but from June 19 to 25 action takes the lead. Important meetings benefit from the harmony between Venus, Sun and Saturn on June 21 and 25. It is when mover Mars enters Virgo on July 2 that an energetic and practical two month phase begins. This is furthered by New Moon on July 3 - now a waxing Moon can carry you towards your goals and bring initial success to your projects by July 18’s Full Moon. When Mars joins up with Saturn in Virgo on July 11 it is time for serious considerations but do refuse to be critical of yourself or others. The next phase of your journey unfolds from July 14 to 27, when many planetary harmonies make networking and partnership your keys to success. Full Moon in your Love Zone on July 18 brings further support from people you love and sweetens your progress. Now you can move on from the excess of self sacrifice that may have taken hold. Your way ahead opens, while harmonious links between Mars and Jupiter kick-start an enterprising zeal.

    When Sun enters your Adventure sign on May 21 you are primed and start to make some very big plans. You may have to rethink these after May 26 even though June 4’s New Moon will reinspire you. It will probably be after June 19 that your plans become workable, so try to avoid making firm bookings or commitments between May 27 and June 19. If you do, double check the details in late June as errors of judgement can creep in now. None the less, a light-hearted exciting energy prevails and from June 4 to 9, high expectations and insights come thick and fast. June 14 begins another energy burst which stretches through to June 19’s Full Moon and the frenzy of social activities likely then. June 19 is also when your guiding light Venus, starts to weave her magic with your career or important life roles, bringing some special satisfaction over the next month. An all out ambitious drive has your security in mind, by the time that Venus opposes giant Jupiter on July 3. This coincides with a New Moon in your vocational sign, so formulate your ideas carefully, as you are now well placed to put them into action. The time for hesitating is past and July 6-7 is likely to further inspire you via unexpected help. Do not try to settle deals and negotiations from July 9 to 11, or engage in a battle of wills. Trust the process and once Venus enters your Friendship Sign on July 13, it all gets easier. Numerous planetary harmonies illuminate the next 14 days, so everything should work to support your efforts. Full Moon on July 18 also reminds you just how important the people at home really are - try not to overlook that as you follow the exciting dream.

    As Sun enters your investment sign on May 21 you are emerging from a run of two Full Moons in Scorpio – an intense and illuminating time, with a lot of emphasis on partners or a public role. It clears your head to get on with mundane and practical matters for the next month but don’t neglect those you love. If you reach out to others, much can be achieved. With your leading light, planet Mars, now in transit through your career sign, you also have added force of purpose. A certain amount of drama and panache are required now. Be willing to take the stage if it is required. Mars offers you this opportunity until July 2, so a clever use of timing is the best way to use this energy. May 22 brings a great love or creative project into the spotlight and marks the second stage of a powerful development. This will excite your imagination and demand some of your attention for many months. It is hard to make much headway with this in late May, but June 4 to 11 holds higher potential. Those career goals that have been uppermost in your mind can be furthered now, via behind the scenes work. June is also a time to review your financial strategies. Do hold off on initiating new phases or important decisions until after June 21or better still after July 3’s New Moon. Doors of opportunity open July 1, 3 and 6-7, be circumspect July 9 to11, then after that progress is easy, July is the month to more deeply connect with the people you love or with whom you share a creative interest. Travel and foreign connections are also favoured. Take it one step at a time and July 14 to 27 will be golden.

    Sun enters your partner sign and it’s all about other people and you are ready for change. Yet late May could seriously challenge your peace of mind if you focus on influencing others. Even those normally open to your influence could be occasionally bloody-minded, when Mercury goes backwards through your relationship sign from May 27 to June 19. So...look behind the scenes. Ask questions with no punch line or suggestion attached. Analyse information that arises, to know more fully the people you care about. From June 4’s New Moon there are numerous opportunities to improve your relationships and enjoy the quiet rewards of love and friendship. Days to keep your opinion to yourself are June 8, 12-13 and 18. In any case you are likely to rethink some opinions. Good ole Pluto is back in Sagittarius for its final shake-up/ wake- up months, in mid June. From June 18 to 21 avoid power struggles of any kind. Then you will reach a natural and happy climax at Sagittarius Full Moon on June 19, which is also the end of pear-shaped communications, since Mercury moves on. After June 25 you will find that your career goals and personal goals start to dovetail nicely and interesting developments occur in July. July 1 and 6-7 remind you of good allies but July 3 and 9-11 could leave you exhausted, if you stress out about money or home and family. Don’t try too hard. Find the line of least resistance and flow with it. This is an important month to plan for your future and trust the process. Do so, and the results will flow nicely, particularly from July 14 to 23.

    June is the month for lots of hard work and Capricorn understands that. With your hard working ruler Saturn supporting your efforts, you can slowly build a wider network now. Don’t expect communication with others to be as straight forward and easy as you might like from May 27 to June 19. Your hard work will get rewards, but not immediately. There are great yields promised in July when Full Moon in Capricorn marks the climax of your year. This means that the background work of June (frustrating as it may be at times), shows beneficial results in July. From June 21 lovely Venus is on your side and promises to reward your efforts to compromise and care for others. Positive results are likely, yet as Saturn’s sign, you don’t always feel appreciated. You also find it hard to talk about that. Loving feelings, with no expectations, are the right fuel for warm connections right now. Your creative ideas and emotions are the source of your best work results as well. Stand out times that support your personal goals are June 21, 25 and July 3. July 3 brings Venus and Jupiter to dance together, while a New Moon illuminates your relationships. This flags a fresh start with heart. The secret is to follow your loving instincts and to curtail criticism as this can be a reactive energy. If others criticise you, forgive them and make the most of the deep insights to be gained July 7 and 14-16. This naturally extends to Full Moon in Capricorn on July 18. You have been building up to this yearly lunar climax since early January and now your path ahead is illuminated. With both Saturn and Jupiter supporting your cause and Mars along for the ride, a serious commitment will be made in late July.

    Aquarius – your Air sign strengths give you strong intellectual and rational qualities but right now you benefit from listening to the heart’s message. A new solar cycle in your Love Sign and Venus, the Lover there as well after May 25, means creative pursuits and easy enjoyment of others, are the things that lighten your heart. In this fateful year for Aquarius, you need the light touches to heal and find your groove. Good conversations and the right person to talk to are easy to find between June 4 and 11. Opportunities for fateful connections are around you; just take the time to notice. Since the Communicator Mercury is also moving backwards through your love sign, it’s not about forging new connections so much as enriching old ones. The first half of June is a good time to review a pet project or go behind the scenes, giving more depth to a love relationship or rediscovering the magic. You will easily find what needs to be improved right now. By Full Moon on June 19 your friends and networks come to the fore. A new project may also take shape in a convivial setting. From now until July 6, it is worth putting effort into a fondly held dream or a fascinating subject, whose mystery intrigues you. You will gain clarity and insight thereby. Planets Mercury and Neptune make a happy, helpful link on July 6 and a process that began in mid June shows its real potential. Good times for meetings are May 22, June 4, 6, 9, 14-15, and July 1, but it is after July 6 that big plans are best shared. Support your general health and well being from July 14 to 23 via sufficient rest and play.

    This moveable feast of a year gets very tasty indeed from late June through July. Yet late May and mid June have their occasional challenges. Your spirit of adventure is primed but June’s Full Moon accents career. The days to be extra cautious and to avoid changing something just for change’s sake are: May 23 and 27, June 12-13 and 18-21, July 5 and 9-10. Even so, much can be achieved to build security and in bonding with those you love, during June. June 4’s New Moon highlights clear goals for family life and future security, while June 4 to 9 provides perfect opportunities to focus on a good strategic plan and to work cooperatively with others. This however is not a time to initiate action but to prepare and review things, until June 19. This is when a Full Moon illuminates your career path and an uncertainty that has been plaguing you, finally passes, as Mercury moves into direct motion. Now you too can move ahead, further assisted by Venus in your Love Zone boosting creativity, imagination and optimism. All this adds up to a sweet environment to build love and understanding – so satisfying right now. When July 3’s New Moon urges you to plant new seeds of love and affection, don’t hold back. This opportunity is special because serious partnership is on your agenda. On July 9-11 willpowers may clash, but don’t let this make you underrate this special fortnight. Between July 3 and 17 you can achieve new levels of commitment with someone special - a business or personal partnership can take shape. Loving and meaningful connections inspire your heart-felt hopes from July 14 to 27 when Earth and Water harmonies support your quest for happiness.

    Fire and desire, courtesy of Mars in your love sign, has been livening up May, but it is in early June that your ruling planet can open the most doors for you. When Mover Mars harmonises with Sun and Venus June 4-6 and with Mercury June 8-9, a powerful team is on your side. Yet this is also a ‘retro’ Mercury cycle, which means the good connections and happy times are only a part of the background work for the more important developments to come. Your inner performer jumps out of the bag in June and you are able to wax lyrical on a variety of subjects. Winning friends and influencing people is good but don’t push this so far that your schedule becomes a burden. When Sun ‘trines’ Neptune in mid June your imagination is enhanced, while friends collaborate over exciting plans. Any tensions that explode between June 18 and 21 are best smoothed over quickly by a refusal to take sides. June 19’s Full Moon in your adventure sign gives you extra dash but too much theatrical energy can bring you unstuck on June 22 - beware false flattery then. It is July 1’s harmony between Mars and Pluto that really enables you to move ahead with a new creative idea. Now the time smiles upon your efforts. Do be careful what you agree to on July 11 when Saturn conjoins Mars. It is when the Communicator Mercury starts to highlight your tender home and family concerns and Lover Venus enters your love sign, on July 13 that many things will fall into place. A lot of hard work is demanded of you but if you are willing to honour your ambitions July 14 to 23 will help you get there.

    You have just emerged from a unique birthday cycle which started with a Full Moon and ended with May 20’s Full Moon. Now as Sun enters your Money Sign on May 21 you have to put some of those powerful desires that have been stirred, into practice. Try using May 27 to June 19 to work behind the scenes on your financial foundations and to review your material goals. You may find that certain significant things have shifted. Mid June is inspiring for you but it is when the Sun slides into your Communication Zone on June 21 that your most opportune period begins. Now sweet Water and Earth element harmonies, give you the golden touch. A special opportunity to make a fortuitous agreement comes around June 25 or July 7. Unexpected help is available and a new burst of energy and activity arrives with July 3’s New Moon. The next fortnight is a build up to a Full Moon in your adventure sign and joins up with Jupiter who has been expanding your longing for adventure and travel all year. July 13-21 brings powerful help your way. Loving communication, the support of others and a growing new confidence in your relationships, all work to boost your profile now. Full Moon on July 18 illuminates an exciting travel or study plan and July 23 to 27 brings surprising news or an unexpected ally that affect these plans. There is a treasure to be found right now and the way to find it, is to explore your spiritual depths and expand your mind. Humour and tolerance will get you through any challenges that arise June 12-13 or June 21-22 and pave your way to an inspiring July

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