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    Gemini and Cancer Time: May 22 to July 23

    You say it like it is right now - with Mover Mercury in Gemini until May 29 your mental gymnastics are awe-inspiring. Lots of dynamic support is gained from group and team work through May and June. Yet, from May 28 through to Full Moon on June 1 a softer, less edgy approach is needed. Expect maximum demands from others June 1-2, try to measure your energy or you will implode. Accept help now, and very creative results will flow from June 15’s New Moon in Gemini. You are nothing short of inspired, yet Mercury goes ‘retro’ for three weeks at New Moon. This will demand more of that sensitive touch and lots of attention to organising your finances. Avoid big spending with Mercury ‘retro’ and embrace July’s Water harmonies by growing or beautifying something.

    Speaking about your feelings is something you can do well but it’s not a very good idea in late May, as a power struggle could be the result. By June 1’s Full Moon, a long-term dilemma has a clear solution but things will not move as quickly as you hope. A frenzy of personal growth is underway by the time Sun eases into Cancer on June 21. With Communicator, Mercury ‘retro’ in Cancer from mid June until July 10, you will have to go back over those very good plans and wait. Others will express their admiration for you around June 30’s Full Moon and many practical goals are easily achieved in July. Partnerships and networks can produce wonders, but it is your New Moon in Cancer on July 14 that really gives you the go ahead for those plans.

    You are known for your passions and general radiant charm but you aren’t known for your patience. Make sure you make the most of the helpful go-getter energy in late May and early June and the extra creative burst that begins when Venus enters Leo on June 6. This will save you from getting impatient in the second half of June when a ‘retro’ cycle and the final opposition of Saturn and Neptune make life more complicated and relationships confusing. Little windows of opportunity occur June 20-21 and July 9, with a big commitment starting to take shape from July 2. Still, it will be July 11 to14 before you emerge from a rather emotional period in which self-doubt could hold you back. There is no rush, even if it seems that way – the best waits for August/September.

    Fast moving Mercury is in your career zone right now and pushing rapid growth through late May. Yet a few dates will make you stop and question your path, namely May 28, June 1’s Full Moon, June 6 and 10. June 15’s New Moon gives the go ahead for career but Mercury goes ‘retro’ on the same day. This means your progress depends on a careful review of your groups and networks over the next three weeks. Between now and mid July make the effort to reconnect, to review and to prune your schedule, where necessary. A rush of clarity from July 11 to 14 gets you ready for a brand new phase of teamwork. Beware spreading yourself too thin with too many tasks because Venus in Virgo from July 15 wants you to also have time for the easy pleasures of life.

    With Mars in your partner sign, energetic pushy individuals feature in your life through May and June. Late May is a highly sociable - projects that you are working on and plans for travel come together in a rush by June 1’s Full Moon. Once lover Venus enters your friendship sign on June 6, you are on a creative trajectory, which will ignite passions and plans, coming together around June 20. These are likely to define your next quarter year. Because Venus begins a rare ‘retro’ phase in late July, those plans are more able to take shape in September and early October. This slow development phase pushes the actual results onto a higher level of effectiveness. So make the most of July 2-9 to really commit your energy to something important.

    Late May has a busy unpredictable energy that can work best for you around May 25, when the pieces of a puzzle fall into place. June 1’s Full Moon through to June 12 offer you an opportunity to show case your talents at work. Your expression and creativity are amplified by Mercury in Cancer, through June and July. Plans for a wonderful escape are on your mind, yet the details may have to be carefully reviewed from mid June to July 10. Don’t lose your faith in these - July 11-14 will bring some unusual help and reason for hope. Partners or long-term friends may seem particularly pushy or stubborn in July as Mars transits your partner sign – avoid power struggles. July 18 to 21 presents an opportunity to make necessary changes and restore co-operation.

    You are in your element with Jupiter in Sagittarius and a Sagittarius Full Moon on June 1 really gets your fires burning. This is a natural climax of your year but don’t burn too bright and pushy, or a long-term association could be disrupted. With Jupiter now ‘retro’ until September you benefit from revisiting passions of the first quarter of the year. A chance to fine-tune those achievements is May 31 to June 5 and June 11 to 14. When Venus and Jupiter link forces from June 20 to 21 you begin to achieve some of your heart felt goals. This will require patience – not always easy for you…a big commitment works best if achieved in stages. June 20 to July 9 is the first stage of an important development. Enjoy it but know that it will be September/October before the bestl stage comes around.

    Capricorn efficiency shines from May 22 to June 12 when Saturn makes strong links with other planets. Don’t exhaust yourself emotionally on May 28, June 6 or June 10 with your tendency to take on every difficult task. From June 22 you gain most by working in close co-operation with others. Late June is important – Mars wants sensual, playful but Saturn demands serious resolution of an old struggle around money. Put this behind you now to get the dynamic best out of June 30’s Full Moon in Capricorn. A ‘retro’ communication cycle also affects partners and colleagues until July 10 so don’t be surprised if others are the source of some frustrating delays. Use this challenge to hone your communication skills! A big commitment to travel or a planned move takes shape between July and mid October.

    Late May and early June is an energetic time for you, offering a busy social life, romantic potential and great productivity. Special events and meetings can be most successful May 22-23 and 27-28, June 5-7,11-13 and 20-21. After June 15’s New Moon, a fresh burst of invitations litter your social life. Despite the frustration, you may have to return to work you thought already complete, in late June. This will actually help prepare you for the final stage of a tug-a-war with someone that began last August. Now an issue long simmering can be released. In early July, Saturn bonds with Venus, urging a new commitment to shared finances. You know how to proceed after July 14’s New Moon. Take your time, the final two stages are mid August and mid October.

    After May 25 both your traditional ruler Jupiter and your modern ruler Neptune are in ‘retro’ motion. It’s time to use that Piscean talent of diving into your imagination, releasing the past to emerge refreshed. Mercury enters fellow Water sign Cancer on May 29 - love and creativity figure large. That inner reflective process will also be useful when Mercury then goes ‘retro’ mid June. If a lover or a project dear to your heart seem to go into backward motion over the next three weeks, just focus on home-based tasks to restore your energy. June 10, June 19, June 26 and July 1 are all days to tread carefully and not jump to conclusions. A productive easy energetic flow begins with July 14’s New Moon and Venus amplifies practical partnership – now people listen.

    In this opportune year late May and June are especially opportune times. Fire and Air harmonies keep you frisky and curious, inspired by any mental challenge. Mars has been in Aries since May 16 and continues there until June 25 so your positive attitude easily takes the lead. Your impatient rush is also magnified - beware you don’t lose friends and allies with unnecessary outbursts on May 28, June 6, 10 or 19. The cosmos is offering you an opportunity to work with others and form creative alliances, most particularly June 5 to 12 and June 20 to 21. Those enterprising ideas you develop then get an extra burst of energy on July 7 to 9 and can deliver some radiant results by July 21. If tempers rise - go for a brisk walk. Your best phase for communication or selling, starts in early August.

    Late May brings some pleasant surprises, made sweeter by Venus smiling upon day to day affairs. Watch out for a rather unpredictable Full Moon on June 1, when in money matters you can be volatile and excessive. When Venus sails into your home zone on June 6, those many things you have been meaning to do, get done. It can be a hectic month as you go all out to get aspects of your life into order. A ‘retro’ Mercury means some aspects of daily routines and work will be plain frustrating. Still, you start to see desired results around June 20. Then July 2, 9 and 11 are productive and after July 14’s New Moon it’s easy sailing. Lover Venus enters your love zone then but she is cued to go ‘retro’ on July 28, so rush nothing. She will deliver dreams in September and October.

    Christine Broadbent is currently in Auckland, returning to Sydney in June. Christine offers personal and relationship readings and business cycles consultations. Printed Reports or phone readings, which are taped and posted, are a good option, at any time.

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