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    Christine’s Planetary Currents


    Leo and Virgo Time

    July 22 to September 22, 2008

    When the orbital paths of the Moon and Earth align closely enough at New Moon for the Moon to block the Sun’s light, a solar eclipse occurs. August 1 is a total solar eclipse in Leo. The ‘shadow path’ is elsewhere, so not visible in Australasia but nonetheless this makes it a very energetic New Moon with a potent message: Let your inner light shine. Leo represents the heart and this is a month to identify the heartfelt path to follow. This reaches a natural climax at the Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 17 (August 16 GMT). Again for Australasia this will not be visible, since occurring during daylight hours. Planet Neptune aligns with the Moon so social justice concerns and ideals of community tug at our imagination and evoke high hopes now.

    People born with Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Leo or Aquarius are extra receptive to the energy of August 1 to 17. Countries also have birth charts, set by Federation or a similar event. It is of interest that modern China’s chart, set for the foundation of the Peoples’ Republic of China in 1949, has the Moon in Aquarius and it is during this buildup to an Aquarius Full Moon that they will first host the Olympic Games.

    August 31 brings a New Moon in Virgo and now more worldly concerns gain extra attention as September unfolds. The second harmonious link of the business planets, Jupiter and Saturn occurs September 9 and will add more impact to our concerns and actions regarding both material security and the protection of planet Earth. The energy for change is very much alive on September 15 with Change Agent Uranus next to Full Moon in Pisces. Adding extra get up and go energy to September is the fact that planet Jupiter also completes its ‘retro’ cycle and commences direct motion on September 8. Everything picks up speed now.

    This is no time to get stage fright because your time to be noticed has arrived. Lover Venus is cruising Leo, now Sun has arrived to further illuminate her romantic and social urges. When on July 26, Communicator Mercury arrives in Leo as well, it’s mega party time. This has been a fateful year with the eclipses falling in Leo and Aquarius. Seeds sown in the first eclipse month of February, flower around August 17’s Full Moon. Before that, the Leo New Moon on August 1 is a total solar eclipse, so make sure you take the time to do a simple ceremony that focuses energy to empower your creative intentions for the next six months. Often acting for your ‘clan’, this may be part of your focus and you can expect to see results of your efforts in early February ’09 at the final Leo lunar eclipse. August 1 to 5, 10 to 12 and 16 to 21 is mostly great fun, but beware the touchy side of August 17’s lunar eclipse when money or prestige could be a sticking point. Acknowledge issues and partnerships will deepen. This will be reflected in improved communication after August 29. Your creative flair takes a practical focus when Sun joins Saturn in early September. Serving and caring for people you love is likely to be part of the mix. Stabilising your finances really matters now and your efforts deliver clear results, while projects you have been nurturing for months can finally stand by themselves, strong and proud. It is best to reschedule meetings on September 8, 13 or 21, when power struggles or uncertainty could prevail.

    If you have been receptive to your stars, you will have been unwinding a little during July and be well prepared for the interesting new contacts or richer relationships that gear up from July 23 to 27. August 1’s New Moon begins a season for the soul, a time to reconnect with the things and the people that nourish you deeply. When Lover Venus enters Virgo on August 6, joined by Messenger Mercury on August 10, your social skills and ability to find pleasure in everyday experiences, expand accordingly. Mid August is a special time for making a commitment but since August 17 is a Full Moon and lunar eclipse, an excess of enthusiasm then, could eclipse your common sense. As long as you don’t overreact to challenging people or situations on August 7, 17, 23-24 or 28-29, you will feel renewed, ready for the fresh start of your Virgo New Moon. This occurs on August 31, which means you start September with new lunar/solar energy and new ideas that you easily make practical. September is the pivotal month of 2008 for you, when many planetary influences combine. First Sun and Saturn join forces on September 4, lucky Jupiter harmonises with them from September 5, moving into direct action mode on 9th, which for you means creative collusions, easy solutions to problems and luck through the people around you. As well as nourishing your career prospects, this Jupiter, Saturn dance enlarges the satisfaction to be gained from love and children. An initial harvest from September 15’s Full Moon to 22nd, attracts more of the help and support you need.

    Keeping things in balance is your preference and often your appointed role, but jupiter’s 2008 passage through Capricorn has tested your patience, usually in the form of home and family demands. July 23 to 30 is a lovely chance to smooth bumpy issues and realise your efforts are appreciated but do beware a crash landing at August 1’s New Moon and solar eclipse. With your leading light Venus opposing Neptune then and people a tad demanding, you may feel disillusioned and scratchy. August 5 to 7 should get you back in graceful form, as will August 10. Then the meeting of lovely Venus with Saturn on August 14, through to her happy dance with Jupiter at 17’s Full Moon, really focuses your attention on the things that matter. Home and family warm your heart and once energiser Mars enters Libra on August 19, you throw yourself into a few big projects. Just don’t take on too much because Venus and Mercury enter Libra at the end of August and you will want to kick back a little and enjoy good company and good times in September. Do stay centred and calm around September 15’s wild Full Moon, when others around you may lose it. Bearing this in mind, your best times for happy gatherings are: September 5, 12, 14-18 and 22-23. With so much going on, make sure you also complete any important tasks during this time, because Mercury ‘retro’ through Libra begins on 24th and delays/complications begin as well.

    Insightful, penetrating and intense Scorpio can also make people run for cover when those rare emotional explosions occur: July 23 to August 5 is perfectly designed for success, yet August 7 and 17’s Full Moon has that explosive potential - thanks to your two ‘rulers’, Mars and Pluto. Forewarned is fore-armed so don’t let the little things or the big things rock you if you want to save face. Your most effective responses come when you take your time alone to hatch a strategy and since 2008 is a relatively high profile year for you, you have a lot to win or lose. August 18 to 22 offers a chance to gather your allies and feel supported by your groups, whether on the personal or professional level. Just don’t expect too much of people August 23-24 or 28-29, when indecision and changes are the rule. New Moon on August 31 allows you to recharge your energy for a busy month to come so try to kick back a little. In September your social life hums with things to do, interesting people to see. Yet deeper concerns must be acknowledged this month since ruler Mars is now stirring up your dreams, your inner states and urge to serve those less fortunate. Some periods of seclusion, particularly around September 8-12 will nourish your spirit and help to clarify what really matters. After this many things move ahead. As long as you are tactful with challenging people around September 21, the second half of this month gears you up for a very successful October to come.

    July 22 to 26 brings Sun and Messenger Mercury into your adventure sign, joining forces with Venus to get the Sagittarius mind thinking of the next grand plan - escaping the demands of everyday life is looking good. Yet, firing off your ideas and observations, you often move on without seeing the result. Not so now - Saturn ‘squares’ are grounding you, while Pluto completes its 13 year transit through your sign. Words and suggestions will come back to bite you if you are careless or arrogant in what you say. People are particularly sensitive August 1, 7, 17, 23-24 and 28-29, also on September 8 and 21. The upside of this sensitivity is that you are also inclined to consider your ideas more carefully. August 31’s New Moon gets you started and when Pluto begins direct motion on September 9 it is time to walk your talk. Rare lines of opportunity, mean that follow through is all important. Happily, at the same time your guiding planet Jupiter goes direct, lighting your path forward, strengthening your financial position. This means recent uncertainty falls away, clarity and confidence increase. When Sun opposes Uranus on September 13 and builds up to Full Moon on September 15, you may become an agent of change, sweeping family or workmates along for the ride. Venus and Mars help out via the support of some good friends, sweetening your social activities with meaningful connections and shared understanding. The bottom line is not how others change but how you ground your heady ideas with practical plans, while reaching for a heartfelt ideal.

    Since that Capricorn Full Moon on July 18 and its final reality check you have clarified some things that are not going to happen, closed some doors. Now July 22 begins a solar cycle that focuses your attention on shared resources, investment and business ideas. Progress will occur yet mid August could bring a travel commitment or expense that initially limits your available time and energy, when Venus conjoins Saturn. It is August 31’s New Moon that leads into a September far more supportive of your vocational and financial goals. Your earthy gifts are more truly appreciated and acknowledged when Sun meets Saturn on September 4 and Jupiter in Capricorn repeats its powerful harmony with Saturn on September 9. Now life picks up its pace and you run with the things on offer. A closed door may open again. Fast building or sudden opportunities are likely and something you have been waiting for since May moves into action mode. With Venus, Mars and Mercury now enlivening your career and worldly roles, you attract attention, become more optimistic, particularly September 9 and 12 to18. There may be frustrating challenges to overcome on September 8, 10 and 21 but compassion for other people’s problems and concerns will bring the necessary insight. Even if you have moments of doubt, your success is built upon your very real ability to plan ahead and find genuine pleasure in a job well done. Between September and late November you experience the best of what Jupiter has to offer.

    This rather interesting year has a fated feel to it as the eclipses and the Moon’s North Node illuminate Aquarius. Partnerships and working in close connection with others has been a key feature of 2008, with a partner, relative or friend playing a bigger role than usual to help you attain your goals. February’s solar eclipse planted seeds that will flower in August, around the climactic Aquarius Full Moon and lunar eclipse on August 17. Some Aquarians will begin a new relationship around this time or bring an existing one to a higher level. Planet Neptune has been in Aquarius since 1998 and it conjoins Full Moon, giving an otherworldly and in some cases mystical edge to the lunation. To guard against illusion or disappointment, make sure you befriend Neptune by holding to the higher ground of compassion and connectedness. In August, practical money management is also essential and August 14 to 16 is a good time to formalize a plan. When Sun meets your ruler Saturn in early September your intentions become more serious and your usually strong work ethic goes into overdrive. Resist the tendency to drain your energy this way – Healer Chiron is also in Aquarius and your dreams need a healthy body to carry you towards them. Your financial position will probably get a helpful boost around September 9 but you benefit most from the happy links that Chiron and Neptune make with the personal planets from September 13 to 23, inspiring your spirit of adventure and attracting positive energy into your life.

    Swimming in two different directions at once is easy for you, yet many things you do have recently taken on more intensity and commitment. The different roles you juggle could take a surprising turn by Pisces Full Moon on September 15, so consider any new commitments carefully, in the meantime. July 23 to 27 is well designed for pleasure, love and happy family gatherings but by August 6-7 an old issue could rear its head again. Avoidance or running away will simply not work and a difficult or pushy person could become more so. When Venus meets Saturn in your partner sign on August 14, your correct strategy will become clear and you must protect yourself. Even if you withdraw from someone, the support of others emerges by Full Moon on 17th. Love and responsibility is two-way, so beware taking on the role of martyr, at home or work, August 23 to 29. New Moon of August 31 begins a new phase of partnership and cooperation and September awakens your latent energies. As that Pisces Full Moon draws near, some revelations occur. Firstly, Jupiter, your ruling planet, begins its direct phase and calls in support from others, perhaps new responsibilities, from September 9. At the same time Pluto shifts into direct motion and a transformation of your career or a life role moves ahead. Then the ‘worm turns’ - you take command of a situation on 13th and Full Moon arrives on September 15 illuminating a move that has been developing quietly since March. After a hiccup on 21st your confidence continues to build.

    There is an important task you have been putting off and July 26-27 gives a perfect opportunity to return and maybe complete it by August 1’s New Moon. Then you can start this exciting sociable month without that background stress. 2008 is one of those years when the large heroic actions you prefer are mostly displaced by small scale efforts, attention to detail and protecting your health. Hard work for your future success is a strong theme. Your busy life stepped up a notch in July, so time management is particularly important. Since it will probably step up another notch in early September, it is lucky that the second half of August offers some light relief. August 16 to 22 would be a good choice for a getaway or for reconnecting with friends that somehow your schedule has blocked. September brings back serious concerns and a hoped for outcome that you have been working towards for months, starts to look good. If there are people to see and places to go in relation to this, get on with it now, while Venus, Mars and Mercury all light up your negotiation skills and partnership potential. September 8 and 10 are an exception and unwise for meetings, while September 13 or 21 are best for doing behind the scenes analysis and going slowly. Yet September 12’s meeting of Venus and Mars means you easily join with others to achieve a common aim this month. Jupiter propels your strongest career cycle from September 9 to mid December – just remember to enjoy the ride.

    Solid and dependable are words often applied to the Bull but so is the word, stubborn. Once you get a fix on something, you are not easily moved and when you love someone you hang in. Yet something has shifted in July and you may have made some statement of your independence and ability to change. Late July is fairly smooth but August 1 brings a solar eclipse in your home zone and an opposition between Lover Venus and Neptune. Someone who has disappointed you may do so again and to take on the role of victim or savior is unwise. Career issues also remain cloudy. By August 5 you will have a clearer view and the meeting of Venus with Saturn on August 14 offers new structure and commitment, to someone special or a creative project. In August, your commitments may seem overbearing, particularly around Full Moon on 17th or 23-24th or 28-29th, when Pluto stirs up old matters. Fear not, August 31’s New Moon offers a fresh start for love and pleasure in general and September will remind you that the earthy energies of 2008 have often been good for you and will be again. A story that began in late January reaches its second phase September 9, evoking adventurous plans, confirming caring relationships. Venus and friends in your investment sign place emphasis on money matters and warn against over-spending but there should be healthy incomings. The waxing Moon from September 12 to Full Moon on 15th inspires you and plans for the end of year start to fall into place.

    Ever curious, mentally alert and ready to connect with others, your Gemini tastes don’t necessarily appreciate repetitive work or hard continuous effort. Yet an earthy Saturn and Jupiter in 2008, has probably demanded these things of you, while your expenses may have soared. As long as you see this as an investment in your future, the discipline you need in August is available, particularly mid month when Mercury meets Saturn. Things will get easier in September and you can navigate August most effectively by simply doing what must be done. August 1 may prompt you to question a recent commitment - that issue settles around 5th and will clarify by August 17’s Full Moon. August 7 has a wildness factor, as does 17th and 23-24th, so be extra cool and aware on the roads or in meetings at those times. August 5, 10, 18 and 21-22 are your best choices for ease and flow this month. September begins with Venus the Lover in your love zone and you begin to feel more appreciated and relaxed. Your wit and diplomacy win you points now and people are more receptive to your ideas. The commitments of August take a stronger form around September 4-5 and after 9th the ‘feel good’ factor extends to home life and financial plans. Don’t be derailed by a challenge on September 13 or 21, as this is just a stage of your journey. Full Moon on September 15 highlights a balance you have achieved between home and work, awakening you to exciting new possibilities for your future path.

    As you emerge from your birthday period a number of things have become clear – your commitment to family has been revitalised and you find it easier to communicate your personal feelings. Now is the time to build upon these strengths and to throw more energy into a serious idea that has been taking shape, strengthened in mid July. Even though events of August 7, 17 or 23 may make you doubt this idea, mid August then early September will actually help you develop it. This new solar cycle of July 23 to August 22 renews your practical focus on money matters and a cautious, steady approach works best now. Expenses may be incurred mid month and big purchases are unwise. It is after August 31’s New Moon in your communication zone that you feel more ready to extend yourself, socialise more and discuss your idea with simpatico friends. September reminds you of the many blessings of your life, particularly when Sun, Jupiter and Saturn link energies from September 5 to 9. This stimulates and inspires you to make more of your home base and to appreciate partners and long term friends. With Venus, Mercury and Mars in your home zone through September, your best ideas and most fulfilling times occur at home. It is a month to consider entertaining, though September 8, 10, 15 and 21 are not the best times to do so. Full Moon energy on 15th is profound and maybe disruptive, with the Awakener Uranus next to the Moon. This signals an emotional breakthrough, which will colour the rest of the month.

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