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    Sagittarius and Capricorn Time:
    November 22, 2006 to January 20, 2007

    From November 24 Jupiter is back where it belongs – in sage Sagittarius. This year long transit is a twelve yearly chance to shine with the best of them, expand your wisdom and rekindle your spirit of adventure. December 7 to 12 and 17 offer one stunning insight after another. Yet the intensity of December 5’s Full Moon and Sun’s sojourn with Pluto on December 19, are times to still the tongue and engage the mind - an unusual insight could light up your life now. Your New Moon in Sagittarius on December 21 sows the seeds of a rich new phase for both professional and personal life. Make the most of opportune meetings and ideas on December 24 and 31, January 9 to 12, and 26.

    Your guiding light is the Seagoat, the one who loves the depths, as well as the world of the senses and ambitions. In late November, the depths appear as Jupiter brings your House of Dreams to life for a year. Are you available to be inspired by that inner fire that burns equally strong in December? December 17 to 19 gives you the right information and a surprise, while December 20 to 26 promotes a happy change. With Sun now in Capricorn and January 4’s Full Moon courting the planet of change, you are perfectly placed to expand on many fronts at once. Once Mars enters Capricorn on January 17, followed by your own New Moon on January 19, energy and ambition win the day.

    You come into your own December 1 - suddenly a big tough year is over! There are often flies in ‘paradise’ yet several hurdles are now behind you. ‘Tempered’ and hopefully not too temperamental after a year of Fire and Water challenges, now is the reward. Fiery harmonies stir passion and contentment. December 7 to 12 is memorable for the activities, stimulating offerings and great social energy that abounds. From December 17 to 24 many irons you have had in the fire turn into gold! Have a rest at the tail end of this huge year because by January 4 it all cranks up again. A Full Moon and Venus coming to Aquarius are both sure to create a very social two weeks to follow.

    Recently adventures have ruled your thought, but now Sun and the gang begin to emphasise your career. There’s more - Uranus begins a rush of changes, as this Awakener planet goes ‘direct’ in Pisces. While you try new identities on for size, Pluto continues to deepen your ambition - naturally your goals keep shifting. It’s not in your nature to doubt your truths so don’t start now. Hold to your inner vision on November 26, 29 and December 3-5, when career and ‘feels good’ might clash. Also hold back on exaggeration and think long term. Your career is on the rise but don’t make important decisions on December 16, 19 or 26. January 4 to 12 revolutionises your way of thinking and fills your social calendar.

    The sheer excitement of your social life can give extra zest to everything and late November proves it. Once Jupiter joins Sun and Venus in your adventure sign and more planets arrive to swell the party, anything goes! It is the arrival of Mars on December 6 - your energetic ruler, that really boosts your joie de vive and entices adventure. This is a chance to push through boundaries, a challenge you enjoy. The quest comes in increments; insights flare up regularly. An important new partnership and/or creative project is taking root now and December 10-12, 17, 24 and 31, all play a part. Get inspired January 9 and 12. From January 17 Mars demands you prove you can overcome initial difficulties – it’s worth it!

    Family and home demands have recently tested your tender heart and patience. On November 22 you enter a richer, happier phase but don’t spoil it on November 26 or 29. Move to the rhythm of Venus in Sagittarius – fast, playful and free to laugh. December 8 brings intense realisation but warns against big spending. When Lover Venus cruises your adventure sign from December 11 to January 3 you are ready for sensual encounters and to try new things. Home is always important to you and December 17-24 helps you achieve a delightful and inviting gathering space. Full Moon on January 4 combines with a new career slant and travel/adventure look good all month, particularly after January 17.

    It’s time to hold on to those varied ‘hats’ you wear or they might be blown off by the events of December 3 to 5 as a climactic Gemini Full Moon builds force. A ‘Mercury T Square’ at December 5’s Full Moon says beware what you say, particularly in the working environment and with partners. Since December 7 to 12 seems perfect for a wonderful commitment and rich relationships, don’t downgrade this by a prior ‘blow’ of too much hot air! This golden opportunity is just part of a golden year beginning now, so it is worth the careful prep. Be ready to share your key dreams because December 21’s New Moon pushes for true partnership, followed up January 4 to 12. Get ready for a grand new adventure after January 15.

    With so much activity in your Love Zone in November, how can you not shine? A flurry of social events and creative highs thrill you. Moonglow illuminates December 5 to 12 as Full Moon eases you into an exciting planning phase. Changes have been coming by drip-feed, now it goes further. Venus votes for cosy coupling in December. Travel may be complicated, so try to keep it simple. Your Full Moon in Cancer on January 4 brings the last six months into sharp profile and you can clearly see just what has been achieved. Take the opportunity for depth communication. Partners demand your time and attention now and Mars evokes a two-month phase of active partnership on January 17.

    You are Luminous Leo once grand Jupiter enters your Love Zone on November 24 and joins love planet Venus, already there. This means creativity galore, fun on offer, an extraordinary time to brainstorm and develop a good idea. With the Sun also lighting up your love and stirring creative juices, the addition of Mars on December 6 provides more feel good energy! Planet Pluto is there too, so remember to honour the deeper more mysterious side of life. Maximise your potential, breathe fire into projects that have seemed to stall and claim self-mastery. From January 4 you are magnetic, attracting admirers and business offers. You can successfully consolidate a special deal from January 9 to 15.

    Your tricky ruler Mercury has been in tricky ‘retro’ mode recently, so you have a lot of catching up to do. Family life and security are your prime concern as no less than six planets gather in your Home Zone by December 8. Be careful not to fall into old stuck routines. Your deeper sense of satisfaction will be found in ‘family’ bonding through practical projects and enjoying sweet home pleasures. Jupiter’s new cycle predicts a year of greater pleasure in these intimate areas of your life - make some space in your busy schedule to lay the grounds in late November. December and January’s gifts can be better appreciated once ‘go getter’ Mars gets going. January 17 to mid March prompts a whole new sense of the ‘possible’.

    Venus has been in ‘good time gal’ mode since November 18 but it’s when the Sun joins her on November 22 that you really engage your happiest rhythms. Now some of those recent responsibilities and upheavals can be put behind you and the fast, friendly pace of many planets in Fire and Air signs can be enjoyed in December. When Lover Venus cruises into your Love Zone on January 4 right after a passionate Full Moon, you begin to melt. Take time to relax, enjoy and clear your head for a busy, busy year. Your plans fall into place quite readily when Venus links forces with Jupiter January 9 to 12. Then Mars turns your attention to the things you want to achieve around the home, propelling action.

    Secretive and subtle are your preferred means of communication, which will be useful to you now - from November 29 to Full Moon on December 5 intrigues and delicate matters surface. Take these one at a time and remember that you are in a time of renewal and many of the challenges of 2006 are behind you. An emotional Full Moon in Cancer on January 4 signals a time to follow your heart. Family and home have the Venus effect for the next three weeks, so sweet times lay ahead. Clarify your intentions and goals for 2007 now. When Mars vitalises your daily activities after January 17 and then a New Moon on January 19 adds zest, you will indeed get the delightful energy release this promises.

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