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    Leo and Virgo time – July 23 to Sept 22, 2006


    Moon Moods: New Moon in Leo on July 25 begins a dynamic new phase, building up to an Aquarius Full Moon. Beware the emotional excess of this August 9 event - harsh truths and over-sensitivity aren’t a good combo. Virgo New Moon on August 24 starts a problem solving cycle that includes the challenging first opposition of ‘gasseous giant’ planets, Saturn and Neptune. September is a fateful month with two eclipses – first Full Moon and eclipse on September 8, then the rare second New Moon in Virgo on September 22 is a solar eclipse. The September 8 lunar eclipse is visible in Australia some time before dawn, depending on your time zone – exact at 4:53 am AEST. Both eclipses are powerful agents for change.


    Now things get juicy as Sun enters Leo and a ‘Water Grand Trine’ makes everything intensely passionate and emotional. Once your Leo New Moon on July 25 announces the beginning of your lunar year, it’s quite OK to propose slightly looney plans as long as they have a creative edge. You define your strengths and really shine through most of August, but don’t let it make you complacent on August 2, 11, 18 and most important – August 27-31 when Saturn in Leo provides your greatest challenge. Saturn is a good friend if you stay authentic and realistic. Watch out for grandiose dreams or that ‘too good to be true’ offer. The first week of September brings recognition of the right kind and late September the next challenge.

    From July 27, recent struggles become an easy flow. A sense of uncertainty is swept away by accelerated pleasures and interests. If it wasn’t for Pluto in the most private part of your solar chart, presenting you with dark secrets when least expected, you would be feeling quite at home with yourself. Yet Jupiter is helping out – you are even more versatile and more mobile than usual. New Moon in Virgo on August 24 starts a manic busy phase, particularly September 1 to 8, which happens to be Full Moon/lunar eclipse. From September 8 to 18 it will be tempting to release built-up pressure onto people you love and such a bad idea! Relax, meditate, then enjoy your rare second New Moon on September 22.

    With Venus cruising your Career Zone through late July and early August, special opportunities exist to prove yourself or promote a creative idea. July 27 to 31 and August 7-9 are times to focus your efforts. Happily, lusciousness ramps up when Venus and Mercury sweeten your social life from mid August on. Just be aware that August 25 to 31 could tempt you to jump into an unnecessary relationship dilemma or to embrace a creative dead-end. Energy and razor sharp repartee kick in to boost your magnetism and success factor, from September 9 to 16 when Mars and Mercury enter Libra and add a persuasive allure.

    Being The Intense One can be a drag sometimes but it should work for you with lucky Jupiter in Scorpio. Well, doors have been opening and people noticing your worth but why is it so slow? July 25’s New Moon begins a turn around for your career, July 27-31 sweetens most things and in August the pace speeds up. From mid month Mercury and Venus emphasise your career. Hard work will get results and a slow grow is the best pace. Since challenges will still de-rail your plans if you get careless, guard your energy August 2,18-21 and 27-31. Maximise the potential of September 1-8 and look to your dreams for guidance this month.

    Once Sun enters Leo on July 23, this helps to stoke your Fire. Further sparks stir up grand adventures and inspired ideas from August 2 to 9, as a sociable Full Moon waxes. When is that sunny side of your nature going to radiate forth, if not in mid August when Pluto ‘trines’ the Sun? Pluto has been in your sign for over a decade and you have stripped back some layers. August is time to celebrate. September starts with private pleasures - September 8’s Full Moon and lunar eclipse pings your intuition and starts a flow of domestic pleasures as well as some wake up calls that remind you not to close your heart.

    Sweet harmonies from July 27 to 31 induce an emotionally receptive state. If you reach out to people now, it will make the busy demands of August less stressful. An investment concern or shared resources come up for serious attention from August 7 to 21. ‘Climbing mountains’ can be lonely and the planetary aspects of late August and late September both remind you to honour the people who care about you. Perhaps cut yourself some slack by embracing August 24’s New Moon and the sociable adventurous phase to follow in September. You can seriously plan a big getaway but leave financial planning alone on August 30-31.

    Relationships are your riches from May 21 to June 21. June 12’s Full Moon makes this very clear, yet June 18 brings a unique challenge as Mars conjoins Saturn and your communications go under the microscope. Do carefully check all your facts before you wax lyrical or critical, otherwise expect some mean reactions. Be philosophical if fun plans come unstuck in late June or July. Protection factor? Hold back on saying things for shock value. It’s time to gain support and open doors, not close them. If something needs to be delayed in July, avoid stress by not letting it worry you - use that time to rethink and fine-tune things, then solutions come easily.

    Relationships become high profile with Sun cruising your partner sign from July 23. You do spend a lot of time in your head, but heart needs are calling and they get even louder from August 7 to 9 when Sun joins serious Saturn and Full Moon in Aquarius links up with visionary Neptune. Since Chiron the Healer joined Neptune in your sign in 2005, your quest for emotional fulfilment, a softer impact life and deep level healing, has been underway. Don’t let the stressful opposition of Saturn and Neptune, building from August 7 and exact 27-31st, tempt you to alienate someone special. September is a chance to apply wisdom and restraint.

    With your two rulers – Jupiter and Neptune, currently at odds with each other, there are two important goals or two people in your life that seem incompatible. It will be November before this tension eases so concentrate on daily work, health maintenance and career. With the Karmic Axis in Pisces you must trust your process and hold to your dreams. July 25’s New Moon illuminates hopes and fears, 27-31st restores faith, August 2-9 defines commitment and invites love. Career strengthens in August but 30-31st and September 22 are the healing crisis. Forgive and resolve. Make sure Pisces Full Moon on September 8 is not disastrous but sublime.

    A change is afoot as the climax of your year approaches. Your best ‘prep’ begins with Leo New Moon on July 25. This just adds extra spark to the Sun cruising your Love Sign and from August 13 Venus in Leo further stokes sensual fires. You define creative confident for a wee while. Meanwhile – gasp, Mars tries to get you organised, in the form of other people’s critiques or grim work demands. Late August turns up the heat. Don’t stress out because this shifts after September 9. Now Mars vitalises your relationships for two months. In fact a healing shift is due from September 1 and people who love you help out.

    This has been a slow progress year with many delays and reconstruction of plans often demanded. Your tender heart has been busy with Jupiter in your partner sign yet sacrifice and patience may be a recurring theme. Nonetheless, July 27-31 and August 7-9 offer blissful glimpses of what patience will bring. The ‘squares’ of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune make late August and late September stressful – a time to restrain a ‘scratchy, whiney’ response. It only makes trouble and others less tolerable. With Venus in your Love Zone from September 6 to 30 take the chance to tune up your pleasure responses – good Taurus work!



    Keeping people guessing is your first defence, and recently even you guessing. Now your creative genius is on show as Sun and Moon illuminate your gifts from July 25 to August 7. Venus amplifies your romantic magnetic qualities, from August 13 to September 7. This adds a serious success factor as long as you beware self-sabotage on September 3. A meeting of Mars and Mercury on September 16 sees your charm and wit soar! Hopefully, this will all help you resist unwise words/moves during the Pluto relationship stresses of August 30-31, September 8-9 and17-22. Learn then how to better balance home and work.



    With Venus in transit through Cancer until August 12, it’s a special time for building loving bonds. July took you back into old business but from July 27 to August 9 you easily embrace exciting new plans. Your sensitive constitution is hard-wired to your emotions and September is a time for healing. Full Moon on September 8 is a revelation of sorts. An interesting new concept or a romantic liaison on offer, will change your whole way of thinking or confound your expectations. Creative work has a burst of energy September 8-20. Then kick back a little - New Moon on September 22 is an eclipse and could be exhausting.


    Christine Broadbent is a full-time astrologer who loves her work. Christine is currently in Sydney until late June and is taking bookings now for personal consultations or telephone consultations. The latter are taped and posted to you. Christine also offers printed astrological profiles or transit reports, which can be done at any time. These make an unusual gift.

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