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    Leo and Virgo Time: July 23 to September 22

    In mid July Venus took her love light and left Leo, plunging you into practical concerns. July 30 and August 1 will take a lot of cool to avoid an explosion but you can look forward to a surprise return of the love planet on August 9. Creativity will expand in unusual ways with Venus ‘retro’ chez Leo until September 9. You can expect to revisit some old territory, reconnect with people and places you love, particularly in the five days following your Leo New Moon on August 13. Magic can happen then. The great thing is that when Venus goes ‘direct’ on September 9 she will sweep reservations aside and plunge you into the grand adventure that has been quietly taking shape. Also Saturn will be leaving Leo after two years there and a weight will start to lift. You are fabulously effective from September 9 to 27; money flows, both in and out. Important agreements are reached mid month, your charm is golden.

    Mars is accelerating your travel and learning bug in July and until August 9, when the energy shifts to vocation. You seemed to be on a Venus roll when she entered Virgo mid July but she backs out again in early August and instead adds her touch to the many planets lighting your inner fire this month. Something that looked good in late July might take until mid October to get rolling - don’t give up. Your mental clarity is excellent after August 20 but could be washed away on 25-26, and by a Pisces flash flood of emotions at Full Moon on August 28-29. Once Saturn enters Virgo on September 3, simplify your life and faith returns. Your Virgo New Moon on September 11 is a solar eclipse with a Mars ‘T square’. This means a mix of magical moments and mad over-organising. September 4 and 10-11 are no days to sky dive - or to criticise out loud. September 13 to 27 is potent with opportunity, a time to find just the right balance of work and play.

    Late July has its pressures with seemingly no let up. Try being inventive from July 28 to August 1, to avoid taking on someone else’s stress. Your best “can do” days are August 3, 6,10 and 15-18. In fact mid August’s New Moon begins a productive busy sociable time. Yet your guiding light, Venus is ‘retro’ and late August a bit manic, so hold off on a big commitment, trim your schedule, claim some solitude and all will be well. Mercury enters Libra on September 5, Venus goes ‘direct’ on 9th and your networks buzz. Everything is easier from September 13 to 27 with things falling into place September 13 and 18-19. Just don’t fall into a trap on 22nd. There is a link between July 1, August 26 and September 22, so learn from the first two and refuse to be deceived or misled. Have the grace to simply be you, rather than turning yourself inside out to please others.

    Partners are often the inspiration for your highs and lows and in late July it’s their stubborn attitudes that irk you. Particularly July 25 and at Full Moon on July 30. Don’t waste your energy fighting it – July 29 and August 3 offer better understanding. When ruler Mars enters your hard work zone on August 8, you will have plenty to do, maybe not the appreciation you would like. Go with the flow and be aware that a work commitment or role offered you in mid August has good potential but might change its shape between now and mid October. Your enterprising zeal will rise after August 13’s New Moon yet frustrations in late August mean an exciting project will more easily evolve after September 9. September also begins an opportune two year Saturn cycle, winning you support, priming you for success. Despite September’s many smiles, September 20-22 is a minefield.

    Independent action is your creed and often your strength, yet that doesn’t stop you offering copious advice to others. Beware this tendency in late July and the first half of August, it could lose you friends and make enemies. Your fiery insights are often inspired and on August 7 you begin the best and final phase of your opportune Jupiter year, so don’t waste all this potential on judging others. Instead, let your individual excellence spread its wings! With lots of supportive Leo planets, New Moon on August 13 brings a surge of yearning for travel and late August energises plans with a partner. Be wary of pushing then or a Full Moon meltdown could spoil things. Trust the flow, then September 9 to 13 makes it all worthwhile. Mars adds dash, you find direction and achieve a lot. If plans change or others challenge your patience September 20-22, smile sweetly and let this too pass you by unruffled.

    Serious soul Capricorn can embrace some fun in late July by letting someone convince you to try something different. You won’t regret it. Full Moon on July 30 begins the buildup to a potent embrace between Saturn and Pluto on August 6. As long as you avoid being too heavy or a spoilsport on August 1, this is a glorious week. When Venus joins Saturn mid August a financial or investment plan looks good but it needs more time to cook, probably until October. That big Pisces Full Moon on August 28 has chaos potential for plans and relationships -don’t overreact. The world is a little weird and that’s OK. Your guru planet, Saturn starts a powerful earthy cycle on September 3, offering you 2 years of more credibility, more responsibilities, more movement. New Moon on September 11 stirs adventurous urges so consider a short get-away, 13-19th.

    In the grinding buildup to July 30’s Full Moon in Aquarius, you square dance with Mars, while Saturn opposes your every move. Take no relationships for granted. Layers of complexity reveal themselves as Saturn reaches out to ‘dwarf’ Pluto in a fiery, passionate embrace. Personal mastery is on your mind in August and a deep hope begins to surface as a plan. August 28’s Full Moon evokes unusual help and potential contacts/ contracts. Three days later Saturn leaves your partner sign after a two year saga. Now it’s time to live the theories and let your mind have a rest. Get down and dirty as Sun and Saturn in Virgo ignite your secrets. September is for the work of change – intense irrevocable change. By September 11’s New Moon it’s Venus reaching out to you from your marriage house, not Saturn. Let sweetness rule September 12 to 27 and your heart heals.

    Life has been full of surprises not always pleasant. By July 30’s Full Moon a recent mini crisis has run its course. This does not let you off the Venus hook however, as she slides backwards through your partnership house. Not until August 10, will you feel even vaguely clear about a recent dilemma and that’s OK. With Venus ‘retro’ it will actually not be until mid October that you get your best chance for a great twosome. Pisces Full Moon on August 28 is a phenomena in itself and carries the energy of a Jupiter ‘T square’, which can mean overkill. The right balance of fun and work could make the most of Jupiter’s energetic cycle, boosting your career and life roles. Your Full Moon alerts you to the changes that must be made and September is the month to make them as Saturn is now on your team. From September 12 to 26 relationships take centre stage and a window of opportunity opens.

    As July 30’s Full Moon builds so does your energy but beware an unwise purchase or promise on July 25. July 29-30 is a chance to speak from the heart and August is for love and creativity, with Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all in your house of love. August 13’s New Moon brings up the quota to five planets pumping for you having a joy recharge. This month your fiery spirit burns bright, but make sure you don’t turn into a lava mouth on August 24-26. Gather your ideas quietly instead. The same weather warning applies to September 3-4 and 20-21, as these are other times when mouthy Mars is under pressure. Being all knowing, sets up trouble. Big plans, projects and tightly orchestrated movements coalesce in September, with an especially interesting period from September 9 to 19 when working in tandem makes magic. Check in next time to hear about your Aries Full Moon in late September and its ability to illuminate your life.

    Lady Venus is a mystery. She rules two signs – the Sacred Bull and the Scales of Justice and from July 28 she begins her ‘retro’ phase. This is a once in two years op for you to learn more about your Venusian nature, consider questions of desire and look beneath the covers, so to speak. From August 9 through September, it is at home, that Venus urges you to start this exploration as she and a host of planets make being at home all the go. Sadly, unless you work from home, Mars in your money sign will prise you out of the nest, just make sure you enjoy all your returns to it. Occasional solitude is good too and it will help you understand the odd behaviour of loved ones around August 28’s Full Moon and eclipse. September 10-11 is a New Moon wake up call and your love life charges up over the next nine days. But keep your wallet out of sight September 18 and 20-22. Just relax.

    Your wit and the speed at which you can change your position on things, is sometimes held against you but it’s really just your ‘mutable’ nature. On August 7 Mars enters Gemini and Jupiter goes ‘direct’ in your fiery partner sign - now your strengths will be most apparent. Air fans Fire into life and that happens for you in August when Mars and Mercury dance. Great ideas, quick thinking and good leadership are all likely, with best results August 16 to18. There are days to be restrained: August 8, 13-15 and 25-26, because Mars can stir your contentious side, with bad results. The same warning applies: September 3-4, 18 and 20-21. Your best chance to be brilliant and acknowledged comes after September 5 when Mercury ups your creativity and goes into its power phase September 13 to 19. The support and networks are there for you now.

    Sun leaves Cancer on July 23 but communicator Mercury is still there and connects to a brilliant plan or inspiring person on July 29, which flows into a frenetic Full Moon on July 30. Some great and practical help comes your way on August 3 and you could start to cash in on your recent efforts and financial strategies around August 6. New Moon in your money house on August 13 begins a hard work time. A commitment you considered in early July is up for a second look now but it will be mid October before you have the whole picture. Your biggest obstacle in August is increased emotional sensitivity, with Mars dredging up deep issues. This is most obvious August 24 to Full Moon on 28th when it is important to take the pressure off. Claim more reverie time in early September and a break/retreat around September 11’s solar eclipse, then change simply flows.

    Christine Broadbent is a professional astrologer passionate about her work. She offers personal consultations in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, as well as printed chart reports. Christine is currently in Melbourne for a week, will be back in Sydney through August and Auckland in September to November .

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