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    Libra and Scorpio Time
    September 23 to November 22, 2006


    This is an evocative time with planet Pluto (demoted but no less potent!) squaring off to the Karmic Axis. This pattern holds through the Full Moon in Aries on October 7 and the New Moon in Libra on October 22, adding an underlying sense of coercion and chaos. Since September 24 to 28 has a Jupiter/Neptune stamp of confusion and October 24 to 31 has the final anxiety-provoking Jupiter/Saturn ‘square’, it may feel like a giant melting pot. Yet the Full Moon in Taurus on November 5 and the New Moon in Scorpio on November 21 carry a different energy – the flowing ‘trine’ links between Saturn and Pluto, which will extend into mid 2007, help us get real about learning from the past in order to safeguard the future.

    Since Sun goes into Libra on September 23, we have to ask - what is lady Venus up to? She is biding her time …until September 30 when she dances into Libra then party time begins. By Full Moon on October 7 Venus embraces Sun and Mars making your birthday month particularly pleasurable. Your Libra New Moon on October 22 is also about relationships – enjoy. When Venus moves into sultry Scorpio on October 24 and you get down to business - money matters now! A generous Jupiter and productive Venus help you to make the most of this time and material rewards flow from now through November. Remember - delays that only ease up in mid November are an opportunity to foster insight, to redirect energy. Go with the flow.

    Adventurous and visionary qualities have been prominent this year with Jupiter in your sign, yet repeated battering from Saturn and Neptune have also stirred up obstacles to your ambitions and excessive drama. Cheer up – it’s character building and there’s magic in the mayhem! Breaking point is late October when Jupiter ‘squares’ Saturn for the last time so don’t fall for an anxiety attack. Your idea of business is being rebuilt. This initiation process occurs as Sun enters Scorpio. Since the Scorpio party also includes Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, nothing is impossible - romance, business success, a more passionate life, are all within your grasp. Take your time - November 21’s Scorpio New Moon energises core renewal.

    Always the adventurer at heart, September has been high octane, since Pluto went direct in your sign. Now following your heart is your credo, particularly in October. October 7’s Full Moon in your Lo-o-ve Zone has potential for passionate participation, a great gathering, like minds. October 22’s New Moon makes you the initiator. A powerful combo of Saturn and Pluto from late October to late December spikes your willpower, strengthens your focus. When Venus enters Sagittarius on November 17, for 24 days, it’s time to replace ‘should’ with ‘feels good’. In late November you claim what really matters as you begin your best year in twelve – your Jupiter year arrives.

    Sun sails into your Career Zone on September 23, as planet Saturn begins to form a powerful alliance with Pluto (demoted but potent). This coupling becomes closer through October and November spelling a phase of growth and progress. November 5’s Full Moon can be intensely satisfying and would be a wonderful time to gather with like-minded people. Despite the sweet times on offer, October 28 to November 17 is a time to avoid large purchases and not commit to ‘deals’. Building good relationships is the work that will pay back later. A new sense of optimism overcomes your native caution and good ideas for practical ways to invest in your future arise around New Moon on November 21.

    Some things test your patience, but you are a super capable Aquarian, so breathe deeply. An alternation of high hopes and uncertainty, vision and confusion are the order of the day from September 24 to 27 when Jupiter ‘squares’ Neptune. It gets a lot easier in October when Venus slides into your sign of adventure and fun, meeting up with Mars. You get inspired and it is a great month to develop a new concept or business plan - one that ups the pleasure quota of your daily life. Enjoy it, because October 24 –29 is the final Saturn test for 2006. Give your partner(s) uncritical support as they may be under great pressure. You get the good stuff from late November.

    Soothing, sensitive Pisces is in a turbulent rush these days. Having Uranus as a bedmate and the many karmic reminders of North Node’ also in Pisces, unsettles you more than you prefer. Yet pulling yourself out of your primordial ocean is necessary from time to time. No more passive Pisces! September kicked off with an emotional Pisces Full Moon and a newly energised career push. It is right to be rethinking your vocational options but merely debilitating if you indulge in Pluto-induced power struggles or coercion. Ideas come together in October. With the Lover, the Warrior and the Sun’s Light in your adventure sign from October 24 to November 18, travel and spiritual exploration both look good. It may be old territory you revisit.

    Leaping and frolicking for the sheer fun of it, is usually good sense for the Ram/Lamb and your Aries Full Moon on October 7 is bound to induce such a response. With your red ruler Mars in Libra now, keeping pace with the Sun, it’s love, marriage and friendship time. Once Lover Venus enters the picture as October begins, the month is blessed by all efforts to strengthen and honour relationships. The last week of October is more difficult and needs tactful restraint when lovers and friends act out their stress. Don’t take it personally, it’s not about you but will be if you ‘butt’ in. Instead maximise now and November through creative effort – you see real results in December.

    Gentle by disposition and instinctually caring, you are the Earth sign ruled by Venus. You love a simple life but emotional complexity and career question marks have ruled since December ’05 / January ’06 when the first Jupiter/Saturn ‘square’ started. Now you are approaching their final challenge in late October so hold on to your serenity, channel the energy to make constructive changes to your home, honour the people you love and celebrate love. Don’t overreact at Taurus Full Moon on November 5 - someone, or some role you depend upon, could go pear-shaped disappointing you. Be patient if you are delayed as November 18 to 24 galvanises things into action in a very nice way.

    Pluto-driven, your ambition to achieve meaningful partnerships is strong now. Yet hidden agendas will get you into trouble. Since October 7’s Full Moon brings your groups, friendships and social roles to a climactic point, why not harness this celebration energy. With Sun and four friends in your Love Zone, get ready for the fresh creative start that October 22’s New Moon presages. But when Mercury, your usually speedy ruler slides backwards through sensitive Water sign Scorpio from October 28 to November 17, take care – you could be ‘thin-skinned’ about petty issues. It is November 24 that begins your most romantic cycle in years. Jupiter enters your marriage house for a twelve month stay.

    The soft-centred self protective Crab is very capable of caring for others, building security. Saturn has been in your money house since August ’05 and it ‘s time to reap some rewards for your hard efforts. Material gain has been helped along by an expansion of your creative energy via Jupiter and interesting associations via Uranus have helped a lot. Late September and late October are times to avoid buying into other people’s stress. Full Moon on October 7 and November 5 are both exciting punctuation marks but it is November 5 that reminds you to appreciate the good things in your life. Friendship and love comes your way giving you a warm glow in November. Follow your heart.

    Beware a confusion of ideals in late September. If a partner or someone special to you goes into meltdown then, support them with empathy and good humour. Judging them or shouldering their burden is not advised. October 7’s Full Moon offers a good chance to let off steam in stimulating ways and enhances communication for the next two weeks. Then Jupiter makes its final ‘square’ from October 24 to 29, and a challenging cycle you have been in since last December reaches its grand finale. Be cautious. Since Communicator Mercury goes ‘retro’ in your Home Zone at the same time, don’t expect to see results until mid November. Be patient, review your security and family concerns; plan December’s pleasures.

    With the past karma point in Virgo and Pluto squaring it, it’s hard to avoid the odd obsessive-compulsive moment! Blame your past if you like but getting on with solutions is more your style. October 23 to 29 plants seeds for later financial rewards. Your earthy sign is clever and practical in solving problems but overload could occur when Mercury is ‘retro’ from October 29 to November 18. Don’t push too hard, be proactive by rewriting or rethinking plans and renewing contact with siblings and friends during that time. New Moon on November 21 is the take off point for social activities and short trips but from November 24 your greatest satisfaction will be found close to home.

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