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    September 23 to November 22, 2007


    It’s welcome to Spring Equinox, as Sun enters Libra on September 23, four days before a powerful Full Moon in Aries. The Chinese word for crisis also means opportunity and it’s potentially both for Aries and Libra on September 27. Happily, communication and peace making are readily achieved as Mercury eases things. This helps out Gemini and Sagittarius too, who recently hosted the opposition of Mars and Pluto. Exact for the first time on September 21, this opposition repeats on New Year’s Day and the story keeps unfolding until early March. For many of us, a battle of wills or a difficult choice between two compelling options, also unfolds.

    We have only just emerged from a challenging Venus ‘retro’ cycle and relationships and business ventures really leave its shadow in early October. But Venus was only the first repeat act – on October 12 a ‘retro’ communications cycle begins and Mercury has us going back over old ground for 3 weeks. This is rather odd timing because Libra New Moon on October 11 plants the seeds of growth within relationships, in teamwork and creative ideas. Yet ‘retro’ Mercury will internalise energy, stirring complications, uncovering secrets. The most satisfying results come with a willingness to look beneath the surface, to cook up new ideas from the old.

    Astro events become richer again when a passionate sensate Full Moon in Taurus rises in the East on October 26. On November 2 Mercury goes direct and for twelve days new ground can be covered, furthered by Scorpio New Moon, on November 10, boosting our sense of purpose, stirring high hopes. But Scorpio’s ruler, warrior Mars is not going to make things easy, rather it too goes ’retro’ in Cancer, on November 15 and stays that way until February 2008. Emotions internalise and feelings must simmer for a while. Patience and reflection is a must to get the most from these spectacular repeats. Read on to find out how these planetary complications most strongly affect you.

    Lucky Libra when your birthday month begins with one of the most opportune periods of this last part of 2007. Indeed by September 27’s Full Moon your relationships are all important and you have the opportunity to take love to a higher level, to help something transform over the next week. Libran New Moon on October 11 should mean a high action two weeks to follow but instead communications go pear shaped for three weeks. Don’t let money matters stress you out and be careful what you sign, with Mercury ‘retro’. When on October 25, it slips backwards into Libra, any unresolved relationship issues come to a head, exaggerated by October 26’s Full Moon. When Mercury finally moves ahead on November 2 you have the precision and diplomacy to make things happen. Then along comes another gift at Scorpio New Moon on November 10 - Venus enters Libra, the place where she belongs. Now everything in your world takes a happier, easier shape and a treat that was delayed makes a sweet return. If a plan or project bogs down around November 20, don’t overreact - treat it as a redesign op.

    Intensity is your game and your serious intentions demand action when Mercury enters Scorpio at Full Moon on September 27. This is a powerful push-ahead time that promises success. Saturn supports your goals with practical know how and Mars energises a philosophical and optimistic turn of mind. By building loving relationships you support everything else you do and that is your bottom line for happiness. On October 12 Mercury goes ‘retro’ in Scorpio and your capacity for analysis and uncovering hidden things strengthens for a fortnight. By Full Moon on October 26 your Scorpio time in the sun has begun and Full Moon quickly lets you know what must be done. Major plans are best initiated between November 10’s New Moon in Scorpio and before your ‘ruler’ and energy driver, Mars goes ‘retro’ on November 15. You are in for two and a half months of recollections, reconnections and reconsidering travel or expansion plans. This is not the time to make a fixed decision, just gather wisdom. Regardless, your most effective meetings and business successes occur November 17 to 22, when you are an unstoppable force.

    It is your season for social contacts and good teamwork, with some of your best results around September 27’s Full Moon, which illuminates your love zone. October 10 brings you to the final phase of a challenge that began in late January, and resurfaced in early May, as Jupiter and Uranus square off. This is a warning to not push a good thing too far, as the planet of opportunity cruises your sign but squares off to Uranus stirring unpredictable emotional challenges with ‘family’. Instead be sensitive to others and grateful for every small success. October is time to renew your commitment to an exciting development that started to look promising in July. If you accommodate other people’s emotional needs around mid October, your ideas will get a good hearing by October 20 with a fortunate flow-on October 27 to 30. The first half of November is an excellent time to act upon a good idea, which also needs teamwork. Once Lover Venus enters your friendship sign at November 10’s New Moon, you gain extra help. Your optimism soars November 17 to 22 but you would be wise to restrain any big spending or borrowing until February.

    September 24 to 28 energises your career and Full Moon on 27th shows you your real support. October develops powerful partnerships as Mars begins a very long transit of your partner sign. Funds or support you have been seeking since July could come your way in mid October when a Venus/Saturn bond is boosted by Mars and Mercury. Don’t hold back on words of praise and affection and do be proactive about resolving differences. It will be May 2008 before Mars leaves your ‘marriage house’ and it’s far better to make love than war! Full Moon in your love sign makes October 26-27 an excellent time to acknowledge others and to take a plan developing since late September, to the next stage. Be patient because communications are in a ‘retro’ cycle until November 2 and it will be November 9-10 before your best chance of moving forward occurs. Make the most of waxing Moon energy before November 15 when Mars the Pusher goes ‘retro’ and the people around you are likely to stir up delays or uncertainty. Mercury prompts you to extend yourself and ‘feel good’ gatherings occurring November 17 to 22 spice up passion. Energise partnerships now in gentle ways.

    As Spring Equinox occurs on September 23, Venus and Neptune complete a standoff that began in July and has at times pulled the ground from under your feet. Now, though your ideals are a bit dented, you move on rapidly as September 27’s Full Moon builds. Powerful friends and good allies show themselves as October approaches but be wary of an over-the-top plan around October 10. Communicator Mercury is about to go ‘retro’ in your career zone so it’s about listening and learning, looking back in order to go forward until November. Yet October 12’s New Moon dusts off your sense of adventure and seeds new dreams, while October 26’s Full Moon starts a big week when plans dramatically expand.
    Since your traditional ruler is serious Saturn, it now prompts effective strategies for long term security but November pays homage to the more visionary quests of Neptune. When Neptune shifts into direct motion in Aquarius in early November, your dreams shift onto centre stage. If you don’t lose your way on November 12 or 19, numerous planet harmonies on 4-9th and 17-22nd provide an easy route to the sweet embrace of Lover Venus and Neptune as the month ends.

    With Saturn now in your opposite sign, being a team player becomes important at home and work. This is no time to find a controlling Saturn side in someone important to you, try taking on a new responsibility instead. September 28 and 29 brings Mercury and Mars into friendly Water signs, then follow-up harmonies with Saturn October 2 to 9. This boosts all your relationships and the potential for satisfying travel or good results from study. Meanwhile Saturn is urging commitment and you might be resisting. A fire burns in your house of love from October to the end of December as Mars hangs around there for months. Enjoy the highs around the October 26 Full Moon because Mars will go ‘retro’ in mid November and you won’t be able to flip your tail and swim away so readily. With unpredictable Uranus in your sign, unexpected alliances and erratic changes of heart have been common. Now sexual healing or throwing yourself into a creative project are both good options for the many months of interesting repeats and the irresistible urge of returning to unfinished business.

    Ambitious plans and projects coalesce in September as you make the most of Mars on track in multi-tasking Gemini. You are fired up by its connections with Pluto and Mercury and a climax approaches with September 27’s Aries Full Moon. You are wise to use every minute well now. September 21 was the first of three oppositions between Mars and Pluto and events unfolding are only the first stage of a six month seismic shift in your work and/or lifestyle. Since Pluto is the ‘higher octave’ for Mars, this is a golden opportunity to lift your act, to get on with creating the changes you want. Unless you think it is all about changing someone else - then painful realisations and failure are likely instead. As September ends Mars enters Cancer and a home-proud October begins. The easiest time to organise your life is from October 2 to 9 as Mars buddies up with Saturn and a waning Moon makes it easy to throw things out. October 13 to 19 is an effective time to share projects, repair relationships and create an aesthetically pleasing work-space. Be warned that if you take on big home projects they will likely bog down in mid November when Mars ‘retro’ makes home and family questions murky. Just focus on emotional nourishment for all.

    From September’s equinox you feel recent pressures and uncertainty about home and family fade. Indeed by October 3 you feel empowered to solve long-standing issues. Lover Venus rules October 11’s New Moon and she also returns to your love zone, back where she was in July, before starting her long ‘retro’ cycle. This means Venus really revs you up in October. Bull Rampant may seem a good idea, but those you want to share the fun, might want you to share their problems instead, with Mercury also ‘retro’ in your partner sign. Happily the Communications Guru backs out of that tricky place the day before a ‘Follow Your Bliss’ Full Moon in Taurus on October 26. From Full Moon to November 10’s New Moon in your partner sign, try reaching for your dreams in practical ways. Don’t be too unsettled by unexpected changes, sudden attractions or misunderstandings on October 25, 29 or November 6. These will be short lived and your new sense of direction will gradually strengthen. From November 9, extra but pleasant, responsibilities come your way and between November 17 and 22 partnership potential is high. Enjoy a chance to reconnect with the touchy feely you.

    Twins are quixotic and creative and the ongoing opposition between Mars in Gemini and Pluto in your partner sign, tests your versatility. Happily, Mercury in diplomatic Libra eases things in late September but do remember that any power struggle or aggressive stance you take now, could be back to bite you as 2008 begins. Instead aim for a deeper understanding of what makes other’s tick and you will be well prepared for the repeat act. Full Moon on September 27 showcases your ability to be articulate and charming, then September 28 begins a new Mercury cycle that fosters hard work and attention to detail. October 2 to 4 increases your support base and gratitude is a good idea. When Communicator Mercury goes ‘retro’ after New Moon on October 12, some tasks need repeating and October 14 may demand a serious commitment. Do this graciously, then October 17 to 20 repeats the help and support previously experienced and October 24 is illuminating. On November 2 when Mercury goes direct, social life, creativity and romancing pick up pace immediately. Emotional currents deepen after November 11 when Sun, New Moon and Mercury urge you to explore the hidden territory of your heart and November 17 to 22 makes it so easy.

    As we move from equinox to September 27’s Full Moon you struggle to keep the balance between home and career demands. Then on September 29, like an invigorating drink of spring water, Mars enters Cancer for a long stay. Your home and having its atmosphere just right, becomes even more important to you. You are also more likely to stand up for yourself if necessary, so avoid difficult people. The secret of your success now is in your own backyard and new things you learn will serve you well from October 2 to 9, then 11 to 24 as Mercury, Venus and Saturn team up to help. By Full Moon on October 26 and through November, the emphasis is on your urge for love. So enjoy the good connections, explore your creative ideas and nurture fun in your life. When adrenalin pusher Mars, goes ‘retro’ in Cancer on November 15, it’s time to look inward to go forward. Use your energy with care, focus on maintaining your own wellbeing and resist being pulled back in to someone else’s drama between now and the end of 2007. It will be mid March before you are really ready to reinvent yourself or make that fresh start.

    It’s official – Saturn’s heavy vibe has left Leo and Venusian pleasures have returned. Late September’s build-up to a Full Moon in your travel and adventure sign is worth enjoying. Since Venus will start voting for more practical pursuits after October 8, the fortnight preceding that is definitely action and fun time. Your star is about to shine even brighter and some familiar patterns change as new interests develop from October 3 to 20. Pluto, planet of transformation, is on your side when you embrace these changes, so the net result is a greater feeling of self-mastery. When a New Moon embraces Sun on October 11, you gain added resolve and start to articulate your plans. Yet Mercury goes ‘retro’ in your home zone for 3 weeks at the same time, so you will be pulled back to a more intimate focus and should rush nothing. October 30 reaffirms your vision and November 2 frees things up, especially for partnerships and home based projects. November 4 and 8-9 are good for building agreement and from November 10’s New Moon to 22nd your radiance sparkles more gently. Home and family is the healing domain, the place you hatch creative renewal.

    Sun has now left your sign and Saturn has joined it, so your usual work ethic goes into overdrive. September 25 to 27 is the most potent energy of the lunar month and as Full Moon builds, Mercury helps finalise a money-making scheme. September 28 begins a great communication cycle and the next two weeks are ideal for learning a new skill or integrating new technology. Venus is back in Virgo on October 8, upping your charisma, expanding your social life, so when Mercury goes ‘retro’ on October 12 don’t fret if daily affairs bog down for a while. Your easiest achievements are October 14 to 19 but beware unstable people and crazy ideas on 25th. After November 10’s New Moon, new contracts and new schedules are easily implemented and November 17, 20 and 22 are the stages of your success. Since Saturn is now in Virgo for two years, try to balance work with play and rest. Also protect your sensitive digestion – don’t ignore problems or treat them with a quick fix. Get the good side of Saturn by building your strength and using your analytical skills to solve small concerns before they become big ones.

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