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    Christine’s Planetary Currents


    Libra and Scorpio Time

    September 23 to November 21, 2008

    Astro events galore spark up the next two months. Communicator Mercury goes ‘retro’ on September 24 and moves into direct motion just in time for a Full Moon in Aries. Relationship planets Venus and Mars are tracking along together, first in Libra then Scorpio, intensifying all connections. By Scorpio New Moon on October 29 that pact is broken and an adventurous Venus in Sagittarius speeds ahead. Then Venus ‘squares’ spice up an already edgy opposition between power-broker planets, Saturn and Uranus on November 4. This harks back to the mid September Full Moon and begins a challenging punctuation mark in the story of our times, extending through into 2012. By Taurus Full Moon on November 13 passions run high, charging up the Uranian quest for change and Saturn-style interface with hard realities. When things get tricky remember that the gift of Uranus is intuitive knowing and the gift of Saturn is patient effort…they make good dance partners.

    Great viewing: See Jupiter high in the night sky and dream on Venus as Evening Star. She is illuminating the western horizon after sunset.

    Venus, so recently ultra civilised and cooperative in Libra, enters Scorpio on September 24...emotions start to sizzle and you move to their tune. Energy gathers at Libra New Moon on September 29, plus you get a visit from déjà vu. That ‘been here before’ feeling features over the next three weeks, perhaps coupled with a romantic or financial windfall in the first week of October. Yet October 7 could test your composure, mess with your mind. Sometimes being a ‘people barometer’ can be tiring and you might just vote for a week of reorganising finances, limiting your social contacts and getting down to biz. By October 14 energy rises, Full Moon follows on 15th, communication stops being pear-shaped and it’s on with the dance. Skip delicately around old sensitivities in October - a family issue building since early September, is illuminated around 7th and could blow on 26th . Claim a gentler pace of life in order to feel blessed by Neptune’s harmonies. This will assist you to be the mediator if necessary on November 3-5. In any case it is no time to disagree just to fix the balance. The new Venus cycle beginning at Full Moon on November 13 puts extra pleasure into home and family, where much joy is to be had as we move into December.

    A sexy Venus and Mars combo in Scorpio make it easy for you to be charismatic in October, but your ideals may be challenged on October 12-13. Charisma is particularly useful in the last week of the month when your enterprising zeal is high. October 29’s New Moon in Scorpio sets your sights on big results. Three slow planets are prompting you to heal and re-imagine your home life, to revalue your past, to consider the family wounds and gifts. You have been ‘potentised’ since February, squeezed hard in August, and will be launched via Scorpio New Moon on October 29. The good ship Scorpio welcomes Venus, Mars and Sun as a flowing sequence of visitors from September 24 to November 22, just to oil the works. November promises so much, some more desirable experiences than others, but always eye-opening. The month begins with a sense of happy reinvention yet degenerates fast around November 3-5, into some kind of struggle. Aim to be concerned but detached, compassionate but calm and don’t take sides. A lover, friend or child may need your help. Happily the sweeter side of “All Souls” month begins on November 10 and people let you know they care. Questions must be asked on November 13 but 21-28th has the real story.

    A bevy of planets lights up your house of dreams from September 24 until November 22 and regular periods of solitude are great if you can get them. At least record your dreams before tearing off to work. October 15’s Full Moon illuminates your love affairs and makes you creatively juicy. It also frees up a get-together that has been long pending. October 22 and 28-31 are good times but it is after November 10 that you feel your enthusiasm rise the most. Challenging meetings and links with family karma make you sit up and take notice in early November, not a time for easy intimacy. Yet you do build greater intimacy and nourish your most effective skills when Venus is in Sagittarius from October 19 to November 12. When Mars takes over on November 16, your pushy enterprising side gets up for a dance. You are filled with the spirit of adventure but may feel held back by life’s obligations. Is it time to find the adventure in the obligations? You surely will when Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22. Checkpoints to remember are October 7, 26-27, November 3-5 and 12. Stay cool and charming then and your aspirations come closer. Your ability to stay good humoured in times of stress will serve you well.

    Capricorn is ready for take-off. Big Bird Jupiter is on the tarmac with jet engines purring and you are in the front seat. Jupiter in Capricorn is in its last forward run, primed by its dance with Saturn. They stay in cheek to cheek mode until November’s end and only dreams that are heartfelt need apply. Set your sights true; it will be 12 years before Jupiter is back and this Saturn link won’t repeat for 60 years. Always one to plan ahead, you have reached action time. September 22 into early October is almost designed for your success, with Venus and Mars igniting your networks. Mighty Mars boosts your sense of purpose, October 4 to November 15, and your personal energy soars, more so after October 15’s Full Moon. From October 10 to22 results flow thick and fast but do stay aware of the emotional undercurrents. Promises made in early September need a serious follow up in early October. Don’t be discouraged around 7th, - instead work quietly for your ambitions so that by October 26 you can claim that you have given it your best. A breakthrough in communication is on offer mid November. When it comes to love, rise above your inhibitions and worries and let November 10 to 21 carry you on a journey into the heart.

    When the Age of Aquarius dawns is a controversial point, some say still many years away. Yet the impact of Aquarian rulers – Saturn and Uranus – opposing each other, is not particularly controversial. There is a collective intake of breath among astrologers as this awesome twosome gets set to begin a shakeup in November that extends for over two years. Healing regimes to support your sensitive nervous system are a good start for live in your head style Aquarians. These years can be your most successful yet if you can start them with loving care of your body. There is just over three months before Jupiter enters Aquarius, when a crazy Big Opportunity year begins. So September 9 to November 21 is a gift - a time to ground your heady dreams in simple physical ways. September 29’s New Moon in your knowledge sign lights the path. A host of planets in your career zone through October work really well for you. Their earthy harmonies translate into support and help for the practical lifestyle changes you contemplate. This may seem like a hard task around November 3-6 and 13-15, but it is the path of least resistance, the way forward now. A trio of planets makes your career more satisfying at the same time.

    Since that mid September Full Moon in Pisces, you can see what must be done. Venus in your adventure sign from September 25 to October 18 brings some exciting offers. Consider them well because not everything is as it seems and October 12 to 15 could lead you astray. The ‘fey’ side of your nature reads people and situations well, yet you are a dualistic sign so uncertainty can follow. Then you ask all and sundry for advice – which you mainly ignore and follow your hunches anyway. Try shortening the process by listening to your first sensing of a person. Beware this duality in early November. When Uranus in Pisces opposes Saturn in your partner sign, you may feel crazy. If you give up personal accountability, controlling people will step in. If you act on every whim, chaos follows. Refuse to make career decisions or Big plans and keep a lid on opinions November 1 to 6. The chaos factor can help creative projects but wreck relationships and kill credibility. November 10 your lucky star rises again but 12-13th and 18th clouds judgement. Yet you are on a roll and feel like you got the cream, by November 21.

    With both Venus and Mars in your partner sign September has been a mainly mellow month, with touches of de-light. Mellow is the best way to stay if you want to revitalize things – Mars style, from September 21 to October 1. The catch is that other people may seem rather pushy – never something that particularly pleases you. Still, it’s ‘retro’ Mercury for three weeks after September 24, so if you grin and agree, they may actually change their minds! Pressures and possibilities build as Full Moon in Aries approaches on October 15 but relationships may stagnate a little until then. That’s alright since a dose of self absorbed activity is good medicine for you. If you put your awesome energy into unfinished tasks until mid month, then October 15 to November 1 will replenish your energy and lift your spirits, quite naturally. Just beware dragging out an old issue around October 26-27 or November 3-5. For the Rambunctious One, less said is often more effective. Hold back the instant comeback, to boost your magnetic appeal in November. Positivity is a plus – with Lover Venus in your adventure zone from October 19, and Mars there from November 16, do share your enthusiasm. Your heat rises - frolic time again.

    Luscious lover of life, Taurus - with Venus entering your partner sign September 24 to October 18, relationships thrive. The odd obstacle in your path is unexpected blowouts that can occur once Mars joins in on October 5. There’s passion aplenty and sensual delights are a likely reward if you measure your pleasure, (oh Bullish One). Too much of a good thing really is too much and stops delighting you. Emotional compensation is not a good look, so try identifying two things: what do you really love? Who do you love? Once Sun too enters your joy zone on October 23 you will readily do something about it. Your social conscious, networking and friendships in general have undergone some radical change moments in recent months. In the first week of November another twist or turn occurs – be flexible. The story you seek is true partnership and you can write a better script now. It’s fuelled by a rush that requires a collected considered agenda to contain the energy. Clarify priorities and refuse to be distracted by chaotic individuals or a lover intent on controlling you. Passive resistance is your forte’, so try a sweet but firm response. You may find a rare gem among the confusing array of opportunities on offer.

    It’s that good ole Mercury ‘retro’ time again – from September 24 to October 15 it’s rewind mode for love and pleasure. Someone or something comes back for reassessment now. If you have a creative idea simmering away (and what Twin doesn’t) it is a perfect time to revisit old ground and spark it up, or to reconnect with an important ally. Clarity is on your side via Mercury from September 22 to 27 and lucky stars help you stay grounded October 2, 5 and 10. Beware those ‘squares’ unsettling financial matters as there is a tricky Mercury/Saturn struggle: If you were unprepared or caught out on September 8, don’t repeat the same mistake on October 7 or you could have a nasty surprise around October 26. Pay your dues and be gracious about responsibilities – you gain strength. Shifty Mercury also helps you build inspiring alliances. October 28 to November 1 brings the new health regime or the big spring clean, and not a moment too soon. As Moon waxes, enthusiasm and companionship flow in the door. Venus in partnership mode puts a smile on your face October 28 to 31, November 10 to 12. An on/off option suits you, as does wearing two hats, two interests. Flexibility and rest stops support November’s crazy show – ready for the promising fresh start of November 26-28.

    Jupiter cruising your partner sign expands your relationships and the demands of others upon you this year. Your giving nature has probably responded well and your responsibilities are many. All the more reason to enjoy the sweet rewards that flow when Venus, Mars and Sun move through your love and pleasure sign. This sequence runs for two whole months, starting September 24. Your sensitivity and primal urge to hold onto what you love can make you a bit loony at times. As the Moon’s own sign, your emotions wax and wane but your need for security keeps on keeping on. If you feel down deep and identify what really fills your heart, makes you feel whole, it will be easy to enjoy your low tides as well as your high. A special op, a rare gift of knowledge or new insight into your family could come in the first half of October by looking within, looking back. Career choices come into high profile at October 15’s Full Moon and it’s full steam ahead now. Yet October has sensitive times when personal needs may conflict with the demands of a public role or a partner. If a dispute began around September 8, don’t make the issue gain traction around October 7 or 26 by pretending you don’t care. Love in action is your year’s theme after all.

    Lovely Leo steps forward as September 23’s Spring Equinox illuminates your busy life. The earth’s journey around the Sun reaches the time of equal day and night. For you it’s walk it, talk it time and social activities, sibling contacts and short trips pick up pace now. There is a further gear shift around September 29’s New Moon, stoking your inner fires. The next two months has three planets fast dancing through your home zone, so you aren’t willing to give up private time even though you may be challenged to do so. Sudden demands from your clan are likely at inconvenient times. A warning - don’t launch big initiatives from late September to mid October but do focus on perfecting small details of things already underway. Full Moon in your adventure sign on October 15 is celebration time; move ahead energy catches up October 14 - 31. Yet October 7, 12 and 26 need all your concentration to avoid emotional landmines. Likewise November 3-5, 13-15. Since you are a natural fan of a spicy life, you accept the bitter with the sweet, the hot and cooling effects of love. In any case, Leo perfects the best sulk of the zodiac – you simply withdraw and lavish yourself. So stride off whenever necessary. Remember it becomes much more fun after November 16.

    With Guru Mercury ‘retro’ just after Equinox those practical matters you planned to complete, may take a backward loop until mid October. Since October 15’s Full Moon could pose big financial questions, you can avoid chaos by taking your time. Making plans and creating order is your preferred modus operandi - sometimes more as an image than a reality. Maybe consider some working repairs on the chinks in your armour? Quick to criticise imperfection, are you really so different yourself? Life’s complexity hits fast forward in early November when the first of many struggles between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus begins. So gather your strength in October and don’t push the river when planet Uranus has tsunami forces on side. Wishing others well heals you. Refuse to over-react to flakey people, being let down or family secrets that emerge, in early November. Saturn’s shadow side is complacency. The image of blameless squeaky clean you fixing the messy world, can lull you into chaotic seas. Your life raft is your relationships even though they are your biggest test as well. Value the ones you love, substitute empathy for criticism and all will be well.

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