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    Sagittarius and Capricorn Time

    November 23, 2007 to January 20, 2008


    A spectacular Full Moon in Gemini on November 25 illuminates dreams and presses buttons. After New Moon in Sagittarius on December 10, the ‘get up and move’ energy begins a remorseless forward push. Jupiter meets Pluto in late Sagittarius on December 11-12 and extreme conditions become normal. It’s a hectic, crazy, overkill time when the power of belief rules. A ‘retro’ Mars moves backwards into Gemini on New Year’s Eve and opposes dwarf planet Pluto on January 3, stirring disputes and trouble. Beware running around in circles in January because you will just have to do it all again. Instead cruise a little, laugh a lot and let January’s waxing Moon cycle from January 8 to 22, carry you towards your dreams.

    Your birthday period is very special as it hosts the meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius, building up from late November and exact on December 12. Sagittarius New Moon on December 10 begins a dynamic two weeks. Everything is extreme, both the opportunities and enthusiasm or the overkill and regret. Try to vote for the former and don’t push a good thing too far. When Full Moon illuminates your partner sign on November 25, it will also show you the obstacles to be overcome in your professional or private life. If you have been positioning yourself for success, December 2-4 or December 12-14, will bring the results. Once Sun enters your money house on December 22 the theme of 2008 unfolds. It is all about building up your material security and putting down roots. With Saturn in your career house all year you can achieve a lot and from January 21 you will see results. Since energiser Mars is retro until February, January is no month to over extend yourself and a good time to get your financial affairs in order. Caution days are December 1, 7 and 11, also January 3, 6, 13 and 20.

    With an emotional Mars going backwards until February, it is a good idea to be gentle with people you love, especially family. Harsh words could bring on a deluge and drag on, blinding you to the opportunities around you. When Jupiter enters Capricorn for a year on December 20, your most expansive goals begin to develop. December 26-30 is a perfect time to explore your options and listen to the suggestions of those around you. Consider January the month to cross your t’s and dot your i’s in preparation for the exciting new cycle which begins around January 21. Both business planets are on your side so January is also a good month to put in the background work towards a new career or lifestyle direction. Your Capricorn New Moon on January 8 means you can step into your power like a new set of clothes. As long as you sidestep the temptation to be bossy or domineering on January 3, 6, 13 or 20, your new ‘clothes’ will be a perfect fit. Prepare for long term goals now and you can’t go wrong. Unexpected opportunities may come your way November 23-26, December 9, 12-13, 18 and 26-30 - be prepared to run with them.

    It’s a fast and furious social whirl for Aquarius from November 23 to December 24s Full Moon. Highlights are Full Moon in your love sign, November 25-26 and fiery Sun/Moon harmonies on November 29-30 that can vitalise your prime relationships. Your sense of community drives you but other people’s needs, can sometimes exhaust you. So a shot of being entertained by others is due December 2 to 4 and will restore your zing. December 5 brings Venus into your career zone, emphasising enjoyment and good vibes as essential vocational tools this month. Your ‘ruler’ Saturn goes retro on December 19 and you begin to reflect on financial goals. Then December 20 begins a Jupiter year that stirs many dreams and inner sensitivities. Your easy way with words is not quite so easy yet 2008 is potentially a very creative year. January is a time to take stock of your life direction, dream up a new story for yourself and complete unfinished business. You can’t ignore $$ questions but January restores you if you kick back a little, let off some pressure - January 11 to17 this is positively healing.

    Change has been in the air for a while and when change agent Uranus, turns direct in your sign on November 24, everything moves faster. Yet November 25 or December 1 or 7, could test your certainty. Fear not, New Moon in your career zone makes December 10-11 a time to take stock of your life direction, to ask what needs to change. Just like those two fish set on two different directions, you have two ruling planets: one is Neptune, the other Jupiter. From December 12 to15 Neptune harmoniously links with faster planets and a Big Dream takes shape. At the same time Jupiter conjoins Pluto and your vocational hopes get bigger. You won’t settle for second best in anything you do and others will pull you up if you do. Someone close is pushing you to take on new responsibilities or commitments and the pressure has been building since September. Yet December 19-20 begins a cycle that makes it likely it will take a few months to happen. It also begins a new Jupiter year, when your networks and like-minded others play a bigger, better part in your life. Don’t let January 6, 13 or 20 dampen your enthusiasm.

    The pace of life is almost too much, even for adrenalin-driven Aries. But you will grin and bear it because no matter what you say, this is your kind of time! With three planets on fire with the Sagittarian adventure rush and communicator Mercury about to join them in December, you are moving fast and learning fast. High points are a fat Leo Moon that rises four hours after sunset on November 29-30, then the Sagittarius New Moon on December 9-10. New Moon is invisible, embracing Sun and it stokes your inner fire for the next rush to come. If you plant good seeds then, you will be in your full power by the waxing Moon in Aries on December 18-19. Power should be worn lightly – beware taking yourself too seriously in the first half of December. This is when the intense emotion of dwarf planet Pluto joins up with the ‘bigger the better’ energy of giant planet Pluto. Opportunity abounds right now and respecting the needs of others will prepare the way. Your vocation can grow exponentially in 2008, yet it will be March, April before you will reap rewards from December’s efforts. January is for all the background work and definitely for a socialising recharge.

    Sweet and gentle as you want to be, many things have been testing your patience, while also demanding your compassion. You may be concerned about a long-term friend or lover who is pushing themselves to the hilt and driven by unrealistic expectations. November 25’s Full Moon, December 1 or 7 are not times to discuss these sensitive issues. Yet November 26, December 2-4 and December 9 are good times to build understanding with loved ones. Once Lover Venus enters Scorpio on December 5, your relationships cruise, love is well and truly in the air. Things get even better December 12 to 18 when you creatively join forces with friends and colleagues. On December 19 a year begins that will include far-flung adventures, courtesy of Jupiter. Then the Sun too shines its light upon your wanderlust December 22-23. The business planets are in earth signs now, turning your mind to financial futures and strategies. March is best for developing these ideas and January 13 to 20 is potentially a financial minefield. Yet happy gatherings occur from January 17 to Full Moon on 22nd, illuminating home pleasures.

    Full Moon on November 25 is in Gemini, markng an exclamation point that could leave you breathless. A long association may be challenged now, so be sensitive to other’s feelings. A friend or colleague could be deeply hurt if you break an agreement or make a critique. Wait for the easier aspects of December 2 to 9 to build affection and trust. With Mercury your guru planet moving through your partner sign, you are energised and can heal past misunderstandings. Don’t undo your good work December 11-12. Instead see December 12-14 as the perfect jumping off point for a shared adventure then on December 18 you will see the final outcome of something started last October. December 20-22 begins an earthy year, which brings investments and financial planning to the fore. Your best decisions are made December 26-30 and if a relationship dilemma resurfaces in January, just blame old testy tug-of-wars re-emerging, with Mars ‘retro’ in Gemini this month. Beware holding an old grudge that dates back to late September, or January 3, 6,13 and 20 could be volatile. Enjoy the rich offerings of this time and by January 22 your plans come together.

    With Full Moon lighting up your house of dreams on November 25, you are in a sensitive and creative phase. A project you have been struggling with may finally come together by November 26. Since energetic Mars is going backwards through Cancer for the rest of 2007, it is important to reflect carefully on every move you make. Don’t take on commitments that you think could exhaust you or they will. Lover Venus enters your love zone on December 5 and you may be pleasantly surprised by a helpful offer or opportunity, December 9. Then December 10’s New Moon invigorates plans and daily activities, while December 12-18 will be a productive and sociable time and Full Moon in Cancer caps this off on December 24. This climax of your year will be best enjoyed if you avoid ambitious plans and vote for a festive season, which is low key and intimate. By December 30 your recharge mechanism is well in place. Make rejuvenation your priority and avoid conflict situations January 3-6. January 8’s New Moon through to January 22’s Full Moon s a powerful new relationship phase, when sharing feelings brings good results.

    Reconnecting with a long held dream or creative project is a major theme for you in this final part of 2007. November 25’s Full Moon might challenge your determination but this will be short lived. The following day smooths over the bumps and December 2-4 brings colleagues and helpers to cheer you on. A friendly link between Mars and Saturn and a New Moon, December 9-10, brings a fresh charge of energy. When you see the tiny crescent Moon December 12 or 13 affirm your future vision. December 18 may follow up with unexpected support. Mercury and Sun conjoin giant Jupiter December 21 to 23 and practical goals take precedence. The key to the year to come is well grounded workmates and you keeping an eye on the details. December 30-31 is the perfect time to acknowledge the people that matter. A bumpy start to 2008 via a clash of wills or opposing agendas may occur January 3-6 - don’t let this spoil a good friendship. January 8’s New Moon offers you a fresh start and a chance to correct errors and fine-tune your projects. If you do this you will be feeling truly inspired and optimistic by Full Moon in Leo on January 22.

    Full Moon on November 25 may leave you feeling somewhat pressured and stuck in a rut. Don’t worry - Saturn is in Virgo and making earthy harmonies with Jupiter in 2008; you will be leaving that rut behind. Now is a time for reflection, to gradually put the pieces of your 2008 plans together, like a complex jigsaw puzzle. December 1, 7 and 11 are best seen as reminders of what needs to change. The pieces come together from December 2 to 4, then 9 to14. Once Mercury meets the Sun on December 18 you will be clear about your desired outcomes and December 21-22 gives you the full picture. It’s time to kick back the season feels most festive from December 26 to 30. You are recharged by the love and support around you. Remember this if people become difficult from January 3 to 6. An earthy New Moon in your love and pleasure sign on January 8 begins a fortnight when you really enjoy yourself. This is the perfect mental therapy for the slow emergence of one of your best business cycles in years. January 21 will give you a taste of things to come.

    Your sense of adventure and your wanderlust are ignited by November 25’s Full Moon. Yet it is wise to remember that the energy driver Mars is moving backwards through your career sign, which will slow things down over the next two months. Be flexible - make November 26 and December 2-4 special times to reconnect with people you love, then all will go well. Venus enters your money sign for a month on December 5 and its harmonious links with other planets from December 12 to 18 are likely to top up your financial reserves. Make the most of this time and remember that a powerful Capricorn cycle will strongly influence your coming year and is basically in place by December 22. Initial frustrations, are there to temper your willpower and may occur in late December and early January. Don’t allow this to dilute the strong sense of responsibility and family objectives that come with this cycle. Expanding your security and perhaps changing your home base are part of the adventure 2008 holds in store for you and January 11 to 21 is the first important phase. In February plans move ahead and your support base grows.

    The eagle eye of the Scorpio is well known and there is not much you miss. Yet confusion or uncertainty could put a murky haze on your usually sharp perception when Neptune ‘squares’ Mercury at November 25s Full Moon. Again December 7 and 11, the pressure builds. From December 12 to 20, the discomfort changes to confidence, as numerous planetary harmonies strengthen your perception and bring some sweet surprises. Love and creativity flourish, but December 22 to 25 requires patience and tact, to navigate the social and family pressures you may feel. It is December 26 to 30 that is more relaxed and truly festive. Make the most of it since Lover Venus is in Scorpio. Come January, a challenging ‘retro’ Mars moves backward into Gemini - a strangely varied social whirl starts. Your mind nonetheless is on serious concerns, and investing in your future is a big focus. You can develop a great plan through January but don’t start the formalities until mid February, when Mars is in direct motion and is supported by the Sun’s solar purpose.

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