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Aquarius and Pisces Time

January 20 to March 20, 2009

January 26, 2009 - New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

This is the big one, a meeting of Sun and Moon that is exactly in alignment, allowing the Moon to eclipse the Sun. This is the reversal of the usual New Moon, when the Moon is hidden by the Sun, but you will not see this annular eclipse in Australia or New Zealand. Since Moon and Sun are part of a group of six stellar bodies in Aquarius, this is the penultimate New Moon for community, human cooperation and shared goals for change. The exact time of the solar eclipse is 6:59 pm. (Australian Eastern time DST)

February 10, 2009 - Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Sun opposes the Moon again, revealing Full Moon in all its luminous brilliance. This is a special Full Moon and the eclipse will be visible Down Under! The Moon will slowly be eclipsed over a couple of hours and the time of greatest obscurity is 1:39 am. (Eastern Australian time DST) This eclipse is an ‘Appulse’ so Moon only enters the ‘penumbra’ of the Earth and is not fully obscured. Make this Moon a celebration of love, creativity and friendship.

When Sun eases into Aquarius on January 20, then a backward looking Mercury ‘retro’ joins up with the Sun on January 21, the theme is set for a huge year. In one sense you will have to go back over old ground relating to your groups, friends and your quest for a better world, a better life. Since Aquarius New Moon of January 26 and February 10’s Full Moon are solar and lunar eclipses and your Aquarius Full Moon in August will be a lunar eclipse, 2009 is a rare and fated year. You will build foundations that support you for many years to come, so don’t shy away from making new moves to ensure long term good health, since your body is the most important foundation of all. This coupled with the visionary, healing trio of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius all year makes February even more important as your launching pad month. Yet that ‘retro’ Mercury, followed by Mars in Aquarius from February 5 to March 15 could initially present a few frustrating circumstances. Be particularly patient February 5 to 13 and you won’t regret it. Innovative ideas, unexpected collaborations, powerful partnerships are all in your sight. January 26, 29 and February 14 to 21 and March 2 to 8 help you fuel up for this big journey.

An intensely inward turning energy is part of the territory late January/early February, yet it doesn’t stop you from enjoying the sociable, friendly buzz of Venus in Pisces. Even so, be ready to be called to task in some way by unexpected meetings or circumstances January 23 to 24. Venus will hook in to the Saturn/Uranus “financial meltdown” story of our times, which escalates from February 5 to 6. Fate is urging you to conserve your energy and organise your money. A little help from Venus in your money sign and sudden insights courtesy of Jupiter and Neptune inspire you to organise your finances between February 14 and 24. Most opportune! When February 25’s Pisces New Moon officially begins your year, your energy builds, a great idea begins to take shape and better still, good solid planning helps you get there in gentle stages. Any important initiatives or new relationships born now will bubble away nicely in early March then hit the drawing board/action phase around March 11’s Full Moon. March 13 brings necessary changes or reveals the chaos factor and March 15 starts a long Mars phase when warrior/go-getter Pisces leaps forth. Play it safe January 24 and March 9.

Aquarian Air has been fanning the flames of your ardent Aries approach to life and stirring up things with social invitations, activities and interesting techno projects. You are a busy bee, courtesy of Jupiter. Now Sun joins the throng on January 20 and even more of the above occurs. Fortunately February expands your energy, astounding even you with the amount you achieve. First Venus pops into Aries on February 3 then tests your feel-good mode on February 5 to 6 – if you challenge the status quo then, it could wipe the floor with you! Horns retracted and smile on dial brings better results. When Venus gains some strong friends and Mars meets Jupiter from February 14 to 19, you become a social force. This evokes a more productive side for an existing friendship and richer depths in intimate relationships. Business and pleasure can be mixed now as long as you don’t overstep the boundaries with excessive zeal. A stalled project from January may be revived February 14 to 26. February 14 to March 5 is also a better time to initiate plans than later in March, since Venus will go ‘retro’ in Aries on March 6. On a personal or public level March 2009 could have some interesting links back to March 2001.

Just like the beauty of a sunset, most pleasures are short-lived and Taurus understands this. As a fixed sign, you hold on to the things that continue to give you ongoing pleasure, through time. Yet sometimes those reassuring things like real estate, beautiful possessions and a stable relationship, don’t turn out to be as safe as you would like – this is such a time yet it is loaded with opportunity. Since 1998 your aspirations have undergone a sea change and now in 2009 a gathering of planets in your sector of aspiration calls you to galvanise your energy and act. Inspiration arrives January 23 to 24 and March 11 to13. The solar eclipse of January 26 and lunar eclipse of February 10 will prod and poke you to make decisive moves or give full support to a big decision someone close to you is making or both. From February 15 to 18, Venus makes sweet connections that further your career and confidence. It is best to lock in contracts, plans and projects before March 6, when guiding light Venus will go ‘retro’. Opportunities that come knocking may seem to disappear then, but know that late April/May can bring them back. After March 15, friends and allies energise you with support and encouragement and your sensitive nature finds its creative edge.

The Gemini nervous system is sensitive, fine-tuned to internal and external frequencies. Your inner feeling nature can catch you by surprise since you like to run your life via your non-stop brain. That can be exhausting and leaves you vulnerable to sudden mood changes. Regular rests help but are hard to get with hard taskmaster Saturn ‘squaring’ your Sun via demands re home and security, while Uranus ‘squares’ you via radical changes to your vocation. These are also exciting challenges and you are buzzing. If you need to rethink aspects of your life, January 28 to February 6 helps. During this time, you may be travelling, teaching, studying or preparing to do one of the three, since a party of planets is expanding your quest for knowledge and adventure all year. Don’t lose sight of your real priorities and deepest truths when Saturn opposes Uranus on February 5 to 6. If a responsibility feels too heavy, your inspired “can do” mode will return February 1 to14. Concerning relationships, Lover Venus adds happy playmate energy all month, so love and friendship nicely blend. Saturn brings back security doubts when it opposes Sun on March 9, but rich insights come next on March 11 to13. Persevere with your quest for excellence - an unexpected opportunity is coming. Late May/June resolves love issues.

There is potential for unusual adventures in late January, with sudden travel opportunities or a big learning curve looming. From the January 26 solar eclipse a bittersweet taste may accompany the moves you make to organise investment and manage the financial side of your goals. Power struggles are no fun but you have a unique way of handling them – some variation on the theme of a sideways shuffle with timely nips to make your point. The week building up to February 10’s Full Moon could feature a personal struggle as Venus struggles with Pluto. Since Venus is also sweetening your career opportunities from early February to June, it is wise to deal with this as the first of three speed bumps in an otherwise fast track to success. Don’t take on a no win situation around February 6, or early April and early May will deepen your quandary. February 12 to 21 is dynamic and February 25’s New Moon stirs your wanderlust. Yet a ‘retro’ Venus in March warns against too many commitments. March is the month for completion, for making order from chaos and March 11’s Full Moon highlights what you need to do. Take your time and watch things just fall into place.

It is the year that had to happen - an all and everything mix of excitement, partnership, and a big social life coupled with reflecting on past mistakes, revisiting old emotional territory to heal and finding inner peace. Since there is an overload of planets in your relationship sign all year, the Sun’s passage through that part of your ‘scope from January 20 to February 18, is particularly meaningful. Add to that the ‘retro’ communication cycle, which has introduced many uncertainties about the significant people in your life in January, confusing some plans, you just have to go with the flow. By the time you reach February 10’s Leo Full Moon and lunar eclipse, your ability to adapt and in turn strengthen your relationships reaches a peak. With Jupiter’s help, you have reason for optimism but don’t let your common sense be overwhelmed by idealism. Lack of realism can end up wounding you, yet there is a high potential for any well researched enterprise you begin with a partner this year. Between February 16 and 26 you could be dazzled by someone but your negotiation skills are strong too and March 6 to April 18 will show you the inside story of any biz or love union. After that it’s clear sailing.

Ever ready to serve and learn, to make things work, Virgo can be so involved in ‘important tasks’ that your own health gets neglected. Now Sun enters your health sector and you learn something important for your future wellbeing on January 21 to 24. Stay in cool mode January 24 and don’t judge others too harshly. Take note of what you learn now since another Saturn in Virgo challenge is coming in February. Past mistakes could catch up with you from February 5 to 6, yet dramatic changes that heal old hurts can also occur in the flash of an eye. You are in the cooking pot of life while Saturn opposes Change Agent, Uranus. February is a follow up to November ‘08 and a preparation for September ’09. This period has a mini climax at your Virgo Full Moon on March 11. Full Moon massages away your own resistance to change but you may be trying to put the brakes on the way someone you love is changing. If you open your heart and mind to them in late January and try to stand in their shoes from February 18 to 26, you will reach a deep understanding with your March Full Moon. Partners become more combative after mid March, so smooth the waters now and see how good it feels.

It’s out with the old boring routines and in with the new exciting ways of doing things when a gang of planets take over your “let’s get juicy” instincts. Love, pleasure and creativity are big concerns and will be all year. The January 26 New Moon and solar eclipse adds force to that planetary gathering, building up to a wild Full Moon on February 10. February is special and will be wonderful if you can avoid overdoing the fun. Since Lover Venus enters your partnership sign on February 3, then proceeds to go ‘retro’ there from March 6 to April 18, expect the old attitudes or petty quarrels that you want to put behind you, to come up again in March/April. Don’t be worried – this is an opportunity to really embrace positive change in easy steps. The first step occurs February 10 to 18, when it is easy to open your heart helped by Venus/Mars harmonies. The next easy step from February 24 to March 8, features improved communication, assisted by Jupiter/Mercury bonds. Partners, co-operative efforts and coordinating roles figure high - your enterprising spirit is strong and by March 11’s Full Moon serious goals are taking shape. Your hunches are good but since March 6 begins a time to reflect on partners and public roles, wait until mid April for the next easy step. Avoid power struggles in early February, then early April will be smooth sailing.

The all and everything gang of planets in Aquarius are emphasising home and family for you. This means a blend of chaos, fulfilment and amazing intellectual breakthroughs, assisted by regular Aha moments, in this most personal domain. If you are building or expanding a home - beware exhausting yourself in February. This month is a kind of litmus test for the year. Even if it is just your personal space, you will benefit from rethinking the layout or functions, so that a small redesign project will make everything work more smoothly and make you happy. Too much cost or pressure is unwise, keep it pleasant, because once Sun enters Pisces on February 18, you need to wind back a little on hard work and wind up the softer pursuits. Your creativity soars now. February 25’s New Moon illuminates love and pleasure, again emphasising home as your preferred place to be. You give a lot to people you love but also expect a lot in return. This new solar cycle delivers the best results when empathy and compassion take the lead. March begins with the meeting of Mercury and Mars in your family zone, ensuring that helpful connections and clever planning move you to where you need to be. Creative change comes mid March.

January is a stimulating month with numerous opportunities to hang out with interesting people, to strengthen your bonds with good friends and perhaps take on a new interest/course. There are only so many hours in the day but you intend to milk as much out of them as you can. January 22 to 24 is bound to have some surprise in store re your nearest and dearest or your home but don’t try to interfere if you disapprove of the actions of a female friend or child. Be more subtle or you will be in the line of fire. Likewise February 5-6 may have its challenges. Yet if you get your communication technique right now it will go on to assist you all year. Your greatest luck comes from good communication and an open attitude to learning in 2009. February 10 to 18, then February 24 to March 8 will really make you feel connected and cared for, if you take this on board. These are times of great potential for love and business. Rushing in - physically or verbally - on a hunch, is unwise. With Venus in your Love Zone from early February to early June, love, pleasure and happy sociable times are there for the taking. Days to keep your foot out of your mouth are: February 5-6, March 9, 11, 13 and 19.

It is bonding and breakthroughs as January 23-24 offers unexpected help or inspiration and January 27-29 assists powerful self expression. The Capricorn mind readily returns to material and physical concerns but your new Pluto mojo ensures fearful thinking is out and a deeper confidence emerges. Issues have been rising to the surface since Saturn first stirred up change agent Uranus in November 2008. In early February this happens again and you have a chance to reflect on these and clear the air. Best communication occurs February 14 to 18 when door opener Jupiter supports the growth of understanding and of community. A profitable alliance may also take shape now. In fact a financial opportunity may involve redoing something you have recently done. Your optimism rises with February 25’s New Moon that promises to sweep away any remaining resistance to change. To try new things and extend yourself to new people and groups is what works for you in 2009 and this is particularly true of March/April. A power struggle with someone you love may arise around February 6 and if you react too strongly, it will return March 9 or early April, so just let it go for the sake of peace. Loving communication at March 11’s Full Moon reaps lovely rewards.

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