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Sagittarius and Capricorn Time

November 22, 2008 to January 19, 2009

Sun joins Mars in Sagittarius and you are ultra energised. Your guiding light, planet Jupiter makes a good business connection with serious Saturn, so your plans are ready to roll. This begins a fortunate and interesting time and some luck with finances is likely in late November, early December, with Venus and Jupiter on your side. Real estate and money making ideas become more dynamic after your Sagittarius New Moon on November 28 - that special lunation propels renewed interest in your home, via good practical ideas. Just don’t be too gung ho when it comes to time and expense, since December 5-7 and 10-13 could bring unexpected pressures to bear. December 13 is also Full Moon and something might block your fun. Yet you can see the wealth of possibilities and act with great inspiration between now and December 27. A serious goal takes shape in late December and you have the necessary drive to achieve it – do expect to take longer than you first estimate as delays could start in mid January. With Venus in your home zone from early January, being able to share your home with others takes highest priority and brings the sweetest of pleasures from January 5 to 12. Necessary home/family changes proceed easily after January 23.

Lucky in love? December seems to help out, when Venus and Jupiter canoodle in Capricorn. This peaks late November and early December and feels just great...Yet behind the scenes there are Big Things happening. Pluto is making it’s (once in 248 years) return to Capricorn and day one of a 15 year stay is November 27. Your happy face might be challenged on December 13 & 16, so stay composed. Deep ambitions only dimly sensed, will arise during the next few years and your Capricorn New Moon plots the first course on December 27, with goals reaching a deeper level on 29th. This New Moon period reveals more of yourself to you. However it won’t do you any favours if you try to push someone else around. Be consciously gentle with people you love in late December and early January, as prickly responses are likely to forceful ways. A major goal that takes shape now will define you for many years, so choose carefully. Your old way of doing things is about to transform. New Year opens a 2009 with great potential. Unexpected opportunities might demand a turn of direction, maybe short journeys and a steep learning curve. January 8-11 revs up love with a sensual, caring Full Moon on 11th. Teamwork and flexibility bring rewards as the month proceeds.

With Jupiter in Aquarius for all of 2009 after January 6, a year of rapid progress and expansion lies ahead. Yet the less desirable things as well as the desirable can be expanded in a Jupiter year, so the right preparation in late 2008 seems a good idea. When Sun enters your sector of friends and likeminded others on November 22 you have a month long opportunity to strengthen your support base, to reconnect with friends and clarify the goals that really matter. Happy surprises after November 28’s New Moon help you clarify and contemplate what really makes you happy and secure. Take note of what you learn between now and mid December‘s Full Moon because it will help you to identify where you should put your energy next year. Jupiter represents the Wheel of Fortune rather than just good fortune, so creating the right channels for that energy to flow is a very good idea. From December 13 to 29 it is the inner focus and your spiritual strengths that can be invigorated. December gives you the anchor you need to navigate an extraordinary January and February. With Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron the healer all in Aquarius in January, it becomes apparent 2009 is a fateful year. Your high hopes, artistic and humanitarian inclinations are boosted and happiest times are January 6 to 12 and 19 to 22

As a sign that is usually big on faith, hope and optimism, you also experience some dark nights of the soul. There have been a few unexpected ones with Uranus transiting your sign but you are also strengthening the relationships that really matter. Being steadfast and committed in relationships works best for you right now, even though partners may seem overly controlling, with Saturn opposing your sign. Now is the time to build trust and commitment. November 22 begins a month long illumination of your career aspirations and November 28’s New Moon gives extra drive and conviction to your efforts. A friendly open approach is going to yield the best results and even those Fish that prefer the quiet rock pool will be peeping out. An offering or shared project that appears November 26 to December 4 could work very well indeed for you. This is also a great time to plan an adventure. Your efforts can succeed well from December 7 to 11 but December 12 and 13 bring out your rebellious side - don’t overreact. After mid December sudden solutions will come to you with little effort. The Xmas period promises to hold rich reminders of loving relationships. With Venus in Pisces from January 4 for a month, sweet and gentle times are likely, great for intimate gatherings. Romance is most favoured from January 8 to 21 as Venus and Mars mix it. With your ruler Jupiter stirring your secret hopes and yearnings, an invigoration of your spiritual and contemplative practices is on the drawing board.

Serious concerns for your future dominate your attention as Sun enters Sagittarius. November 28’s New Moon gives you the final go ahead rush of an ambitious thrust that has featured in 2008. Fun and adventure might be on your mind but productivity and efficiency are what is needed right now. Your imagination is inspired and you can lay the ground in late November and early December for a good productive cycle to come. Try not to spoil a good thing on December 5-7, when unwise words could affect your credibility. Also keep that famous Aries temper in check from December 10 to13, when a stressful Full Moon could upset plans. December 16 is also a time to protect yourself and have a low key day to support your peace of mind. It is December 27’s New Moon conjoining your gung ho ruler Mars that helps you formulate careful strategies for achieving your most important goals. Try integrating these into your 2009 New Year’s resolutions and you have a very real chance of achieving those resolutions. Jupiter enters Aquarius on January 6, suggesting friends and teamwork bring you good fortune in ’09. Your zippy style will be well supported by getting all the facts at your fingertips, rising above any techno-phobia and exploring avenues for cooperation in business. Early January is family time, then after January 19, Aquarian Air fans your flames and an avalanche of invitations and interesting projects start to arrive.

Life has sweet reminders of the loving support around you and a potential adventure or some travel ahead. Since mid November ‘s Full Moon in Taurus helped you consolidate certain changes into your life, you can flow rather than strive right now. November 22’s new solar cycle emphasises investment and financial planning, so give some thought to these matters. Your most fortunate initiatives occur from November 28 to December 4, but the rest of December is unpredictable, particularly mid month. If you can get a weekend escape in that earlier period, this would be a perfect time. Once Venus enters your vocational zone on December 8 serious commitments claim you and your friends or family responsibilities need more time and energy. Try to pace yourself, particularly December 10–13 and 16, when other people might be pushing you hard. November 30 to December 14 could present you with an exciting option for 2009. Late December begins a new era, which may be transforming for you and people you love. Do clarify your hopes for 2009 on December 27’s New Moon - it will plant potent seeds. January supports gentle relaxation and friendly sociable times. If you long for a rejuvenating retreat, consider January 5 to 12. If a work project or planned move seems to slide backwards from January 12 to 31, make the best of it and don’t waste energy moping.

Mental stimulation and variety are good medicine for the Twins, so you are sure to make the most of the new Jupiter cycle beginning January 6, 2009. Until then aim to get some rests in, so that your sensitive nervous system can be ready for the busy, mind stretching and sociable 2009 to come. The future gets much clearer, as ideas pop out of the ether around New Moon of November 28. It is your climactic Gemini Full Moon of December 13, which brings emotions to over-boil. Consider this a gentle warning, December 5, 10, 12-13 and 16 will all push your buttons and show you what you did not know. Mark it down as character building and it will be…The reason for a realistic cautious approach is because many polarities exist for you right now – the good and the bad, the one hand and the other hand, the breakthrough and the breakdown. Both Saturn and Uranus are stirring up Gemini, particularly those born June 11 to 21. . With Mars and Sun in your partner sign there are plenty of energetic playmates who could push you too far December 10-13 and 16. Measure your energy and make excuses with impunity, it’s helpful right now. Your spirit of adventure is hungry but needs more time with less things. In many ways, you are constructing a new life, even if it’s only just reaching the drawing board. “Do things differently” is the maxim that works. Don’t make the error of assuming that decisions made in mid December will last. Your 2008 goals may undergo some serious rethink from January 12 to 31, particularly if involving travel or study plans - February sorts it out.

I admit it – crab is my favourite seafood. But I hardly ever have it because it’s such hard work to get through all that tough shell. Likewise, as a Cancer you can be so sweet but so well defended. Yet your defenses have been dropping in 2008 with Jupiter opposite Cancer. Right now the Sun cycle is about repetitive efforts and November 28’s New Moon has you striving and achieving. Giant planets, Jupiter and Saturn are both supporting your every move, one with the potential of expansive partnership or a new public role; the other is testing your spirit of adventure yet helping you build much needed new structures in your life. December 1 begins a special time to begin necessary changes. Your resolve could be tested from December 10 to 13 when a hard Full Moon and a ‘Saturn square’ could push you back into your safe cave. Persevere - great potential exists now and in late December. Transformation becomes essential. A happy linking of Sun, Uranus and Saturn from January 10-12 means you will probably put the finishing touches to a new plan. Get the structure right now. A sudden opportunity for adventure might come along and slow things down but you really can do both. Any Cancer born around winter solstice should be careful what they agree to in late December – hidden motives are likely. By Cancer Full Moon of January 11, even forceful individuals won’t disturb your resolve to do what you must. Change is easy.

Its a luscious time for Leo when Sun, Mercury and Mars gather forces in your house of love and pleasure from November 22 to December 6. This sets the tone for a busy and dynamic December yet it doesn’t let you off the work hook. It seems that November 28’s New Moon through until early December, will also remind you that hard work and effort can really pay off now. Your creative ideas and ability to articulate them get an added boost from that New Moon and much can be achieved between now and December 13. Saturn in your money house keeps popping up with little reminders that there is no free ride yet friends and lovers make the journey a good one. The love planet Venus meets the high hopes of Neptune and the healing theme of Chiron, in your partner sign, so your optimism about love runs high. It is a good time to heal relationship wounds. 2009 is about community and connection, rather than standing alone, once Jupiter enters Aquarius for a year on January 6, this becomes the strongest theme. A host of other planets join in from January 2 to early March, so other people’s plans effect you strongly then. The catch is that a ‘retro’ cycle from January 12 to February 1 is likely to change or confuse plans, so think flexible. January is a very sociable month when numerous happy times will take your mind off any delays.

There is a lot of excitement in your life and unpredictable changes via other people, but you easily juggle all the balls. If this rather Saturnian role of manager and general dogsbody has been giving you stress, fear not. Your guiding planet, Mercury enters a playful mode when it links with the Sun November 23-26. This means a whole lot more fun in your home, with your family - the perfect antidote to stress is to relax and enjoy. November 28’s New Moon offers a perfect opportunity to start doing things differently and passing some of the load to other people. A touch of charm could bring a lot of co-operation from November 30 to December 4. Don’t shatter this co-operative spirit on December 5, 7, 10 or 12 -13. These are easy times to alienate others via critical words or an overload of nagging. December 16 needs a tactful touch too. With summer solstice of December 21 a new sense of personal empowerment comes your way, while December 27’s New Moon cements good relationships. At Full Moon on January 11 celebrate sweet connections with others and take a break from routine. Small restful adjustments are just what you need to recover from the demands of 2008. When your ruler Mercury is ‘retro’ from January 12 to 31, reconsider your way of working and how you look after yourself. This will all make your operation leaner and meaner in 2009. A powerful new business cycle takes shape around January 23-24, so you want to be ready.

November 22 begins a solar cycle which has you on the hop. Short journeys connecting with friends and family and lots of day to day responsibilities are in the offing. Yet this is likely to be mostly pleasant and you would rather be busy that bored. Lover Venus is in your home zone until December 8 and cuddles up with Jupiter from November 30 to December 2. This suggests that constructive lucky things happen involving home and family. When your leading planet then lights up your love zone from December 8 until early January, you are bound to enjoy yourself. Whether it is via the sweet company of children, friends or a lover, its all good. Best days for parties and gatherings are December 4, 9, 14, 17 and 30-31. Since December 27’s New Moon pushes your sense of responsibility, try not to do too much too soon or the Mars Pluto effect will leave you wrung out and exhausted. Wait for January 5-12 to put any ambitious plans into action because that is when you should get plenty of happy helpers. January 6 is the beginning of a year in which your good fortune is linked to children, love and the fostering of your own creativity. Keep this in mind when making commitments and wait for the second week of February to make the big decisions.

As Sun leaves your sign, the emphasis shifts to taking care of all the small details. New Moon in your money house on November 28 begins a cycle that should have a good financial flow on. There is also a lot of satisfaction to be gained from reconnecting with your various networks. December is an excellent opportunity to be productive - contracts and connections can be especially beneficial on December 1, 7, 14 and 17. Since Pluto and Mars both ‘rule’ Scorpio, their movements are important for your sign. The fact that Pluto begins a helpful, earthy 15 year period in late November, then meets up with Mars at December 27-29’s New Moon period, means a strong growth cycle begins. This will flow on for two years and could well transform the way you do business and organize your social activities. True, your sense of enterprise and determination may seem a little compulsive to others but what’s new? December’s New Moon is a powerful time to plant your seeds of intention and let them thrive. If instead you direct that compulsive energy into your close relationships, you will regret it. More attention will be demanded from your home and family after late January, so cruise a little in January if you can. December 28- 29 and January 6 to 12 offer you an opportunity to heal misunderstandings and let go of any power struggles. Do this and your 2009 is a happy affair.

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