Astrological healing alternatives

Christine Broadbent

Christine loves her work as an astrologer and feels privileged to be working in this field. She has had 25 years experience as a professional astrologer, counselling, writing and presenting her insights into this fascinating subject. As a teacher she takes many people on the exciting journey of discovery that astrology opens. Exploring the self-knowledge and secrets of timing provided by the personal birth chart, is her speciality.

With an academic background in the sociology of knowledge, Christine brings social and psychological insights to her astrology consultations and presentations. Since convening an international astrology and healing conference in New Zealand in 1996, Christine lives in both Sydney and Auckland, commuting on a three monthly basis. In Australia you will find her regular Stargazing Column and occasional feature article in WellBeing Magazine. Her current passion is working on a PhD on astrology at Massey University in Auckland.

Christine’s contacts AUS: 0402 664101
Intl: +61 402 664 101