Astrological healing alternatives

Find out more about your sign and current influences in your life by checking your current planetary transits with interpretations for each sign.


BY Christine Broadbent

December 27 to 31...Saturn harmonies...include December 28 Full Moon in Cancer There is ease and flow when Saturn has the support of Sun and Pluto, both now in Capricorn. Strong allegiances and business partnerships, big commitments, are illuminated by the natural climax of Full Moon. Action, commitment and follow through spell success.

January 1 to 8, 2013...Messenger Mercury in “Can do” mode means effective action. Practical strategies gather easy support with a series of Earth/Water harmonies as Mercury cruises through Capricorn. Stay alert to challenges on January 4.

January 9 to 18 is blessed by Venus...January 12 is New Moon in Capricorn. With Venus in Capricorn now gathering many allies, material desires take front stage. The stakes go up on 12th when Moon and Sun align. Fortune can shine on real estate, business ideas and work in general. Success depends on loving what you do and careful preparation. Sudden ‘Aha’ moment on 18th can lead you true.

January 20 to 26...An Airy Aquarius Sun harmonises with planets Jupiter and Uranus. If the impulse for change, for expansion and mental clarity all combine harmoniously, much can be achieved. Especially if your Sun or Moon are in Fire or Air signs! Talents explode into visibility, boosted by the ‘bright’ of the Moon as we approach Full Moon.

January 27...Full Moon in Leo opposite Sun is a natural lunar climax. However much you may want harmony and agreement, this Full Moon could show you the obstacles – both human and financial. The Aquarius/Leo key is to combine creative self expression with a sense of community.

January 31 to February 1...Fixed ‘squares’ mean its duck for cover time When Sun in Aquarius and Saturn in Scorpio clash, confidence can be bruised and emotions made raw. Treat these days as a lesson to be learned, a secret to be revealed; especially if Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius or Leo, feature in your personal story. Things get juicier after this.

February 2 to 9...A heart-full gathering in Pisces while Venus deepens Aquarian ideals Venus in Aquarius links love with meaningful social action, while Neptune, Mercury and Mars are having a party in Pisces. This means that psychically receptive qualities add heart to expressions of social conscience. This is most obviously manifest by March 12’s New Moon.

February 10...A New Moon in Aquarius as Moon and Sun align Sun and Moon align in Aquarius and independent self expression gets mixed up with group and friendship commitments. Yet there are challenges similar to February 1. Process these now and the ability to instigate change in a major aspect of life becomes so much easier.

February 12 to 17...Earth and Water harmonies deliver results. People power unfolds in a graceful way when Pluto links up with planets in Pisces. Plans take shape as Saturn in Scorpio defines Water sign alliances, which could manifest as secret agreements.

February 21...Sun joins Neptune in Pisces and visions come to clarity. A tasty vision is carried forward and can mature nicely by late April, taking full shape then. Imagination has been defined as an ‘organ of the soul’ and certainly Neptune’s prominence now makes it easy to imagine our union with all of Nature and our potential guardian role.

BUSINESS ALERT: February 23 to March 18...Mercury goes ‘retrograde’ in Pisces. Contemplation required! Best not to start contracts but a great period to thoroughly investigate choices, finances, dreams.

February 26...Full Moon in Virgo opposite a Pisces Sun is a natural lunar climax. Its details versus dreams and an excellent chance to choose something that’s ready to be downsized. The Pisces/Virgo theme now is service and good management. With Sun in between planet Neptune and comet Chiron, a healing quest is timely and appealing.

March 1 to 9...More meetings in Pisces uncover well laid plans The dynamics of this time keep unfolding through to late September, as Saturn and Pluto make another powerful link-up, strong for business and mining interests. Now Lover Venus in Pisces adds extra heart appeal and ‘retro’ Mercury exposes secret agreements.

March 12...A Pisces New Moon as Moon and Sun align. New Moon helps focus our emotional goals as part of a rare six planet line-up in Pisces. By evening, Mars leaves and enters Aries. This means fiery energy plus emotional charge; imagination unleashed. Expect an inspired action prequel to the mega-Aries Equinox coming.

Stay tuned for March Equinox when the potent Uranus change cycle speeds up.