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Created : Aug 24 2017 12:40:24

*Big Eclipse Times & More To Come*

We all know that USA has just experienced a rare total solar eclipse in Leo, that was visible in twelve American states. Did you know that this eclipse, dramatic and rare though it is, is the one total solar eclipse in an eighteen month cycle of Leo/Aquarius eclipses. This Leo cycle continues through 2018 and then won't return for eighteen years.

To see a total eclipse of the Sun is spectacular, but to see a total eclipse of the Moon is also a wonderful sight. Rather than just in certain locations, like a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse is visible anywhere that it's night time. The Moon disappears in bites over a couple of hours and at the moment of totality, changes colour in extraordinary ways.

Here in the Southern hemisphere it will be night time on January 31/February 1 when the lunar eclipse occurs. It is worth staying up late to see the Leo Full Moon turn deep blood red, totally eclipsed.* These events often evoke a climax of awareness, deep knowledge. Sometimes we become aware of emotional patterns we are ready to eclipse. Expect the unexpected.

*Viewing tmes for the moment of totality in Australia and NZ:

This occurs just before or after midnight of January 31, depending on Time Zones:

Australia...WA: 9:30pm, NT: 11pm, QLD: 11:30pm...JAN 31.

SA, Broken Hill: 0:01am, NSW, ACT, TAS: 1am...FEBRUARY 1.

New Zealand: 3am on February 1

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