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Created : May 25 2023 04:23:14

June 2023 with Flair

It is Gemini Time! 

Now in late May, it might not quite feel like light and airy Gemini energy, however. That is because there are far more planets in Earth and Water signs, than in Air signs...hang in there, things lighten up after June 10...

Air sign Gemini is naturally polarised, like the Twin Stars in Gemini’s constellation which take their names from the mythic Greek Twins, Castor & Pollux.  Like Day & Night, Castor & Pollux belonged together, yet one was mortal and one immortal…Big problem. So, Gemini points our way to confronting the weird but wonderful human polarity of an immortal soul and mortal body. Zeus/Jupiter kindly made them Stars, yet also confirmed their duality: When mortal Castor died, and Pollux begged to replace him, Zeus gave them the boon of life alternately, never meeting, like ships in the night.  When Moon in Sagittarius opposes the Gemini Sun, our rhythm is confirmed, we can accept our natural polarities.

Thus...our first Gemini lunar event is a Full Moon in Sagittarius opposite the Gemini Sun, on June 4, when a combination of excitement and confusion is likely. Once Mercury enters Gemini on June 11, the quick thinking and multi-tasking of the Twins comes more readily. Also, the creative ideas of Venus and Mars in Leo, now have a vehicle for manifestation. Despite some hurdles, New Moon in Gemini on June 18, seeds a very dynamic time ahead.