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What’s In Store for 2012?

2012 has three big features: First is the ‘crisis of consciousness’ linked to Uranus and Pluto, strongest in late June and September. Second is the shift of vision prompted by planet Neptune entering Pisces on February 4, where it will stay for 13 years. Third is a whole lot of action in two signs: Gemini and Scorpio. And it’s all exciting!


A Crisis of Consciousness is Not a Bad Thing

Change-maker Uranus is in Aries now for seven years. There, Uranus is visible, fast, letting it all hang out in sudden political shifts, ongoing social instability, people having their say, sometimes violently, reckless bids for freedom, for fun, for feeling more fully alive. Uranus is primed for a new era and we with it. Aries is the natural ‘upstart’ and youth of the zodiac, so it is not surprising we are seeing already what has been dubbed the ‘Arab Spring’ with revolt in much of the Middle East. A likely trigger to its 2011 beginning is that cardinal sign dance which began then - the squaring off of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn. Expect much more in 2012. During this first quarter year it will be Dec 29, Feb 10, March 4, 25 and 30 which focus the mind challenging energy.  While the prime times for the wakeup action are  June and September, the cycle of social change via seven exact Uranus/Pluto ‘squares’ lasts right through until March 2015. It is the March born Aries, December born Capis, June born Cancerians and Librans born in September, firing up most rapidly for change.


The Age of the Image

At its visionary best in the sign it co-rules - Pisces, Neptune comes home on February 4. The Age of the Image begins, meaning symbolic knowledge systems make a big comeback, meditation and contemplation gain wider credibility and a new fantasy genre linked to oceanic consciousness is likely to emerge. Surrendering to the flux, vision unlocked and imagination unblocked, are part of the flow. If you are a February born Pisces, a Gemini born in May, a Virgo born in August or a Sagi born November, you are the ‘mutables’ ready to shape shift in 2012. If you have the early degrees of Pisces Rising, get some water wings! 


Tides of Change

Water in general is the talk of the town, not always for good reasons. With Neptune in Pisces linked to Pluto, the oceans, the water table and purity of groundwater are increasingly likely to feature as collateral damage to the huge global business of mining natural resources to keep us all ‘powered up’. Power planet Pluto has been in earthy captain of industry Capricorn since 2008 and mining just keeps getting bigger and bolder. One Neptunian response to this may be getting off the grid, an increasingly hard thing to do. With Uranus challenging Pluto, these issues will be stripped bare and increasingly a basis for social action and scientific research. Blended wisdom and uncovering secret codes of renewal come with the deep earth magic of Capricorn made moist by Pisces.


Mayan Records - Gemini Gets Moving

June 2012 is a big time for everyone with Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Gemini. While much is written about the Mayans and their “prophecy”, this notion is a modern invention. Only four documents exist from Mayan times, apart from the calendar itself, which ends and resets at the next December solstice in 2012. The most important extant doc is The Dresden Codex, held in a museum in Dresden. The Mayans were talented mathematicians and Venus their most revered planet. The Codex includes 74 pages of accurate calculations, with the last page showing diagrams of the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun in Gemini on June 6, 2012. It will be over a century before such a Venus transit can be seen again, so clearly Gemini rocks.


Here is the full line-up: Two Gemini New Moons, the first on May 21, which is also an annular solar eclipse, and a second New Moon on June 20. A double chance for new beginnings! Add to this the fact that expansive fortunate Jupiter enters Gemini on June 12 to stay for a whole year. Plus Lover Venus sweetens life for the Twins by staying in Gemini from April 4 to August 7. This is an extended time because she describes a ‘retro’ cycle from May 16 to June 28, when Gemini learns the most from looking back, with the most powerful realisations when Venus meets Sun on June 6. The other Air signs – Libra and Aquarius are also in their groove. With so much happening in Gemini, expect a tsunami of ideas to gather momentum in June..

Scorpio in Sight

Scorpio’s big story starts later in the year – tune in to later newsletters.  In short, the entry of Saturn into Scorpio for two years onOctober 6, 2012 and the total solar eclipse, visible in North Queensland on November 14 is the Scorpio New Moon. This eclipse too was shown in the Dresden Codex calculations. These make Scorpio a sign with a mission this year, not least because Saturn in Scorpio will help the Neptune vision manifest from October 2012 on.

A plethora of “washed away” themes will get strong responses in the world of film and video clips. Expect concerted effort Saturn style to protect Neptunian values and specifically the oceans of the world and water tables upon which we depend.


Not Doom & Gloom

 Perhaps the same people that invented the ‘harmonic convergence’ that was going to save us, have invented the ‘Mayan prophecy’ that is going to destroy us. It is an odd fit to take Mayan astrology for a replay of the doomsday syndrome since the calendar is based primarily on a 260 day sacred Chol Qij and the techniques employed are primarily divination and channelling. (3) The simple fact is that the Long Count Calendar ends its 5,000 years at solstice on December 21, 2012 and resets itself. (Just as our computers did despite the Y2K panic, when the 20thcentury ended.) Prior to this end date 2012 does host a special event involving Venus, the planet of greatest importance to the Mayans – namely the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun on June 6, in the sign of Gemini. Six months later December’s solstice point will pass over the galactic equator and this could have been linked to the choice of end date. One Mesoamerican astrologer has said “I prefer to look at the Mayan Calendar as a mysterious alarm clock from the past”. (Buce Scofield)


Maybe that wake-up call is inviting us to view our world through the Venus archetype of Beauty, to redeem those fragile shores so easily despoiled when seen as a mere ‘resource’.  2012 may be beckoning us to look at life again with the eyes of enchantment.

copyright C.Broadbent