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Find out more about your sign and current influences in your life by checking your current planetary transits with interpretations for each sign.

December 21 2010 to March 21, 2011


January 4 to 11, 2011... New Moon and Eclipse in Capricorn January 4 

 January 4 is New Moon in Capricorn but the real story is all about Pisces energy. Today Jupiter and Uranus align for the final time in late Pisces. This suggests that practical steps to pave the way to visionary goals are the work of January. These goals have been building since June. Because Moon hooks into this on January 11 there is heart opening potential then.

January 12 to 20… Full Moon in Cancer January 20

Inspirational energy is boosted by Mars from January 12 to14, then January 18 to 20 takes it to the next level as Moon waxes to full. Communicating deeply and with compassion is what carries the best kind of transformation now.

January 23 to June 4…Jupiter moves through Aries

Jupiter in Aries means Fire rises in the form of enthusiasm, a myriad of ideas and impetuous moves. The first taste of this was June to September 2010 but now is the real deal. The star signs to watch are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius plus Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The heat is on.




February 3 to 8… New Moon in Aquarius February 3

Moon always disappears in its embrace with Sun at New Moon. When it reappears as a slim crescent on February 5, the energy for change begins to build rapidly, reaching an enthusiastic high February 7-8.

February 14 to 21… Full Moon in Leo February 18

Powers of concentration are boosted by mid February‘s alignments, agreements are made. Full Moon on 18thhas Neptune next to Sun and opposite Moon - beware setting expectations too high or leaving plans too loose right now. Potent mental energy is available as long as egos don’t clash, yet everyone will want to be right…”This and that” works a lot better than “Either this or that”. Make this a bridge building time then personal and business triumphs can occur by February 21.

February 25

Remember the confusion of December when Mercury was retrograde? Today is the day of illumination and completion as Mercury joins Sun and all becomes clear. Clarity includes honest acknowledgement of vulnerabilities, to get to strengths.

March 5 to 9… New Moon in Pisces

Softly, softly, is what Pisces prefers but the ocean of course has many faces. March 5’s New Moon has a wild weather theme extending for a few days, when changeable people are best handled gently.  Plant the seeds of intention to find your way ‘back to the garden’, to an inner haven of peace.

March 12…Uranus enters Aries

New territory will be defined as Uranus, the planet of rebellion moves through “I do it my way” Aries - for seven whole years. While this can evoke conflict, in a Uranus transit, love, vitality and new life come from disruption and shock. This is particularly potent in Aries, since it is the sign of beginnings. Aries represents our body as a living fire, our warm-blooded infra red emissions - the spark of life.

March 20... Full Moon in Virgo

This climax of the Pisces period has Mars near the Sun, while Jupiter and Uranus are in Aries. Standing up for our dreams becomes a theme and Full Moon could spark angry confrontations even among friends or interrupt the smooth flow of associations. Don’t plan a large event that needs easy cooperation for March 19-20 but do gather those juicy creative ideas, inspirations.