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Diary Dates for July and August 2016

July 4 to 20… New Moon in Cancer, new start with heart, sets the month’s theme.

This alignment of Sun and Moon in the fertile productive sign of Cancer accelerates the integral themes of the solstice season. Now a fresh start is available to all. For those strong in Water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – emotional needs can be easily addressed and action will flow from this. For those strong in Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – plans and tasks now fall into place and the right balance of rest and work supports you. Those strong in Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – start to trust their instincts more to give the mind a much needed rest. While the Fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – can open their heart to intuitive insights and right action follows in this special month. Since most of us are a mix of elements, with Moon and other planets, a balancing act is also  more readily achieved now.

July 8 to 12…Heart-soothing, mind-stirring, Water harmonies abound

Water harmonies mean that sensory, emotional, and fertile growth promoting energies abound. With a waxing Moon, further growth energy is available, and finding ways to manifest emotional drives is organically easy. This is a creative, artistic and romantic period.

July 17 to 21…Full Moon in Capricorn and more, primed for achievement

Planet Saturn rules Full Moon and is the focal point of a ‘T square’ challenge to achieve, supported also by the creative juiciness of Venus and Mercury in Leo. So everything is covered: Fiery impulses are nicely grounded by social responsibility. Conversely, limits and responsibilities can be re-framed. Changes gaining momentum from July 17 gain a plan and agenda by July 27. Meanwhile this is given practicality by July 20’s Full Moon in Capricorn, and also assisted by social gatherings and informal collaboration with friends July 17 to 21.

July 22 to 27…Sun enters fiery Leo and change unfolds

Sun enters Leo on July 22, and the natural logic of change is propelled by fiery passion and enthusiasm. Between July 22 and 27, significant harmonies between all three Fire signs contribute to mental breakthrough and exciting new ideas.

August 1 to 2…Fired up with big ideas that just might work

A warm combo of the planets of love and chaos is stabilised by creative confidence now. So gather those ideas, believe in those insights, wait and watch them naturally accelerate.

August 3 to 18…New Moon in Leo pushes creativity with flair, topped up by Full Moon

When Sun and Moon align in Leo on August 3, the strength of ‘fixed Fire’ is given further creative flair from Venus in Leo. Visibility and ease of making necessary changes are part of this lunation. The Mercury challenges discussed below** make August 7 to 8 and 14 to 15 times not to push blindly ahead but to wait and reflect, if old issues arise or obstacles appear. The likely moment for action is August 17 to 18 with Moon waxing to Full.  At Full Moon in Aquarius, on August 18, both Sun and Moon have aspects with Uranus, which boosts energy, and strengthens the courage to make changes. An earthy Venus-Pluto combo suggests the right support will be available for the asking. This is a natural lunar climax.

July 31 to August 29…Communicator Mercury enters Virgo and gathers forces

The sign Virgo is the most powerful position for Mercury, and in August its contacts with other planets define the dynamics of the month. From August 7 to 8 and 14 to 15, Mercury challenges are reminders of the de-stabilising ‘square’ between Saturn and Neptune, so pronounced in recent months. But the good news has much longer legs - by a fortunate synchronicity, August is the last full month of the year that expansive Jupiter occupies Virgo. This means that Sun enters Virgo, and not only ‘ruler’ Mercury, but also Lover Venus, meet up with Jupiter, from August 22 to 29. All in all, Virgo rocks! Practical life details that have been chaotic, or a source of anxiety, can be readily mastered and organised now. Lifestyle choices can be productively reviewed and renewed with benefits for health and inner wellbeing.   

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