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***Leo Time 2021


July 22 to August 22, 2021 

As Sun cruises into Leo on July 23 it approaches an opposition with its polar opposite: a big bright Aquarius Full Moon on July 24.  Luna will illuminate more than just the night sky...the fixed Fire of Leo, with its bold creative warmth, leads the way all month.  Yet, the fixed Air of Aquarius begins and ends Leo Time - as not one, but two Full Moons! Now the Lion gets the lion’s share, with an exclamation point of a Full Moon, at each end of Leo. 

Old conflicts of interest will heat up in the first half of August and hook into the energy of our Leo New Moon on August 9.  Yet, by the final Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22, Moon and Jupiter comingle, while earthy harmonies prevail. 

This Sun cycle is effectively in the arms of Moon, which brings the detached fixed intelligence of Aquarius to embrace Leo’s passionate quest for a life worth living. 

Leo Diary Dates   July 23 to August 22, 2021

July 22 to 26…Warm connections, excitement follows

Sun enters Leo, its home sign, on July 22 in WA, SA, NT and on July 23 in other Australian States and Aotearoa. Led by Leo, that fixed Fire sign bubbles up good ideas, to add some joy to our day. Leo represents the hot heart of the fire, and of course Leo rules the heart.  A Full Moon in Aquarius follows on July 24, illuminating inner agendas as well as flooding the night sky with light. An expanded sense of ‘now or never’ evokes words and actions. Knowing comes in mysterious ways now.  When Moon crosses Saturn's path on Sunday morning, beware harsh judgements that block real understanding. Our emotional rhythms lead us to inner truths, and respond to Mercury in Cancer as it unlocks private doors and deep longings... Messenger Mercury links us to Neptune’s feeling depths on Sunday 25th , then peeks into earthy Pluto’s Underworld on 26th. High ideals may hit the hidden truths of manifest limits, with an ‘ugh’! Creative thinking and inspiration are guides in this Water/Earth dance. Happily, Moon meets Jupiter in Pisces on July 26, dissolving rigidity, evoking the ever-present beauty of life.

July 27 to 28…Water and Earth feed Fire

On July 27, that super-sensitive Pisces Moon channels feelings into unexpected creative outputs, when planet Uranus hooks in from Taurus. Thus, Taurus need-related agendas, linked to home, money, and stability, are an evocative call to action, while self-protection is also strong. Nothing may actually happen but the seeds are sown, insights are sudden. Perhaps take the time to draw or journal, to share your insights in some way on July 28 when Moon joins visionary Neptune. Then stoke up strong willpower, courtesy of a Pluto/ Moon harmony. The goal is clear, intentions defined. Mediator Mercury takes on dramatic force, entering fiery Leo today, acting as an upbeat Messenger for the other planetary troops coming...

July 29 to 31…Jupiter, Mars and Moon…A dynamic Trio

July 29 is a time of excess and sparks flying, when Mars in fiery Leo opposes Jupiter. Enterprising ideas can take wing now. Ironically, Mars is speeding into Virgo by July 30, while Jupiter Retro moves backwards into Aquarius on July 29, retracing old ground. This means reconsider your hopes and plans of early to mid-May, and seize this great chance to redesign them - if too big, or unwieldy. Enterprise will benefit, plans clarify, as we access the intuitive energies of Moon in Aries, Mars in Leo, while riding Jupiter’s slow wave. On July 31, Moon enters Taurus, strong and exalted, while Sun harmonises with the Moon’s Nodes: Timing is excellent! Engage now those polar forces of fiery intuition and earthy manifestation.

August 1 to 4…Creative Rewrites

August unfolds under a Taurus half Moon – Mother of the mysteries aligned with planet Uranus. This signature could evoke emotional shifts and some chaos, particularly on August 2 when a Saturn ‘square’ joins the picture. Yet, a simple shift of the Taurus antenna alerts us to the all-embracing nourishment available. Those earthy gifts we take for granted are highlighted on August 3 to 4, when Venus harmonises with Uranus: Constructive change is key. Helping this is a Gemini Moon aligned with its own Node, harmonising with Saturn on 3rd, then with Jupiter on 4th. This means like-minded friends join in positive action. Personal efforts also shine, as creative rewrites of ‘bad news’ scripts. Mind power can come to the fore now, as the best ally.

August 5 to 8…From Uranus Chaos to inner stillness

When Awakener Uranus turns a less friendly eye to Mercury and Sun, from August 4 to 7, fixed determination is necessary to sift out the excesses of information that lower energy. Choose the power of choice. We can remain informed, yet resist internalising social narratives, which invite a sense of despondency or weakness. Moon travels through its home place of Cancer from August 5 to 7. This helps when channelled as healing practices, as nurturing self and others. Cancer evokes inner stillness, primal lunar energies, strengthened as August 8’s most magical phase - black of the Moon - unfolds in Leo.

August 8 to 11…Leo New Moon Rings the Changes... 

The Yang & Yin marriage of Sol & Luna occurs every month, when Moon aligns with Sun, inviting stillness before renewal.  Moon is black, absorbed by Sun’s bright light, shining inwardly. Since Leo is the Sun’s sign, Leo New Moon on August 8-9 repeats the image of the luminaries mixing, merging. They are challenged, squaring off to Uranus, ringing the changes to come. Rules may feel restrictive, friendship and family may be tested. This makes dawn or dusk on Aug 9, worthy of ceremony for those who wish to engage with change, to evoke intention, to illuminate readiness.  

New Moon is on Aug 8, between 9:50 pm & 11:50 pm (AEST) in Australia & at 1:50 am, Aug 9 in New Zealand.

 VIEWING: See Venus & Moon on August 11.  Around 6pm, a slim crescent Moon can be glimpsed, embracing bright Venus low in the West, in Virgo. The Feminine Lights harmonise with Pluto and Neptune. These are Dream-makers exceptional, now making a path clear. Stars to wish upon... 

August 12 to 15…Layers peeling off, truths emerging

Inner processes manifest clearly as outer realities and raw truths, on August 12 & 13. Lover Venus, practically focussed, enables a deeper level of healing where needed, thanks to Pluto. Since Messenger Mercury now enters its happy place of Virgo, communication is concise and precise, no frills. Insights come fast as a peace-seeking Libra Moon draws us together, hooking into Saturn to make things real. Whether online, or in person, sharing is a must, and even more satisfying on the morning of Aug 14. That’s when Moon befriends benevolent Jupiter and Big conversations address large agendas with ease. Aug 14 &15 host a Scorpio Moon, which unveils more of those raw truths as it opposes Uranus, squares off to Leo Sun, and finally hears Pluto’s underworld voice heralding change. No time for self-pity or being thin-skinned! Healing through adversity is Pluto’s speciality.

August 16 to 19…Fire rises, sparks fly

From the afternoon of Monday August 16, a sunny Sagittarius Moon adds fire and zest to our Leo Sun, previously out-numbered by earth signs, perhaps buried by boring tasks. Things further lighten up when Venus enters its airy home sign of Libra, fanning Fire’s flames with sociability. By Aug 17, the best of the fiery harmony between Sun & Moon is felt…gatherings zip with energy. Since Sun is also closing in on its link with big bold Jupiter from Aug 17 to 20, we can expect more optimism & busy-busy proactive measures, both public & personal.

August 20 to 22…Mental Gymnastics at our final Full Moon

Moon and Pluto conjoin in Capricorn on Friday August 20, and we are reminded of the many things we cannot control. By evening, Moon shifts into Airy Aquarius, a sign which challenges the status quo, while also serving it. This means that on Aug 21, as we approach that second Full Moon in Aquarius, Moon aligns with Saturn, and hard realities must be respected.

The planets, Boss Saturn & Rebel Uranus are dual ‘rulers’ of Aquarius, and complete opposites…that tells us something about Aquarius! So, all weird ways, strange blends of intense and detached, are up and jumping at Aquarius Full Moon on August 22. Today Saturn is mellow, in an Air harmony with Lover Venus, while Uranus is made more volatile by an earthy harmony with Mars. Since even these Lover and Warrior planets have taken different sides, we can expect internal contradictions to feature, as Full Moon rounds off Leo Time: ‘Humane’ concerns, may appear to lack any emotional intelligence, people we love could drive us mad, non-events may stir rebellion perhaps. Yet…A fun factor is likely since Full Moon aligns with optimistic Jupiter, expanding, even exaggerating the opposites, we humans so readily juggle. The cosmic joke wins again...Let's roar like a lion with hearty laughter!                        

   Stay tuned for Virgo on August 23.   With love from Christine xx

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