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BDesire, love, what we value, the image of the beloved, and even our own sense of worth and attraction all link to Moon and Venus. Let’s explore that very human swing from beauty to beast:


Venus in Aries

Your ‘you beauty’ aspects are the impetuous passion and child-like fun. Beastly bad are the fires of anger, or the haste and bad timing.


Venus in Taurus 

Beauty itself bows down before the sensual touch and seductive voice. Beast rears up as the possessive interference and habitual ways.


Venus in Gemini

Your entertaining ways and charming wit are beautiful. Too bad about those shady evasive tricks, that reveal the beast.


Venus in Cancer

Beautiful are your caring gentle ways, your nurturing devotion. The beast arrives when ‘devoted’ becomes self-sacrificing, manipulative or emotionally controlling.


Venus in Leo

Your humorous gregarious style, sense of theatre and great taste are your beauty pass. Your demanding, pouting petulant moments can be simply beastly.


Venus in Virgo

Helpful, clever and modestly competent are beautiful traits.  It’s beastly bad when you morph into critical, obsessive micro-manager, who has ‘sacrificed all’.


Venus in Libra

Charming, beautiful and good taste as well - your refinement is your calling card. Yet a beastly response is agreeing with everyone as simply empty pretence.


Venus in Scorpio

Wild passions that sweep you away and drown you in desire can be beautiful or a beastly experience you avoid.  It’s all up to your choices, your state.


Venus in Sagittarius

Your good humour and ‘bring on the next adventure’ attitude, is a beautiful thing. The beast becomes petulant or unavailable at emotionally demanding moments.


Venus in Capricorn

Holding onto things you value and cautious planning bring you beautiful experiences.  Yet, if you only trust ‘proof’, material wealth or physical pleasures, the beast takes over.


Venus in Aquarius

Giving your all for the group or community interests gains you a beautiful reputation.  The beastly side is when power plays or detached superiority overrule personal passions. 


Venus in Pisces

Your mystical compassionate caring ways make for beautiful loving.   Loss of boundaries, a ‘poor me’ identity and romanticised sacrifice can be rather beastly.