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Three Months of Diary Dates & Moon Tunes

Diary dates

On March 21 Sun enters Aries at Equinox and conjoins Uranus in Aries.

This meeting is a key point in a feature act that goes beyond the next three months and influences the next decade:  Uranus has returned to Aries after 84 years away and will stay there for seven years to come. Very soon – starting June 2011, this ‘Awakener’ planet, will challenge Pluto through until 2015. Themes from the late sixties will be back for a garments, old story lines. This suggests an Equinox task - we each consider just how dynamic and authentic our life story is.

Real ‘consideration’ has high potential now: the word consider means “with the stars” (sider as in sidereal) and the stars are now in an unusual Aries alignment with a rare opposition to Saturn in Libra. At such a time a balance must be maintained, between the authentic and the purposeful. Moon has just been Full, made its closest pass to Earth and is moving fast, so our emotional environment is also fast and full.


March 29 Saturn opposite Jupiter

Saturn in cardinal Libra has set the social tone of extra gravity via harsh events and a growing list of hard truths to face since August 2010 when Jupiter opposed it for the first time. Now on March 29, 2011 their final opposition is a reason to celebrate and also to be cautious. This is a difficult tug a war between optimism and pragmatism, between hope and indecision. Fear of making the wrong move could block the right move, so trust your heartfelt, gut-based power of action.


March 30 to April 23...Mercury moves retrograde through Aries

When the communication planet Mercury does its three week retro cycle, it appears to go backwards and daily life can get a little chaotic. Double check your plans and bookings, don’t be surprised if messages get mixed up and do see the cosmic joke. Illumination point arrives, when Mercury joins Sun on April 10 and Action Central lights up. Now movement is easy and reflection on past actions is particularly helpful. April 23 begins a time of making choices, of holding a clear beacon of hope.


April 4 New Moon in Aries...Moon conjoins Sun and a new lunar cycle begins

Now Mars is in Aries, nudging Uranus and the grand total is up to six! Mars adds extra punch, energy and impatience to this blend...with Saturn opposing the energetic rush of six fiery Aries planets. In order to avoid a stalemate, do every bit of possible preparation before any big move. Get over taking anything personally because many will be intensely subjectively involved, even unlikely to notice the effect of their actions on you. Breathe deeply and react slowly to counteract the craziness. Enjoy the power of this time by giving voice to vision April 7 to 10. 



April 18 Full Moon in Libra

Contemplating a beautiful Full Moon can be a soulful experience. This lunar event has serious relationship issues, with Saturn still making itself felt, this time in opposition to the happy rush of planet Mars. Harsh views of other people’s actions or holding a grudge are simply a recipe for a downer, when in fact Full Moon is the partying Moon of the month. This is the day to celebrate love and give thanks for those who care about you.


April 5 to 27...A New Neptune Era Begins

As if bringing water to quell the flames of Aries, Neptune enters Pisces on April 5. This is only the first taste, lasting until August 5, 2011, but Neptune returns for a twelve year stay in February 2012.  When Moon joins Neptune on April 27 it is time to consider the deep irresistible matrix that enfolds us, to honour the oceans and their ability to sustain life, to consider the Mysteries.  As co-ruler of the sign of the Fish, Neptune is well placed here and this is the first glimpse of an era in which the collective imagination will embrace all things Piscean.


May 3 New Moon in Taurus...Moon conjoins Sun and a new lunar cycle begins

Earthy energies take centre stage as Sun and Moon embrace, yet five planets including Venus lead the way in fiery Aries. Sensual pleasures and simple joys of life are often best taken slowly but this might not be the day!


May 17 Full Moon in Scorpio

Soulful times are here again and this time Lover Venus holds sway in her happy place of Taurus. At last an earthy slow pace and attention to the small and satisfying aspects of daily life has a chance to happen. Don’t let the intensity of this emotional Full Moon stop you from giving peace a chance.


June 2 New Moon in Gemini...We begin a new lunar cycle with a partial solar eclipse.

An earthy backdrop to this Air sign new start means the pace will be gentle. The multi tasking Gemini energy picks up about June 10. Touchy feely morphs into fast talking/thinking as a Mercury Venus duo bring socialising to art form status. Time to mix with like minded others and match wits with opposing ideas.


June 16 Full Moon in Sagittarius...Total lunar eclipse at 6:14 AEST (June 15, 20:14 UT)

Again Moon waxes Full and gravitational, magnetic and atmospheric effects are maximised. Soul function is fulfilled when a Sagittarius Moon helps us embrace the Unity while a Gemini Sun juggles easily life’s shifts and changes. A Venus/Saturn link-up pushes for the expression of caring commitment from June 15 to 18.


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