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September Equinox, 2010

Solstices and Equinoxes are energetic gateways in Earth’s journey around central Sun.


It’s the balancing act of the year going on as Earth aligns with the celestial equator: night /day are equal everywhere. The smell of longer days, abundant growth, sap rising is what we get with Spring Equinox. Well I can tell you that Mother Earth is definitely in labour pains here in New Zealand, my home as I write this. Of course Earth’s birth waters break as things like rain and mist in Spring but re-eally – flooded towns, dead lambs and many a missing roof, is tough on the locals. Yet, the soil will still warm up and life will still explode. It is lovely luscious Libra which springs to life now as an uprising of “Let’s get together”, of coordinated connections, cool friendly Air style, of a serious search for social balance.

With Air Comes Water and Fire

September 23 packs power – it is Equinox, when Sun enters Libra and hours later, a fiery Aries Full Moon. The two planets that drive this show, namely Lover Venus and Warrior Mars are snuggled up together in sensual, steamy, penetrating Scorpio. Since that super-duo of Jupiter and Uranus, are in alignment in Pisces again and the Moon aligns with them at Equinox, this means the Water element is actually calling the shots. It is powerful emotions and wild weather that set the scene for our quarterly story.


September 23...Equinox and Aries Full Moon

There are many counter forces now to the cool detachment Libra craves. There is the background force of a Mars in Scorpio, driven by feelings, in charge, with plenty to prove. Then a strong dose of Earth behind the scenes in the form of Sun and Moon hooked into a ‘Pluto T Square’. This tests our power urge and sense of security, unearths our ambitions. Of course the evening brings Moon in Aries with its freedom urge: The Equinox Games begin.

September 26 to 30...A Sun, Pluto and Saturn combo digs up the dirt.

Keep your wits honed on these days and beware wasting energy on frustration or on proving you are right. In any case unless it is just you and you, you won’t be ‘right’!  Aries, Capricorn, Librans, Cancer please take note.

October 1 to December 7...Sun meets Saturn, seeds are sown.

A new business cycle begins: currently driven by Saturn in Libra and its elaborate dance of squares and oppositions with Pluto and Uranus. This has added up to occasional stasis, sudden (often unwelcome) changes and a lot of hidden deals. On October 1 Sun aligns with Saturn and both are strengthened. A new motivation and clarity drives commitments, despite the difficulties of reaching a consensus from October 2 to 7, a fresh energy will soon prevail. Plans that take shape in early October, have an opportunity for real progress in early December.   


Libra New Moon on October 8, Aries Full Moon on October 23...ring the changes.

From October 8’s New Moon clear strategies emerge - Communicator Mercury adds its versatile connecting skills to Saturn’s social agenda. Lunar energy grows in stages and October 17 to 23 is the power pack finale to the Libran times which start and end with a Full Moon!


October 8 to November 18...Venus goes ‘retro’, disappears, reappears as Morning Star

The planet that rules Libra is Venus...Eerily, on exactly October 8 at Libra New Moon - Venus begins her rare retrograde cycle of 6 weeks. She will shape shift from Evening to Morning Star during this time. That means the retrospectives, reviews and reunions, which go on now are the secret behind the successes of mid November, to early December.

A Viewing Opportunity

Currently luminous Venus can be seen bright in the West after sunset. She is Evening Star right now and you can see her final line-up with the Moon on October 9 and 10. If you saw Venus, Moon in the evening sky on September 11, you, like me, will be running back for more! Venus will disappear from the sky on October 23 and she reappears around November 5. Now it is all different - she has shape shifted and reappears in the East as Morning Star, rising ahead of the Sun, brightest star in the sky. You have to get up early to see this sight and may be rewarded by a glimpse of Venus conjoined the slim last crescent Moon, on November 5.


Scorpio New Moon on November 6, Taurus Full Moon on November 22...desires drive us.

November 18 to 30...dynamo time, includes Full Moon

Venus moves direct again, back in her power place of Libra. It is time to set relationships right, to regain any confidence lost and to celebrate the sheer rightness of respectful and loving behaviour. Business success comes more easily now, with special help from November 15 to 20 – all good days for meetings. November 22’s Full Moon expands the picture.  


Sagittarius New Moon on December 6 to Full Moon on December 21...Change Energy

Uranus, planet of chaos and breakthrough moves into its direct action cycle in synchronous timing with the Sun/M               oon embrace of New Moon in Sagittarius. Fire energy rises and its strongest push for this quarter is December 6 to Full Moon on December 21, the day before Solstice. Powerful emotions propel practical agendas.Uranus is the Accelerator now, prepare for an emotional journey full of creative realisations that should be held and nurtured.

December 10 to 30...A ‘retro’ communication cycle, preparation for building in 2011

Planet Mercury is Operations Central for getting things done. Every three months it goes ‘retro’ for three weeks, as on December 10. That means, we must turn in, review and look back. This is rather hard when Sagittarius Fire is propelling more, more. The reality is that only completely practical ideas have a chance of flying anyway and this becomes apparent December 12 to 16 when Mercury collects three other practical earthy planets. December 17 to 22 is the biggest challenge of all, when that fiery certainty and waxing Moon energy is held in check or simply dissolved by an urge for unity with others. Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces are the signs most influenced now and everyone benefits from finding their own Pisces act of surrender to the infinite, That way, creative essence is reborn, the promise for all from the rare alignment of Jupiter and Uranus, becoming exact January 4. This calls Time to unite with like-minded people.


With love and equinox blessings from Christine

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