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September 23 to 27, 2011...Libran Equinox plus a Libra New Moon

The Libra Sun hooks into the challenges of our time, by opposing Uranus and squaring off to Pluto. This means that tests of willpower are accompanied by opportunities to achieve success, both in cooperative projects or learning groups. This is supported by a strong theme of self expression. By Libra New Moon on September 27 the Pluto power link is perfected. Thus power struggles may sizzle and political fur fly in Libran Time. Crises and shocks are part of the picture. Those born in Libra, Aries, Capricorn or Cancer – time to upgrade your stress reducing techniques! Deep feelings and powerful emotions can be channelled with positive effect at this time.

September 30 to October 14...Saturn Gains Allies

Wits that are honed and intentions backed up by action can achieve great things in the first half of October. Don’t waste energy on frustration when blocked, just look for the right alliance with others. This “We” theme picks up focus on 30th, meets challenge on October 5, clear appraisal on October 7 and finds its strength by 14th, as Venus, Mercury then Sun become channels for good Saturn: Motivation and clarity drive commitments now.

October 12...Full Moon in Aries Keeps on Shining

This business-like Full Moon is again Saturn driven and behind Saturn, a penetrating Venus designed for intensity. The days that radiate focused desire are October 15 and 18 when Jupiter weighs in. Key to success: attention to presentation.  

October 27...Scorpio New Moon rings the changes.

New Moon offers a special connection between Water and Fire elements bringing talents and creative solutions to the fore. Yet a Mars/Venus struggle today says keep things low key, protect physical and emotional health via a peaceful inner focus. Fortunately October 29 repeats a helpful Jupiter/Pluto link that began in July 2011 and keeps developing through until mid March 2012. Networks really matter now and it is helpful to look back to July for clues as to what you should be nurturing long term.

November 11...11/11/11 - A Special Date for Full Moon in Taurus

This rare numerology only occurs in certain time zones. (Occurring Nov 10 in UK, Europe, USA.) Natural Earth magic is particularly potent now and this is a special celebration time. Attending to deeper emotional layers goes hand in hand with renewed physical sensitivity.

November 12 to 23…Flow On

Mars in Virgo takes Earth energy to the next level as it works with Jupiter and Pluto, to manage and plan practical goals. Benefits of your focused efforts now are likely to extend to mid May 2012. One likely social aspect is new attention given to old traditions and sacred places. Sudden revelations and secret dealings are also part of the Uranus/Pluto theme of our time. In the Capricorn country of Australia, sacred places may be eyed off as mining sites, with popular uprisings against this, between now and May 2012.

November 25...Sagittarius New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse

November 25 begins the second eclipse period for 2011, which gives a fated feel to the events of this time, as if they are part of a longer unfolding. Confusion or uncertainty may figure since a restless energy prevails due to a Mars ‘square’. Wait for clarity before acting. November 28 to 30 clears the cobwebs but keeping plans small is a good idea. See below.

November 24 to December 14, 2011...Mercury Retro Go-Slow Biz Cycle

Also in sunny Sagittarius, searching for new ideas, is Communication planet Mercury…yet Mercury is in backward motion, relative to Earth, looking back not forward. Needless to say this changes things and the best innovation may really be recycled information. The tricky part is that projects started now may fizzle out quickly. November 27 to December 5 speeds up emotions but actually needs to be taken slowly, since more is at stake than it seems. Research can effectively reveal the flaws that need to be polished, in these three weeks. 

December 11... Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Quite a lunar climax is this one! To view it’s a late night or early rise: the Moon is exactly eclipsed around 3:30am in NZ well after midnight in most of Australia, sneaking in before midnight in WA. Yet the show begins much earlier, since the Moon disappears in slow bites, reappearing the same way. (Daylight hours prevent seeing this lunar show in USA, UK, etc.)

Enjoy the airy convivial energy and fiery enthusiasm. The many changes of mind this month are shown to have a common thread at Full Moon. Focus on making an inspiring idea or goal practical. Willpower follows imagination.