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Diary Dates June 22 to September 22, 2011

JUNE 22 to 29

Winter Solstice begins as Sun enters Cancer. High potential for deep communication is indicated by the chart. This is followed by challenging patterns on June 26, 28 and 29, when June-born Cancers, March-born Aries, September Librans and December Capricorns, all benefit from being aware and self protective. On these emotional days, Sun hooks into the strongest social dynamic of our times. This is the four year long ‘square’ between Uranus and Pluto, when unusual solutions to big problems are the plus side of a confrontation between powerful vested interests and grass roots rebellion. Trigger times like June 26 to 29 give a glimpse of things to come.


JULY 1 New Moon in Cancer is also a partial solar eclipse

This is the most potent time of the year to plant intentions that support family and nurturing loved ones, an excellent time to eclipse old grievances. If issues related to material security have been leaving you with raw nerves, now is the time for a new start.


JULY 4 to 28

Lover Venus transits Cancer, boosting our protective and nurturing instincts this month. Be patient if that agenda seems to be blocked on July 8, 9 & 13 - seeds can be sown now that will build long term trust and respect. Home and family time spells happiness and learning can be an exciting process.


JULY 14 to 20...Full Moon in Capricorn on July 15   

Full Moon in Capricorn follows a sweet Moon/Jupiter link that expands confidence. Creative energies run high on these days and inspired concepts can be made ultra practical. Hard work comes easy while teamwork and group activities produce good results.


 JULY 23 to AUGUST 22

Sun transits Leo and we can shine and create and celebrate the joy of life with a loud roar of delight.

It’s the solar cycle to play, to release the inner child, to radiate warmth of personality. However ego issues and power plays are dangerous fun.


JULY 31... New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo is the time to plant seeds of intention that support an authentic creative life. With Venus, Sun and Moon all lined up together, the big heart of Leo is its most sensitive. Feelings can be easily hurt now yet caring and loving behaviour is exactly what feels the most authentic.


AUGUST 3 TO 24...Mercury Retro.   Business ‘Go Slow’ Period

These three weeks are a Mercury retrograde period when big projects should not be commenced, unless a level of chaos and returning over old ground is desired. Communication is easily confused now but it is an ideal time to look behind the scenes, to do research and find hidden factors previously overlooked. The illumination point is August 17 when information gathered all makes sense. Best results are seen by September 12.


AUGUST 5 to 8

A series of harmonious links between Sun, Venus and Saturn make these days a most productive and pleasant time, when heart-felt wishes succeed. The build up to Full Moon from August 7 to 14 is the ‘bright of the moon’ week when lunar energies and therefore emotional drive is at its strongest.


AUGUST 14 to 17...Full Moon in Aquarius on August 14

Celebrate the power of friendship and the blessings of community as a Full Moon illuminates Aquarius and love planet Venus conjoins Sun in fiery passionate Leo. High hopes for relationships are matched by emotional intensity. Venus is in this most intense invisible phase until September 20 and August 16-17 focus most strongly on love as the Answer. Beware unrealistic expectations – a pity to let pride block real empathy now.



Sun transits Virgo for a month and makes fortunate connections with four other planets. Opportune results are most obvious from August 26 to September 3. With doors opening Jupiter-fashion, it is a sense of service and strong work ethic that bring great good fortune.


AUGUST 29...New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo begins the most productive two weeks of a productive month. It is time to find a sense of purpose in the simple earthy rituals of everyday life, to put heart into work and plant seeds of intention for practical goals.


SEPTEMBER 12...Full Moon in Pisces  

With Full Moon in Pisces we revisit the potential of the June Solstice day which also had a Pisces Moon backed up by Cancer planets. Full Moon is harmoniously linked to Mars in Cancer so we have no trouble fighting for something we love and for the security of home. Celebrate the deeper levels of love that can even embrace complete strangers and Gaea herself.

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