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**Diary Dates Libra 2021**

Libra Diary Dates   September 23 to October 22, 2021

September 23 to 26…Flushed with Spring Joy

Equinox offers the perfect image for Libra, since day and night are equally balanced, and Libra seeks an ideal balance. Yet Venus the ruling planet, is not in her cool collected zone on Sep 23, but in passionate Scorpio and challenged by sudden Uranian events. We are a bit more inclined to rebel against constraints when Uranus rattles our chains, and on 24th a Taurus Moon joins in. Warning - these are days when breaking the rules could have heavy consequences. Health also needs protecting, since this aspect can create a false split between body awareness and feelings…A less reactive energy follows on Sep 25 & 26. Now it is easier to be flushed with the joy of Spring, as earthy harmonies evoke a productive measured approach, then a happy Mars-Saturn link energises practical ideas, encouraging rich conversations, collaboration.

September 27 to 30…Mercury Retrogrades as Moon illuminates Gemini

An interesting picture emerges when we consider what sign & element Mercury is in when it ‘stations’ retrograde on September 27, and where is the Moon?…Answer: Mercury is in Libra, & Moon is in Mercury’s sign of Gemini, both Air element. This means that ideas and expression lead a retro path of reflection, that inner promptings lean toward peace & friendship. Between now and Mercury’s direct motion on Oct 19, learning, discussions, looking back, can lay the tracks for a better life balance. Since Sep 28 brings more Air element joy in the form of a Moon – Jupiter harmony, and Mars continues to energise active collaboration through to Sep 29, much can be achieved. Mars travelling with Sun and receptive to Venus, means easy success in small matters. Social harmony is furthered on Sep 30 when Moon, Venus and Sun acquire outer planet help, and visionary ideas morph into practical plans.

October 1 to 5…So Much to Do

These five days of Moon-wane before New Moon are classically the low energy of the lunar month, a time to complete rather than start anything. Yet these are busy productive days, beginning with a wakeup call on Oct 1 & 2. First, Venus stirs up some combative emotions, then Mercury moves back to square Pluto. Any confronting demand avoided around Sep 22, will now demand instant attention. Moon in Leo adds fiery determination to Oct 2 & 3, a creative burst, resistant to any pressure. By Sunday evening a diligent earthy Virgo Moon helps us take care of tasks quickly and make time for relaxation. A body/mind healing theme gains extra interest value, when Mercury and Jupiter dance on Oct 4 & 5, reminding us that play is the great healer.

October 6 AUS & Oct 7 NZDT…A Luscious Libra New Moon

The planets are lined up – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, all in Libra, & ruler Venus in Scorpio – the New Moon race starts. Who is in the lead? Well actually…Moon is fastest, whizzing along, leaving Libra on Oct 8, finally visible when she aligns with Venus on October 9 & 10 – a sight to behold. However, it is the entire Trio of Sun, Moon and Mars that lead the race, tightly aligned until Moon pulls away. Yet…in terms of a supporting partner, it is a Venus/Mars team. The fact that Venus is in the sign ruled by Mars and vice versa, makes Receptivity. So, love will win the day, even if it involves some hard truths. A mix and match of love & war sets a theme for the next 2 weeks.

October 7 to 12…Something Odd is Happening

Right after New Moon, Lover Venus enters Sagittarius late on Oct 7, coming into her stride on Oct 8, 9. This fiery playful energy better suits Libra’s style. Firing arrows of desire hither and thither, while being unaccountable – now you see me, now you don’t, is Venus Sagi–mode. There are lots of things to talk about and hopefully laugh about, when Libran Air fans her flames. Since Moon in Scorpio hooks forces with the potentially disruptive energy of Uranus & Neptune on Oct 8 & 9, emotions could boil over, then evaporate, just as suddenly. It seems everyone gets a team, when Moon & Venus align in Sagittarius on Oct 10. On this same mega-day, Mercury, Sun & Mars make an illuminating alignment in Libra. Odd and rather magical, is the fact that ruler Venus prompts the Libran team to be playful, even light-headed. But on Oct 11 & 12, she meets some past karma – the Moon’s South Node. The weight of old soul biz now enters the playing field. Will magic happen, soul-mates emerge, dark secrets reveal themselves...

October 13 to 17…Enchantment or Disenchantment?

When Moon carries Pluto’s story, by aligning with the Underworld Lord late on Oct 13, world news is not good news. Moon moves on to join planet Saturn, now in its strength on Oct 14. This spreads the serious social gaze, yet also complements the dance of Venus, Saturn, Sun & Jupiter: Their busy Air sign/Fire sign party extends from Oct 14 to 17. Since Saturn measures out work & pleasure, time-keeping our days, a gathering may begin with a single focus, have a questing energy, and stir enthusiasm for a much wider goal. Oct 14 also begins the ‘Bright of the Moon’ week, which leads up to Full Moon and carries the highest energy of Moon’s cycle. Despite the occasional mixed agenda of Mercury Retro, the Messenger planet forms a harmonious union with Venus on Oct 17, the best mix for diplomacy and optimism.

October 18 to 20…As Moon Grows Fat, Big Ideas Grow

October 18 is a chance to explore the overlapping worlds’ theme of Neptune, as it aligns with Moon in Pisces. This reminds us that our body may be of the earth, but our heart and soul can traverse other worlds. By Oct 19 to 20 it is an Aries Moon lighting the way, nicely supported by planet Mars in harmonious aspect to Jupiter, expanding our outlook. Action based on careful and intellectual reasoning, rather than emotional reaction, demonstrates the power of the Air element now. To have 'fun at heart’  - Venus in Sagi style, perhaps means the enjoyment of life’s beauty, is part of Eros as life energy, which also feeds on a deep gratitude for Earth’s bounty. This leads readily to a narrative which makes humans Earth’s caretakers, as opposed to the entitled ones who divide and destroy at will. The big idea of care-taking occurs in indigenous worldviews, and is making a comeback as Uranus in Taurus, sign of the fertile earth, squares off to Saturn's control fantasies, confirming the reality of climate change. 


October 20 to 22…Full Moon Magic

Full Moon in Aries occurs Oct 20 in WA, & in the wee hours of October 21 in other Aus states & Aotearoa. This Moon illuminates the night, energising the days. Since planets Mars and Venus ‘rule’ this lunar show, their respective positions in Airy Libra & Fiery Sagittarius, makes a friendly alliance. Now ideas pop, enthusiasm takes the lead & feeds the heart with hope. Peace is the Libran theme, that struggles to find its feet, but still succeeds as Full Moon illuminates the heart’s needs. Full Moon is time for a Release Ceremony, a time to take a wider viewpoint. We can specifically release anger or frustration when Full Moon is in Aries. Since Oct 22, has Mars squared off to Pluto, stirring competitive posturing, complacency would be unwise. Yet it is a fat earthy Taurus Moon, now leading us out of Libra Time and carrying the message that Spring is when 'Heaven seems to be on Earth', for eyes to see and bodies to feel.  

With love from Christine xx

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