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May 26th to Jun 30th, 2023


A long harmony between planets Jupiter & Saturn, makes June special!




Many Earth and Water harmonies from late May to mid-June, add a receptivity which cools the Aries temperament. When your ruler Mars enters fiery Leo, and opposes Pluto, while squaring off to Jupiter, restraint is necessary May 25 to 27! Then May 27 and June 6 to 9 will be an easy passage to the Venus - Mars harmonies of June 18 to 24, which vitalise your life. Full Moon makes June 4 to 5, brim with vitality and excitement, likewise an Aries Moon on June 12 to 13. On June 22, make sure to view the wondrous alignment of Crescent Moon, Venus and Mars, all in Leo! Right after Sunset, look West and gasp with delight. June 28 to 30 are days when going with the flow is exactly the way to stay happy and healthy.





On May 17 expansive lucky Jupiter made its 12-year return to Taurus. This lasts until mid May 2024 and is a helpful transit indeed! May 26, June 2 to 5, and June 10 to 11 all carry Jupiter’s fortunate signature, supporting important life decisions. June 20 brings the exact most practical help, when Saturn harmonises with Jupiter, adding extra strategy and mana to most things you do. Emotional relationships benefit as well. This is most strongly effective from June 20 to 30, with June 29 & 30 being standout days.





The climax of Gemini' Sun-sign time builds up from May 22 to June 4’s Sagittarius Full Moon. From June 6 Lover Venus enters your travel and adventure sign, meeting Mars already there. This energises your social schedules - big time! June 18’s New Moon in Gemini brings a propitious start to your Gemini new year: Your guru planet Mercury, is in Gemini now and perfectly in sync with Venus. A nice and tender combo! Sweet loving communication, and likely an old friend reconnected, or new friend made, feature in your new solar year.





For the ‘Moon’s Own’ sign of Cancer, harmonious Earth and Water energies of May and June, can be sources of healing and renewal. Any necessary changes to achieve this, will be facilitated by Awakener Uranus in your friendship sign. Unexpected people are there to help! Since Venus transits Cancer from May 8 to June 8, that too sweetens your month. Regular healing practices, have probably got stronger in May, so keep this up when June brings more demands. Plus time-out, regularly, is essential to the super-sensitive Crab. That way, June 4’s Full Moon will not unsettle you, and you find a helpful balance as June's fiery combination of Venus and Mars in Leo, accelerates practical tasks. On June 22, make sure that right after sunset you get outside and look west to see the spectacular alignment of Crescent Moon, Venus and Mars!





Leo’s love of both family closeness, and worldly roles, is nicely satisfied in May and June. Some Leos will find that new demands, & responsibilities follows the entry of expansive Jupiter into your sector of vocational roles. Get used to it since this goes on until mid May 2024! If you were dreaming of a shift of home, the June 4 Full Moon is likely to get things moving.  When energiser Mars first entered Leo in late May, its restless drives were partly blocked. However Venus too comes into Leo on June 5 and the story gets bigger and more pleasurable. The New Moon of June 18 will activate more busy moves, and grand adventures. Check out Venus, Mars and Crescent Moon all aligned in your sign on June 22...look West right after sunset...divine cosmic gift.






Virgo's travel urge has been spiked by many planets in Taurus and late May, June are likely to help you reach that goal.  Planning travel is always fun, and you may be receiving travellers too, sweetening both May and June.  Mutable Virgo excels at managing change, tweaking details, and there is plenty of that to do now. With giant Jupiter now in your travel and learning sign until mid-May 2024, study is likely part of your life as well. Just make sure to take regular time-out for yourself, to protect the sensitive Virgo nervous system. Numerous earthy harmonies through June, mean effective action and pleasant times will prevail, just don't over-react at June 4’s Full Moon or on June 26! From June 6 to 30 Earth/Water harmonies promise to ensure some sweet and loving times, as well as being a busness plus.






Lovely Venus, Libra's ruling planet, makes an harmonious blend of Water and Earth with the change energy of Uranus, on May 26 to 27 boosting your intuitive grasp of the changes around you, sweetening social events. It is a good idea to attend to tasks now, that will free you up for June. Profound changes are less on your mind than small pleasures, once Venus gets fired up in Leo from June 5. She will be in this sociable, party-oriented sign, for a rare four months, because her Retro cycle is coming down the track in late July. Once she links forces with energiser Mars, also in Leo, you are on a roll. June 4 hosts an exciting Full Moon, and June 18’s New Moon illuminates your adventurous urges, so it’s time to really spread your wings.





With Warrior Mars and Underworld Lord, Pluto as your rulers, the world is intense for Scorpio. Since Pluto is spending May and half of June in your sector of home and family, deeper transformative energies are slowly at work there. The full significance of this will not be clear until late Jan 2024, when Pluto returns. Meanwhile, numerous Earth and Water harmonies make late May and June mostly fortunate for you. There are some challenges to deal with from June 6 to 9, and the slow careful Scorpio way is best. Just do not try to hide and avoid things, because that 'solution' will create bigger trouble! June 18, 20, 24 and 26, gradually reveal a new path for you, and June 28 to 30 produces assistance, eases your way.





You are guided by expansive Jupiter, and as the sign of the Archer, you mostly like to fire arrows of adventurous ideas far and wide. Yet sometimes it's hard to keep up with your many arrows. As of May 17, your generous ruling planet, Jupiter, is in transit through Taurus for a whole year! This means you achieve more with a fixed practical focus, a smaller range of ideas, plenty of careful research. It also means that living in a place of natural beauty, brings forth your best work and best relating. Even at your June 4 Full Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter is part of an earthy gang of four. This lunar climax of your year could prompt a new grounded perspective, which will be deeply satisfying. Yet, it is the Saturn/Jupiter dance of June 20 to 30, that best helps you realise this. 





Lover Venus is currently in your partner sign, and your significant others may seem to be driving your life path. Don’t bother resisting this, because it is part of some seriously helpful planet harmonies, through May and June. The deeper player is Saturn your ruler, whose long two and a half years in Pisces is opening your vision of the possible. Also, fortunate Jupiter is now in your love and creativity sector for a year! This began May 17 and goes through until mid-May 2024. When, between June 20 and 30, Jupiter and Saturn kick-start a long, beneficial Water/Earth dance, the die is cast for a whole new Capricorn adventure! This harmony will be repeated in Jan-Feb '24, so start planning now to maximise that time.





Your capacity to achieve fixed goals is very strong, and the necessary focus for Aquarius right now is to maintain a healthy balance between your feeling world and physical wellbeing. Prone to live in your head, your ruling planets point in other directions now! Saturn’s shift into Pisces invites new emotional input, receptivity and respect of feelings, of soulful urges. Meanwhile your other ruler Uranus, is in earthy Taurus for many years, so ignoring your physical wellbeing can invite sudden problems. Added to this you are getting a first taste of Pluto in Aquarius, only until June 11, when it slips back into Capricorn. It will be late Jan 2024 before Pluto's 20 years in your sign begins to reveal the deeper truths, the Underworld of self that Pluto demands we respect. So take note of this first taste now, and be restrained on June 6 to 9. Do enjoy the long transit of Lover Venus through your partner sign, from June 5 to early October. Listen to partners and friends, who want for you a peaceful life, well deserved times in natural beauty. These beneficial energies will keep you healthy and happy.





With serious world-builder, Saturn now in Pisces for two plus years, this is a standout time: Through late May and June, many planet harmonies between Water and Earth signs, support both your goals and your dreams. There is another long-term shift also helpful - your ruler Jupiter is now in earthy Taurus for a year. Plus, Dreamer Neptune - also in Pisces, makes happy links with Venus from June 1 to 3. This enhances relationships, expands communication, supporting your capacity to reach out to people. Now your security and confidence can get a boost. Saturn however, only brings hard-won wisdom, so any adversity must be treated as a learning experience - then it is! Be aware of this in mid-June, then June 20 to 30 can deliver its promise: A long collaboration between Saturn and Jupiter then, ensures that your practical plans and well thought-out goals will have steady progress. Yay.




On June 22 Crescent Moon, Venus and Mars, align in the west after sunset. At Solstice!



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