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Diary Dates March to July 2016

March 23…Full Moon in Libra and annular lunar eclipse                                                                               

This Full Moon hosts the follow up lunar eclipse, to March 9’s solar eclipse. Now the lunar climax has been reached and one must sort out real potential from illusion. Relationship myths may be eclipsed, clearing a path for effective action, Aries style. The potent Jupiter Saturn ‘square’, which has been in operation since last August, is exact again at Full Moon and planet Venus hooks in. This means that inspirational design, as well as endurance under duress, can help us achieve our Jupiter hopes and dreams. From this wake-up call of a start, March 23 to 30 supports energy, action, and meaningful improvements to personal relationships, to social identity.                        Viewing opportunity: See the Moon disappear, in ‘bites’, for a couple of hours prior to maximum cover when Moon goes reddish. Exact times for maximum eclipse differ between time zones:    AEST 10:47pm, ACST 10:17pm, AWST 8:47pm. Add an hour for daylight savings time e.g. Sydney max is 11:47pm.This is an exciting example of celestial mechanics to view with family and friends.

March 31 to April 1…Old tests, new style

A synchronicity between now and late January, means an old testing time may need further attention or a past theme needs review. If from Jan 21 to 30 you were attending to important business, take it further now. If you were confronting an obstacle to a fondly-held dream back then, revisit your plans now. April 3 and 6 are excellent days for planning strategies, while April 4 and 5 are days to further design the dream, ready for New Moon action.

 April 7…New Moon in Aries challenges the status quo

Things move along rapidly after the Aries New Moon, when Moon and Sun join forces with Uranus, and square off to Pluto. Now the status quo must transform over the next two weeks, if it is blocking right action. Time to lovingly respect the ‘goods’ of your life…quite different from ‘goodies’, which can help keep us stuck in old addictions.  April 10 to 19, are particularly dynamic days for joyful transformation and collaboration. Excellent for meetings and launch dates are April 12, 13, and 15.

April 17 to June 30…A rare Mars retrograde cycle demands introspection, a retrospective

Planet Mars rules Aries, as well as Scorpio, so when Mars goes retro every two years, it is big news for these two signs. This time around the emphasis is initially on Aries and fellow Fire sign Sagittarius, as Mars moves ‘backwards’ through Sagittarius April 17 to May 28. Aries and Sagittarius will eagerly embrace introspection when events require it...and they are likely to require it, from May 22 to 28! The Aries archetype is the magical child full of hope, and Sagittarius symbolises the hero on a heroic quest. It is time now to patiently nurture hopeful dreams, and acknowledge the heroic quests in daily life, to look for the deeper significance behind frustrated plans. 

April 20…Sun enters Taurus and earthy times are here

The realm of Taurus is the fertile earth and it shows us that matter and miracles go together. The physicality of life reveals itself as sacred, through a Taurus lens. Since planet Venus ‘rules’ Taurus, her own transit of Taurus from April 30 to May 20, takes this solar cycle into its strongest most creative phase. 

April 22…Full Moon in Scorpio hooks into practical outcomes

When a Taurus Sun opposes a Scorpio Moon, the two faces of desire are highlighted: Scorpio is deep, private and passionate, while Taurus is materially focused on sensate needs. Yet together these can create practical outcomes that reflect depth of vision, when combined well. The Full Moon picture has just the right recipe for a good combination, in the form of an earthy ‘grand trine’ that accents collaboration, good humour and a sense of community. From April 28 to May 8, it is easy to find the right support, to move forward. May 7’s New Moon really gets things going.

NOTE: Watch out for a radiant Venus, rising before the Sun, heralding the dawn as Morning Star. April is the final chance, since Venus disappears into the stronger light of the Sun, in May and June.

April 29 to May 22…’go slow’ Mercury retrograde cycle intensifies all things Taurus

When Mercury, the communication planet, is in ‘retro’ motion, it tends to slow things down, sometimes injecting confusion, as part of that process. Since Taurus is the ‘slow-hand’ sensual sign that supports, serves, and nurtures growth, and since April 29 to May 6 also has a waning Moon, this would be an excellent week to draw inward, get creative, and take a break from some of your schedule. Avoid renovation and real estate matters in this week, to forestall the chance of exhaustion. Time spent among friends and in places of natural beauty now, feeds the soul, and is likely to manifest as good ideas.

May 7 to 20…New Moon in Taurus greets a bevy of empowering planets

When Sun and Moon merge at New Moon on May 7 (May 6 UK, USA), an earthy dance of easy connections with planets Venus, Jupiter and Pluto, is a star act. Happily May 8, 9, 11, 14, 15 and 20 host harmonious follow-ups, which empower anything that is trying to materialise. Whether it’s manifesting a garden, a business plan, more satisfying work, any heartfelt need, this waxing Moon period is magical, transformative and fertile. This is a get-out-and-enact- it time, and Mercury ‘retro’ in Taurus actually assists, by making then re-making, helpful planetary link ups.

May 21 to 26…Sun enters Gemini…Full Moon in Sagittarius amplifies a final Saturn challenge 

Mental curiosity is a guiding Gemini motif from May 21, and is given an extra boost by a Full Moon, one day later. Despite the many options, a single focus is important now, because Saturn is also part of the picture and will highlight faulty reasoning. Since Full Moon on May 22 conjoins Mars, and both oppose Sun, angry reactions or impatient careless moves, can escalate into big problems. Instead, hook into easy practical details and stay cool when frustrations occur. This will then allow an easy passage through May 26, when Saturn squares off to Jupiter for the final challenge. Handled with decorum, an old issue that resurfaced late March finally resolves now. The Saturn/Jupiter gift is a blend of caution and preparation to support enthusiasm, expansive purpose.

May 28 to June 30…Retro Mars travels back into Scorpio and things get juicy

It is Scorpio and Water energy that comes into prime focus from May 28 to June 30, when ‘ruler’ Mars arrives there. Mars already travelled through Scorpio from January 4 to March 6, and once it makes a retro return, it is wise to inspect the agendas and the emotional highs of that recent time, to treat them tenderly, and prepare to renew the aspects still vital to your wellbeing. A retrospective enables a very productive July, especially for Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer – more on this next time.

June 5 to 20…A New Moon in Gemini drives changes

When Sun and Moon align in Gemini, Venus is also aligned, adding strong love themes to this lunation. Yet the ‘mutable mayhem’ of 2016 is also a part of this dynamic month, with Saturn and Neptune challenging the New Moon trio, from June 2 to 5, injecting obstacles and confusion. Yet by June 7 the first slim crescent can be seen, and now the Gemini strengths of mental energy, curiosity and flexibility start to drive necessary changes. Ruler Mercury holds earthy alliances that manifest as a useful combo of boldness and discipline, most helpful June 9 to 14. Any confusion or uncertainty around June 18 to 21 should be treated as only a passing phase.

June 20…An unusual second Full Moon in Sagittarius provides a second chance 

Now any loose ends in your plans and projects must be addressed. Since Saturn opposes Mercury, this adds extra stress to the Full Moon picture, and highlights the need to ensure good foundations, for anything undertaken now. A Neptune stress suggests that second opinions and good solid structures yield results far better idea than speculation and wishful thinking. Yet Mercury in its own sign of Gemini rules the show, so help and good information is available for the asking.


The spiral path of the Milky Way galaxy ‘carries’ our solar system on its outer edge and our solar system has its own spiral path. The double spiral shape is a symbol of dynamic equilibrium, like the ‘takaranga’ type of double spiral, depicted in Maori art, whose outside ends bend to meet each other. This is a symbol perfectly fitted to Autumn Equinox with its dynamic equilibrium of night and day on planet Earth, as Earth orbits central Sun.

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