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3 Months Diary Dates


Let’s trace the way our Sun, the planets of the solar system, and the Moon, weave an inter-connecting dance…constantly shape-shifting in their relationship to each other and to us.

See what flows and shifts illustrate the days ahead. On September 23 Spring Equinox has sprung - day and night are now equal length with Sun moving through Libra. Buds burst, rain pours, and days become longer, as summer approaches in the Southern hemisphere.  On the other side of the globe, winter of course approaches. This is a natural turning point for us all, both internally and externally.

With Sun in Libra, planet Venus rules the show, and her harmonious link with Uranus – the change planet - suggests relationships easily transform in this last quarter of the year. 

A VIEWING OPPORTUNITY: To see Venus you have to rise before dawn then she will be on show as Morning Star - rising in the East before the Sun. She is followed soon after, by the rise of Mars, then Jupiter. These three emissaries continue to announce the coming of Dawn, for months to come, and in late October, they will all rise together. There are many special opportunities to meditate upon a star trio, for healing and revelation. Until September 28 it is also the ‘bright of the Moon’ week before Full Moon, each night a fatter brighter Moon to view. See below…


Diary Dates

September 23 to 28…Equinox and Full Moon in Aries - a lunar eclipse  

The theme now is re-affirming our social identity and group affiliations, re-energising our sense of individual purpose. Sun now transits lovely Libra, initiating the big growth cycle of our natural year for the South. The symbol of new life is the egg, and these days leading up to September 28 are hatching days. Full Moon is also a ‘Super Moon’ – one that appears larger than normal, because closer to Earth. We in the Southern hemisphere don’t get to see this total lunar eclipse, as it occurs in daylight hours. Nonetheless dusk will bring a wondrous viewing experience, when Full Moon rises in the East. Do this with a friend! Pleasures shared are doubled now.

MERCURY RETRO ‘GO SLOW’ CYCLE… September 18 to October 10        A ‘Go Slow’ Mercury cycle has been underway since Sep 18, so the mind-changing and weird re-shaping of events should be obvious by now. This is also an intensely creative time, Mercury in Libra style. The design and harmony skills of Libra are turned inwards, with great ideas brewing, inner pictures taking shape. September 30 and October 1 is the most illuminating point of this cycle, a time to materialize your ideas in some way, perhaps brain-storm with a friend. Days most open to conflict or chaos are September 25, 26 and Oct 7 - tact and restraint are essential then. Hold back on final decisions, and do less rather than more. Legal advice taken now can lead you astray, wait if possible. Many ideas for change will arise and can be recorded, but best not to act on those ideas, until October 13’s New Moon.

October 13 to 18… New Moon in Libra, while Jupiter lights the way.    On October 13, the most sociable New Moon of the year is here and things get happily busy over the next two weeks, with Moon waxing to full. This also supports your business goals, and publicity can work very well. Making up for lost time is easy now, and the insights recently gained can be applied now: October 16 and 18 assist us to get the balance just right.  Relationships, both intimate and professional, benefit greatly from caring attention. The Libra theme is to ‘stand in the other person’s shoes’ and imagine how it looks and feels to them. With planet Venus now in Virgo, attention to detail is everything. Social networking is ultra-attractive, but it is also possible to overdo it and end up disillusioned on October 17 or be part of a big misunderstanding on October 23 – so be cautious. Most problems can be resolved by respect and diplomacy. Helpful Jupiter aspects mean enterprise and great teamwork, from October 12 to 18. 

October 24 to November 6…Scorpio Times, Full Moon in Taurus Flow On October 24 Sun enters Scorpio and a fertile and passionate period begins. This happens to occur during the ‘bright of the Moon’ week, when lunar energy is at its strongest.  Full Moon in Taurus on October 27, October 28 in NZ, is a potent climax, sensual and extreme. Planet Pluto’s fingerprints are all over a powerful earthy gathering of Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Feelings will be sensitive with the psychological complexity Pluto evokes, yet inventive and practical energy abounds, between October 31 and November 6. Making things manifest, and solidify, is the theme – this is easily activated by focused intention. Best days for this are: October 26, 31, November 1 and 6.

November 9 to 24…New Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Libra Treats When Lover Venus enters Libra on November 9, she is happily at home, evoking sociable times and great connections. An agreement made now, easily gains more interest from November 10 to 13 and can be implemented by November 14, helped along by a New Moon. If any New Moon is about confronting the mysteries, it is the Scorpio New Moon of November 12 (Nov 11 USA Europe). This has the added benefit of Water and Earth harmonies, between Sun, Moon, and the intellectual energies of Mercury and Jupiter. This suggests that the next  two weeks is the time to be the psychic investigator of your own life patterns!  Venus fun accelerates as Full Moon approaches but be warned - on November 21 and 24 it could go from light-hearted fun to heavy power struggles, very quickly.

November 23 to December 4…Sagi Times and a Full Moon in Gemini Sun enters Sagittarius on November 23, and the ‘bright of the Moon’ week takes on fiery impulsiveness. “Think it, Do it” is a good Fire sign motif but the Sagittarius version is to think and do, many things at once. This could prove problematic from November 24 to 26, when wearing too many hats, can mean not seeing the big problem headed your way.  Nonetheless experimental initiatives and edgy ideas are certainly given a boost, and made more visible, by Full Moon on November 26.  Moon-wane time then begins to offer many opportunities to make your mark. On November 30 a new cycle of inspired enterprise and high ambition, begins. This reaches its climax in early June 2016, so November 30 is a special time to make a commitment. December 1 and 4 increase the excitement around any heartfelt plans, but don’t be tempted to diversify too much, or to loudly promote your favourite controversy.

December 6 to 20…Waning moon mysteries, New Moon in Sagittarius

Moon wane of December 6 to 10 gets energised by planet Mars: When Mars links up with Sun and Pluto December 6 to 7, desires accelerate and irritation at obstacles can turn crazy. New Moon in Sagittarius on December 11 offers a path to wisdom and serious concerns jostle with hopes and dreams, while a restless urge for change – any change – is in the air. The deep reflection available with New Moon is very much needed! Beware spontaneous impulses to turn relationships inside out and confront hidden demons, as this is only likely to end in grief. However, Venus hint is that the way to happiness now, is by surrendering to the power of love. From December 15 to 19, a Jupiter Sun link means inner illumination is available - get informed!  Exploring your sense of adventure, planning travel, or stretching your mind to see beyond cultural differences, attract good fortune now. Improving relationships is the key and Venus harmonies from December 17 to 20, show the best way - empathy, acceptance, and looking deeper to heal.


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