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Equinox Diary Dates March 20 to May 20

* Below are two months of Diary Dates. Includes Venus retrograde hijinks, Saturn’s fiery harmonics, Mercury retro review, a sweetly refreshing May.

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 Diary Dates  March 20 to May 20, 2017

  March 20…Sun enters Aries, and it’s Autumn Equinox for Southern lands, Spring for the Northern Hemisphere.

Equinox planet patterns set a theme, with variations that unfold over the next 3 months.

Equinox means such a perfect balance in the Earth’s journey around the Sun, that day and night are of equal length all over the planet…This is a prime moment of planetary consciousness, when we all experience the same turning point in Earth’s journey. Tuning in to the balance is also helpful, given what the planets are up to! First off, Uranus and Jupiter are opposing each other in the heavens, across Aries/Libra, polarising people and opinions around April 11’s Full Moon. Secondly, tiny heavy-weight Pluto, is in conflict aspect to both of them, so power and control issues feature high. Planet Saturn mediates this and adds creative energy…SEE MORE ABOUT SATURN & ANCIENT EQUINOX STORIES, IN BLOG

March 25-26…Venus and Sun conjoin in a loving embrace

The ‘retro’ path of Lover Venus now brings her looping back to the degree of the Aries Sun. This is the most intense time of Venus in the Underworld, which extends its magical mystical aura through to March 28 New Moon. This is also the closest Venus comes to Earth before moving in a more southerly direction, and suggests a chance to view things less personally, to put aside cultural prejudices for the wider lens of Love.

March 28 to April 6…Aries New Moon warms things up

As we settle into Autumnal mode, the March 28 Aries New Moon, has Sun, Moon and Venus all aligned. This seeds intentions: worthy ideals, relationship incentives and actions to attract what we like and desire. With Uranus and Mercury also in Aries, fiery words can get in the way…As Fire rises so does the potential to ‘burn’ ourselves or others, particularly on the evening of March 29, when Moon, Uranus conjoin. Better to be on fire with ideas but to stay warm and contained, taking the lead from Mars in earthy Taurus, harmoniously linked to Neptune, planet of dreams. On March 31, Jupiter exactly squares Pluto, so bypass power struggles and unnecessary conflict by taking a Taurus lead, and stubbornly hold onto peace, while giving gratitude for plenty. Once Mercury enters Taurus on April 1, the wisdom of this is clear. Also, atmospheric conditions allowing, we may see the ‘heliacal rising’ of Venus, bright on the horizon just before sunrise, a new Morning Star. By April 6, a Mars Pluto harmony supports both the wealth of experience and the pleasures of life.

April 10 to May 4…Mercury Go-Slow Cycle loops back into Aries

Now another, and more frequent retro cycle comes along: A maybe stressful day on April 9, heralds Mercury’s turn to retrograde on April 10. As the communication planet, the flow of everyday life is closely entwined with Mercury’s movements. This is a go-slow cycle for business and for plans in general. In Taurus, the pace is steady, with sharp insights and sensual instincts highlighted, on April 20 when Mercury conjoins Sun. Once Mercury loops back into Aries from April 21 to May 3, impatience for results can end in regrets. Instead, aim to review, refresh and relax for the best of Mercury.

 April 11 to 17…Full Moon in Libra ramps up emotions

While Jupiter too is moving retro, the Jupiter effect is expanded by Full Moon in Libra on April 11. This means Libran principles of fellowship and fairness work best now when internalised and explored as strong ethical guidelines. That approach makes for the most peaceful Full Moon, since stir crazy Uranus is next to Sun. Recognise natural opposites which need each other to be their best, act accordingly, and polarities become fun. This is easiest to achieve April 13, and 16-17. Lover Venus rules Libra and is in ‘retro’ motion, until mid-April, so the path of action requires careful reflection. The middle point is by far the best place to be. Much like standing in the centre of a see-saw, best to constantly make small shifts to stay balanced.  Venus beckons us to take courage and look within.

April 20 to 29…Taurus Time, imprinted by a New Moon

On April 20 Sun enters Taurus and the month of the fertile earthy Bull begins. Venus is currently in Pisces, adding soothing Yin energy, creative zest. From April 20 to 22 Venus squares off to Saturn, which means that emotional issues dating back to January 28-29, or April 9-11, need to be confronted and resolved. Happily, April 24 to 25 helps turn insights into constructive strategies. New Moon in Taurus on April 26, and Moon-Pluto harmonies on April 27, ramp up our earthy pleasures, our practical resourcefulness. Pragmatism, combined with magical realism, lead to right action now. April 29 brings fiery revelations and spontaneous insights. Make sure you take note.

 April 28 to May 10…Fired up by Venus

The first crescent Moon is visible on April 28 or 29, exactly when the speed of life picks up - Venus rushes into Aries. Meanwhile, the most mentally stimulating planet pair -Mercury and Uranus - conjoin in late Aries: Insights, intuitions, sudden flashes of brilliance are there to be harvested since this is harvest season. The cosmic Feminine now goes into its lunar rush, and creative energy easily manifests results.  May 1-2 might sensitise even thick-skinned types and if wounds are on view they point to a healing path. Yet May 2 and May 7 feature Moon/Venus alliances that promise clear sight, while May 4-5 and May 9-10, light up a solar path that is creative and productive.

May 11…Full Moon in Scorpio turns heads and liquefies hearts

This Scorpio Full Moon has much more than its: ‘best day to sell real estate, to seal deals’ reputation. As the climax of an earthy lunar phase May 11 runs deep, and deserves depth perspective. Neptune’s inclusive vision and Pluto’s core strengths, support both Sun and Moon at this lunation. Frozen hearts can liquefy and courage of commitment takes an organic path. Matters turn out well with a dynamic and compassionate approach now.

 May 12 to 20…Fire, Air, Earth, and Water, Love-ins.

If the first week after Full Moon is about completion, then this is about as complete as they come! Elemental planet dances make this an awesome week. Fiery harmonics begin the dream run on May 12, boosting brain power, accelerating enterprise, and the May 13-14 weekend brings Moon to the party. May 15-16 requires consolidation, earthy withdrawal to reconnect with hard facts and concise details. An Earth-Water link on May 18-19 has a healing theme, which internalises awareness for the climax of May 19-20: An exact fiery harmony between those social markers, Saturn and Uranus, prompts us to start local but think global. Since empathy is raised by May 20’s visionary combo of Pisces Moon and Neptune, some potent agreements are likely made before Sun leaves Taurus on May 21.

 ...Don’t miss May 21’s Gemini cycle and great timing opportunities, next Diary Dates. 

                                                                                                                                        T   *To see more on the storylines of Autumn Equinox, which personify the                mysteries of the Earth as Life’s crucible* SEE BLOG 


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