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Find out more about your sign and current influences in your life by checking your current planetary transits with interpretations for each sign.

MARCH Equinox, 2013

Solstices and Equinoxes are energetic gateways in Earth’s journey. On March 20 and March 21 for NZ, night and day are equal in length. Soon the days begin to grow shorter for we who dwell south of the Equator!

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MARCH 20 to 27...It’s Autumn Equinox plus an explosion of Aries ‘Can do’ energy

Prepare for a wild dance from Equinox to Full Moon as a very Big Week unfolds. Projects started that have been dragging along suddenly go into a demanding completion phase, emotions simmering under the surface spill over! On March 23, 26 enterprising ideas go viral and by Full Moon on March 27 it’s the head-spinning phase of the dance. Say less, stay steady!

March 27...Revelations start with a Full Moon

It’s the urge to launch in late March and early April when four planets join forces in Aries. Full Moon activates the tense balance between obeying the rules, aka Pluto in Capricorn and being a free agent, aka Uranus in Aries. This slow planet dance remains the story of our time until 2015 – people power versus ‘biz as usual’. It also produces tension and prompts ‘genius’ solutions that come spontaneously. Now Mars in Aries ramps up the agro factor: tempers and bad decisions can leave people burnt today.

March 28 to April 7...Venus and friends

March 28 to 30 is extra fluid with possibility, agreements flow. When Venus and Sun are in step, real shifts can occur. March 31 and April 3 may hook back into grudges – this depletes energy. If it all feels too crazy in such a week, it probably is and care is needed. Go to ground when necessary but do gather the insights that come from April 1 to 7.

April 10 to 18...Aries New Moon shifts relationships sideways

It is easier now to make the decisions that matter and to follow through effectively. Problems are left behind as what has to be done gets done. No nonsense carry through and teaming up for better results is the Venus Mars theme of April 10’s New Moon. This accelerates into passion well applied on April 18, with an energising Sun/Mars hook up.

April 20 to 25...Sun into Taurus, Venus in Taurus takes charge

Venus gathers allies and ups the feel good factor except for April 22 when Saturn throws some hard judgements in to make us squirm. Guru Jupiter supports expanded communication and high ideals on 24th, followed by a steamy Venus, Pluto link on 25th. These are good days for important events, helped along by the waxing Moon, almost full.

Getting things in order is not only a priority but a pleasure now.

April 26 to May 8...Full Moon in Scorpio, next to planet Saturn is tug-of-war time

A fateful eclipse period from Full Moon and lunar eclipse on April 26 through to May 10’s New Moon and solar eclipse, reminds us of what really matters. We are perhaps pulled between duty and pleasure, or money worries surface to spoil the fun, from April 28 to May 1. Progressing into a sweeter time from May 2 to 8, with Water/Earth harmonies that dissolve old rigid attitudes and let love take the lead.

May 10... A New Moon in Taurus soothes the soul and partially eclipses the Sun

When Moon eclipses the Sun, goddess force is strong and particularly when the planet in charge of the lunation is Lover Venus! The heart opening this suggests is given full expression by Venus entering talkative Gemini on the day of New Moon.

May 25 to June 4...As Full Moon opens our minds in Sagittarius, Venus reaches Jupiter

The grand game is on...the adventure of the mind flares high. On May 25 Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius inspires big dreams, while Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter fan those flames from the get-connected sign of Gemini. May 27 to 29 is super-charged with busy plans and building projects...June 2 to 4 unfolds surprising possibilities.

June 9 to 20...A New Moon in Gemini drives clever ideas as Jupiter and Mars join in.

Such heady, clever, networked and multi-tasking times ahead are indicated by Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mars all gathered in Gemini at June 9’s New Moon. Planet Mercury rules this show and holds secrets close – yet it is opposite Pluto and squared off to Uranus, so secrets might be aired in a big way. June 12 to 20 has the bliss factor for those who love busy, sociable times and inspiring conversations. A WORKSHOP WITH A DIFFERENCE FOLLOWS. THE RESORT VENUE ALSO HAS ACCOMODATION...READ ON...

HEALING & MAGICAL SPACE...VIA ASTROLOGY’S EYES July 20 and 21 with Christine Broadbent


Family as the Threads of Destiny. Known as where we begin and end, the fourth house of home and family shows us the beginning of our own family story, that which is ‘written’ by the stars’. Using your own chart, we explore which planets are the leading actors and where the action goes. Whatever inner script emerges, astrology always has surprises in store. Family themes are fascinating insights into the energy that drives us from the most deeply embedded place. Personal storylines show up as having a past!

Astrological Keys for Whole Hearted Living. Healing means wholeness. Astrology engages with this by mining the rich insights that planet patterns and positions and the driving energies of your chart, readily provide. The wounded points and challenges, as well as the bold ‘claim your strengths’ are all part of the healing quest. Now this will emerge from your own natal chart via certain combinations of ancient astrological patterns. Adding modern psychological understanding to apply that knowledge in a healing direction will be the next step.


Uranus as Sky God: Awakener and Intuitive Edge. Uranus is now in Aries and challenging Pluto through to 2015, so spontaneous rebellion and grass root initiatives are challenging powerful vested interests on the social scene. This is also a chance to embrace personal change – Uranian cosmology and mythic narratives illustrate the way. Your own Uranus generation suggests the easy path to that quest for liberation. New forms of healing are possible with the ‘Lightning Flash’ of consciousness planet, now in Aries for seven years. We will explore those possibilities via your birth pattern narratives.

Neptune and Pluto: Feminine Forces in Masculine Garb. Neptune and Pluto were Water and Earth goddesses long before the patriarchal images we know. Now they are back in Water and Earth signs, being triggered by Jupiter and Saturn in Water signs. What does this suggest for your chart? How does it fit with your own elements and ‘modes’? The modes of ‘cardinal’, ‘mutable’ and ‘fixed’ and the way they feature in your chart define the orientations of spirit. Via these, you will learn which of these potent transiting planets figure most strongly for you now. This is a chance to experience the potent spiritual technology that astrology offers.

Jupiter and Saturn: the First Outer Limits. Traditionally these were the far limits and Saturn continues to be our naked eye limit. The two faces of business and prime movers by cycle, Saturn and Jupiter in your chart, define core abilities and your own path to a transpersonal life. Which part of your personal pattern do these now support? Working in diads will make this fun and easy.


Earth, Air, Fire and Water…These are the astrological skeleton, your elemental dynamic of personality and type. The elements were further developed by 20th century psychologist Carl Jung to gain insights via the psychological profiles of sensate, thinking, intuitive and feeling functions. We each have superior and inferior functions which are linked to the strengths and weaknesses of our elemental balance. Jung’s work on the development of consciousness will amplify your understanding of your elements.

The Luminaries of Sun and Moon...What really matters for personal fulfillment is the archetypal marriage of Sun and Moon. When conscious purpose reflects inner yearnings and imagination supports purposeful goals, then heart and head combine. Yet it is not always so simple. The elemental dance of Sun and Moon is probably more basic to our path of happiness and balance than any other combination of planets. How do we make the most of our own Sun/Moon combo? To find that place where love and healing coexist, we explore this dance.

PART 4: VENUS MAGIC & THE FEMININE LIGHTS We are invisibly linked by our common Venus threads…Our human desire to be loved, to be authentic and vital, expresses the erotic energy of Venus. Yet Venus takes many guises, just as styles of loving vary widely. Our Venus phase and sign and her planetary strengths tell the story, which we will read via the birth chart. The Feminine Lights of Moon and Venus resonate to the Beloved of the Soul which is inexhaustible in its ability to nourish. If any planet strongly demonstrates celestial magic it is Venus. Time to get re-enchanted.

The Laws of Polarity and Rhythm…These are hermetic principles amply illustrated by the hermetic art of astrology. Polarities and rhythmic alterations involve the angles of each birth chart. For example, the seventh house of partners is the mirror self, sitting opposite the first house of self identity. Astrological opposites are frequently attracted as significant relationships. We unpack this as our journey towards integration and healing wholeness. “Tis but a magic shadow-show, play’d in a box whose candle is the Sun, round which we phantom figures come and go.” (The Rubaiyat of Omar Kayyam XLVI)

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About Christine: Christine loves her work as an astrologer and feels privileged to be working in this field. She has had 28 years experience as a professional astrologer, counselling, writing and teaching this fascinating knowledge system. As a teacher she takes many people on the exciting journey of discovery that astrology opens and believes laughter and learning go together. Exploring the self-knowledge and secrets of timing provided by the personal birth chart, is her speciality. With a background in sociology she brings social and psychological insights to her teaching and consultations. Since 1996, Christine has lived in both Sydney and Auckland, commuting on a three monthly basis. In Australia you will find her regular Stargazing Column and occasional feature article in WellBeing Magazine. Currently she is excited to be working on a PhD on astrology at Massey University, NZ.

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