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**Planet Dance September 16 to October 22**

Sept 16 to 19...The Sublime to the Ridiculous

Mars is showing us that it still looks impressive, golden bright - high in the night sky.  There are also Mars and Mercury healing aspects from Sept 15 to 16, which can build empathy and expand listening skills.  Since Mars is back squaring off to chaos agent Uranus, for the last time, reconsider sharing fixed opinions and ranting: Like bullets, these can bounce back.  Ouch!  Lunar awareness is the answer – the ‘Be happy’ theme of the weekend’s Moon in Sagittarius, then the ‘Get practical’ motif of the Capricorn Moon, will bypass trouble.  Remember this on Sept 18 to 19 when a mad Mars can implode personal relationships. 








September 20 to 23…Is it a New Era?

As long as we resist the Moon/Mars rant on Sept 20, this week will feel like a new era.  To start with, sensing the spirit of place is part of Earth sign awareness, emphasised on Sept 21, when Sun and Mercury align in Virgo.  This is the illumination aspect - many things become clear.  Sept 22 to 23 has Mercury, then Sun enter diplomatic Libra.  Now we focus on our social needs, yet natural processes and healing environments are also intrinsic to human happiness.  Striking the right balance is a recurring theme, since Spring Equinox with its Airy intellectual Libran energy, occurs with six planets in sensate Earth, and feeling Water signs.

September 24 to 28…Venus Heart News

Now in Libran Time, lovely Venus is in charge. Mars influence is less, as it moves on from its chaos aspects and also moves away from Earth.  This is why Mars appears to be gradually shrinking. Lofty intellectual agendas, and humanitarian causes are the Mars/Mercury/Sun concern from Sept 24 to 28.  But Venus our beautiful ruling planet, is in sizzling Scorpio, keeping our feeling depths, very much Big News. With Jupiter in Scorpio as well, staying true to our heart’s desire, is staying happy and healthy. Friday 28th is perfect for small gatherings with yummy food.

September 29 to October 2…Busy Bees Buzz Home

We still have that ‘pleasures of life’ Moon in Taurus on Saturday Sept 29 – to be enjoyed please! Once Moon moves through Gemini on Sept 30 and Oct 1, this amplifies our busy social schedule and ramps up projects that just ‘must be done’. Also, on Oct 1 Pluto begins its most influential cycle, which will tend to challenge the Libran sensibility of cooperation, with pragmatic rules and ruthless people. Happily, this is occasional rather than constant. Lunar strengths of Moon in Cancer from Oct 2 to 3, reinstate core values, soothing us with home pleasures.

October 3 to 6…Venus Retro Winds Back the Clock

From Oct 3, and an emotionally challenging Mercury/Pluto link, Venus begins to slow down.  She is approaching her ‘Station’ when she appears to stop - beginning to move backwards.  This rare cycle comes only when Venus is closest to Earth and is near the end of her nine months as Star of the Evening. On Oct 6 she turns Retro in Scorpio, and Venus will vanish from our sight by mid-Oct. It is time to re-evaluate connections, commitments; to breathe new life into things that are stale, to seek new depths.  This process takes time and does not end until Nov 16, so no heated rush.

October 7 to 10…New Moon in Libra, a New Start

Oct 7 to 8 are low ebb lunar days, when a waning Moon becomes invisible to our sight, and it is time to make a friendly retreat from tasks, or from gatherings that seem too much. Instead, finishing and completing, works best now: This is the best prep for New Moon on October 9, when new projects and new collaborations are supported.  Oct 9 recharges Libran ideals of cooperation, and begins the lunar month, when we best plant seeds of intention. The body’s rhythms sense Moon phases and respond well. With the entry of Mercury into Scorpio on Oct 10, intense desires begin to find their voice.

October 11…Last chance to view the Moon/Venus Love-in

Make the early evening of Oct 11 sacred, by taking the last chance to view a slim Crescent Moon and Venus, aligned low in the West. Focus the spiritual energy of Scorpio, their host sign. Since Mercury and Jupiter are there as well, it’s a Scorpio party in a Libran domain! Deep passions lie behind all our relating now; it’s a good idea to recognise those passions, less they communicate themselves at the wrong time in the wrong way! Viewing the embrace of the Feminine Lights, (not available again until Sept 30, 2019) hold the image of a peaceful heart, supporting you through each day.

October 12 to 15…The Time is Now

On the evening of Oct 12, we begin a Sagittarius Moon Weekend, perfect for parties and adventures. Moon is waxing bigger each night and fiery Sagi energy links well with Sun and Mars both in Air signs. This means lots of talking, some planning, then jumping in to give things a try. Libra may be known for procrastinating, but not with Sagi on board, and not when determined Venus in Scorpio has Libra’s back. On Oct 15, Moon slides into Capricorn for Monday morning and it’s work with a vengeance, solve problems with style.

October 16 to 19…Gathering of the Planet Clans

On Oct 16, it’s Mercury’s turn to align with Venus on its retro path, while Moon is aligning with Pluto.  This means, speaking from the heart, enacting authentic passions, and finding the original impulse behind your current obsession, makes for a happy life…and for good obsessions. With yet another Scorpio gathering intensifying daily life, thank goodness for the healing connections with Neptune on Oct 18 to 19: Now a vision of future possibilities, can encompass a stairway of clear actions to get you there.  Moon aligns with Mars in Aquarius at the same time, accelerating energy and ideas, gathering collaborators. 

October 20 to 22…All at Sea is Looking Good

Stay out of contentious issues on Oct 20, since friendships can be dented by an excess of ‘I-know-it-all’, when Communicator Mercury and Warrior Mars square off.  Yet a soft forgiving Pisces Moon eases us through the weekend, making it easier to get over ourselves, to recalibrate emotions.  Oct 20, 21 is a perfect weekend to melt into the therapeutic arms of the ocean, the hot pool, even the hot bath. On Oct 22, a go-get Aries Moon gives the new working week plenty of dash and fire.