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**March 22 to April 19, 2019 ARIES TIME

March 22 to 27…Connecting and Supporting Others

Now the Air/Fire harmony of Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Sagittarius, highlight March 22 to 23, enhancing all connections, and bringing support where needed. March 24 to 25 sees Mercury the Messenger reconnect with planet Neptune, and messages of hope and love flow forth. Then Moon moves through Sagittarius on March 26 to 27, joins jovial Jupiter, adds fiery enthusiasm to daily activities…Excellent timing to gather with friends.


March 28 to 31…Venus Plays on the Heart Strings

A pleasant surprise is in order on March 28, when receptivity to change is heightened by a sweet Venus/Uranus link. With Lover Venus freshly resident in her feel-good place of Pisces, feelings and imagination will nourish many projects over the next 24 days. On March 29 Mercury shifts into direct motion, and things that have stalled, now seriously move forward. March 30 & 31 is an Aquarius Moon weekend, great for gatherings, for building community. The Moon/Sun harmony on 31st, sparks some unusual and useful ideas to remember.


April 1 to 4…Mars Gets into an Elemental Groove

Now a new Mars cycle has begun, with its move into Gemini, an Air sign that fans the flames of Aries-style initiatives. Spreading the word, the image, the excitement, is part of April. On April 2, the final alignment of Mercury and Neptune completes a vision, or a plan that first took shape around Feb 19. Action time fast approaches with New Moon, but the Black Moon of April 4 adds the preliminary blessing of an Air/Fire harmony, when Mars quickens our healing potential.


April 5 to 8…New Moon in Aries Plants Seeds with Potency

Earth/Water harmonies on April 5 focus on empowering community or group activities, in sync with an Aries New Moon which adds spontaneous excitement and energy to the mix. Known in alchemy as the ‘Hermetic Marriage’, the merging of solar and lunar forces at New Moon is a special opportunity every month to plant seeds of intention, now more potently so! With Moon’s shift into Taurus on April 7 to 8, we see the first slim crescent and benefit from an enriched sense of practical focus. It is important to reach out and share this.


April 9 to 13…Waxing Moon Energy Supports Negotiations

Life can feel like a series of delicate negotiations at times, not to mention compromises. Yet this part of the human journey reflects our need to be social beings, not isolated. On April 9 to 10 Moon moves through sociable Gemini, meeting up with Mars on April 9, when our words need kindness and restraint. It is April 10 and 11 that open the Jupiter door, as well as supporting our ambitions. Kindness, joviality and sincerity will win the day.


April 13 to 18…Lover Venus Reaches Out in the Bright of the Moon Week

Like the mythical Aphrodite, Lover Venus spreads herself around from April 13 to 15. She makes productive Water/Earth links with builder Saturn, the karmic Moon’s Node, then Pluto, underworld lord. By April 16, a Virgo Moon gets in on the act and the whole period is perfect for plans falling into place, finalising creative collaborations, and of course, pleasure. On April 17, Messenger Mercury enters Aries and communications become more direct, while the pace of daily life could feel a tad frenetic by April 18.


April 19…A Full Moon in Libra Closes Aries Time

The Aries Sun cycle ends as it started - with a lunar climax, a second Full Moon in Libra! On April 19, Sun and Moon strongly activate the charts of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorns born at the end of their Sun-sign cycle. The week building to Full is known as ‘Bright of the Moon’ and is usually the most productive week of the lunar month. So, Libra Full Moon is a good time to let go a little, to celebrate what has been achieved, even to do a ceremony, identifying now what we are ready to release, in our pattern of relating to others.


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