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**Planet Waves Feb 5 to 28, 2019

February 5 to 8…New Moon in Aquarius bubbles with community 

Now, Aquarius comes into its strongest phase: These begin with New Moon on Feb 5, there are thirteen days of waxing Moon through to Full Moon on Feb 20.  These lunar power days are the get-things-in-shape time of the month.  Aquarian-style brain-storming sessions, planning events, building cooperative alliances, and getting the word out, are assisted by enterprising Jupiter and Mars harmonies!  The passion of Fire sign planets is fanned by the Airy energy of Sun and Mercury, from Feb 5 to 8.  It warms us all.

February 9 to 13…Tension and Creative Intent can find a Balance

Underlying tensions from Feb 9 to 13 can have formidable creative outcomes, if tensions are equilibrated by compassionately ‘standing in the shoes’ of the Other.  First planet Mars, in its own sign of Aries upsets group expectations, then on Feb 11 the very last meeting of Mars and slow outer planet, Uranus starts to build force, pushed by the synchronicity of Moon on that last degree of Aries!  Finally, on Feb 13, they exactly conjoin.  This has been a bi-annual meeting since Change Agent Uranus entered Aries 8 years ago; now set to leave. These rare odds suggest that radical new ventures could fall into place very rapidly.  Nervous energy can explode good intentions, so breathe deeply and let Feb 13’s gentle Taurus Moon help you embody awareness.

February 14 to 18…Taurus Moon Soothed what Mars Stirs Up

While it was in Taurus, Moon was ‘exalted’ - truly soothingly Moon-like, but now on Feb 14, martial Mars will enter earthy Taurus, to stay for two months.  This is not a happy sign for Mars and frustration can be the result, if impatience sets in.  Balance this by enjoying life’s simple pleasures and finding time to absorb the sustenance of Nature.  Mars will drive us to get busy on all those little practical tasks, and this is well supported by a Moon in capable Cancer on Feb 16 to 17.  Fire rises in many forms on Feb 18, and sudden intuitive understandings are likely.

February 19 to 20…Sun enters Pisces and a Virgo Full Moon follows

Now Sun enters Pisces on the very day that Communication planet Mercury and Seeker Neptune conjoin in mid Pisces.  This happy coincidence helps us claim the best of Pisces sensitive insights, adding the ability to communicate inspiring results.  While this is happening, a fat Moon in Fire sign Leo, means all creative energy is hyper-charged.  On February 20, Full Moon in Virgo opposes Sun in Pisces.  This monthly lunar climax is about illumination, pushing awareness to its max.  Special insights come with this modest and inward-looking pair of signs and a Full Moon ceremony asking for the gift of knowledge, would be very well timed.

February 21 to24..Embodying Earth  

The joy of Virgo Moon harmonising with the Driver energies of Saturn and Pluto, is that confidence rises with the earthy perspective: On Feb 21 we benefit by breaking our challenges up into small manageable pieces, and starting on one, Virgo style.  Feb 22 to 23 has a luscious sociable Libra Moon.  This Moon offsets the stress of Feb 23, when Mercury squares off to Jupiter, and emotions can boil over.  By following the Libran path of peaceful negotiation and diplomacy, sweet times return.  Then Feb 24’s earthy harmonies help us to complete tasks, to achieve fruitful results.

February 25 to 28…Passion Pizazz

Feb 25 features Moon in Scorpio, in harmony with an earthy Venus.  Passion and love, both physical and mental, feeds well on this.  When Moon enters Sagittarius on Feb 26, joining forces with expansive Jupiter on Feb 27, this meeting can provoke a heated rush.  A focus on the feeling content, rather than lofty goals, will bring the happiest results.  Since Mars can ignite tempers unexpectedly, its transit through Taurus until the end of March can be a tad testing for Sun sign Taureans.  However, Feb 28 offers the best of Mars when it forms an opportunity aspect with the Pisces Sun.  Now the Earth and Water in all of us, benefits from proactive energy applied to heartfelt goals. 


Christine Broadbent is a consulting astrologer, writer and teacher, commuting between Australia and New Zealand, with clients world-wide and 30 years-experience.  She inspired and co-convened the highly successful 2018 Auckland Astrology Conference, and is astrological writer for Australian WellBeing magazine. Supported by her recent postgrad research at Massey University on astrology as celestial magic, Christine guides clients and students to mistress their chart – loving and being led by their own astro-dynamics.  Embodying our astrological shades of light and dark, she sees as the healing path.  Embodied Astrology Trainings open up astrology as a heart-felt adventure!    

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