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*Dairy Dates August 23 to September 23

August 23…Sun enters Virgo: an earthy cycle exposes and heals wounds

Sun enters Virgo, with Mercury – the ruling planet – also in Virgo but in ‘backward’ motion. This means a slowly, slowly process, still feeds the initialising energy we expect from a freshly waxing Moon cycle. When you see that first slim crescent Moon around August 24, clarify your intentions but refine your methods of reaching them. Since Venus in sensitive Cancer squares off to the Change planet, from August 24 to 26, emotions are reactive, even explosive. So, less…is more. Claim Uranus energy by rethinking your usual way of doing things. Then August 27’s alignment of Sun and Mercury, will be very illuminating indeed.

 August 13 to September 5…

More on Mercury’s ‘Go Slow’ retro cycle

 Yes, Mercury has turned ‘retro’, and this Mercury retrograde period, from August 13 to September 5, is perfect for review and regeneration! Let’s unpack this idea in the simplest way. That means, apply the Virgoan healthy balance theme, by attending to small details of lifestyle, and fine-tuning them. Nothing heroic, everything mindful… “less striving, more being”. In the craziness of the most testing August for 19 years, such a Mercury review time can be a gift, in its best of all places – earthy flexible Virgo! Let’s hope it restrains that wild Leo Rising president, whose country hosts the eclipse.

The thorough investigation and problem-solving side of Virgo, is very useful now to identify the true nature of any situation, business or personal. Rush nothing. Keep analysing and completing small tasks, which will allow clever solutions to emerge by September 6, once Mercury moves direct again. Since this communication planet has moved back into Leo, it repeats that earlier helpful link with Change Agent, planet Uranus. Then, detective brain, gets to morph once again, into clever, fix-it Virgo mode, reaching unusual solutions during September.


September 5 to 12…A Pisces Full Moon lights up the week

Now the climax of the year for Pisces and the exclamation point of Virgo’s cycle is upon us, with Pisces Full Moon on September 6. There is a triple synchronicity at play now: Mercury turns direct on the solar eclipse degree of Leo, this is also the position of ‘king’ star Regulus, and a Pisces Full Moon, directly follows. That makes September 5 to 6, very special, and given extra emotional depth, by the alignment of Moon and Neptune. Great healing awareness is available on these days. Compassion and empathy mean more than words, and are more eloquent right now. With four planets occupying all three Fire signs, fiery eruptions are possible, but can point the way to healing. Insights gathering since the August eclipse, can take a very clear shape when Moon moves through Aries on September 8 to 9. Even if these insights feel like a revelation, wait for the grounding and earthy harmonies, at Taurus Moon, on September 10 to 11 to take practical action. Now Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, is back in earthy Virgo, so delays and doubts fall away.


September 13 to 22…It’s Moon wane, New Moon in Virgo, first Crescent.

A Venus-Saturn link smiles upon meaningful commitments and agreements that can last, on September 13. Moon is waning now so completion is the theme. September 18 offers another chance to rise pre-dawn to see the last Crescent Moon side by side with Venus resplendent in the Eastern sky.  Two days later, almost at the end of Virgo’s Sun sign season, on September 20, Moon aligns with the Sun…New Moon in Virgo is finally here. Moon waxes, becoming visible by September 22, making September 20 to 23, a perfect ‘last chance’ three days, to translate dreams into actions.


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